Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Numbers

I was going to run tonight but could not get in the fitness
center. I don't have a key card and the staff was gone for
the day. So I'm done for the year.

I ended with 2163 miles my most in a single year. I was kind
of surprised I had more than last year with my injury this
year that set me back 4-5 weeks. Looking for a big year for
2010. I would like to get close to the 3000 range.

Here is my race results from 2009.

Feb 7 15k 56:37 6th overall
March 28 Half Marathon 1:19:22 4th overall
April 18 Half Marathon 1:19:47 11th overall
May 17 Marathon 2:56:49 43rd overall
July 25 Marathon Trail 3:24:21 15th overall
August 8 4 Miler 24:26 9th overall
August 30 10k Trail 37:37 2nd overall (course was short)
October 24 50 Mile Trail 7:08:39 6th overall
November 7 10 Mile Trail 1:08:00 7th overall
November 26 5 Mile 29:33 10th overall
November 29 15k 55:39 6th overall

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Packerland Loop

11 Miles 1:15:51 6:53 average per mile
152 HR average
5:45 pm) mid 20's light snow
Roads were slick tonight. It slowed me down some but I still
put in a solid effort.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anytime Fitness

5 Miles 37:33 7:30 average per mile
5:15 pm)
Ran on the treadmill tonight. I have a 7 day pass to
try this gym out. I really like it. I'm pretty sure
I will be joining. I'm no longer a member at Gold's Gym.
The treadmill felt solid and has a tv.


Sunday, December 27, 2009


11 Miles 1:13:35 6:41 average per mile
2:45 pm) mid 20's

Felt really good today. Nice weather and the roads were
in good shape.

50 Miles for the week. Okay week not what I was shooting
for. Was thinking more like 60. I only had 4 runs this
week due to injuries, holiday and weather. Next 3 weeks
will be up in the air. No real goals as far as mileage
goes. I just want to get healthy and get in some quality


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd. & Broadway

20 Miles 2:17:45 6:53 average per mile
10:00 am) 20's light snow
Well I got my long run in. It wasn't easy though. I felt
flat today. I'm sure eating lots yesterday didn't help any.
It took most of the run to start to feel descent. I was able
to pick up the pace miles 15-19 like I hoped. I ran these in
the 6:30's range. I would have run the last mile the same but
my body gave in. My right hammy started to bother me and I
was out of gas. I only drank 15 oz. of Gatorade and had a few
sport beans that's all. So no surprise that I hit the wall. I
finished the last mile with what I had left it was still 7:00
mile but felt very hard.
So I basically am done with my long runs now it's time to try
and heal up some. I feel like I'm falling apart somewhat.
Training for a January marathon is much more difficult than
training for a fall marathon. Next year no January marathon!
The last few weeks I have not been getting in the miles like
I had planned. It's either been the weather or my aches and
pains. Not sure how much if any this will affect my marathon.
All I can do is just go out and give it 100%. If it's a PR
that would be awesome if not it is what it is.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grant St.

7 Miles 51:39 7:23 average per mile
10:00 am) low 30's
We had some snow and ice last night so the roads were not
the best. My hamstring acted up again today so cut this
run short. Not sure if I will get my long run in this
weekend. The weather is not going to be great and my
hammy might have a say in the matter.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

East De Pere

12 Miles 1:26:32 7:13 average per mile
6:00 pm) 20's
Ran first 6 by myself and then I saw some of the running
club members out for a run so I ran 3 miles with them
then back home. Okay run felt pretty good a bit sluggish


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd.

12 Miles 1:17:32 6:28 average per mile
12:00 pm) teens cloudy

Wow must be the shoes. I wore my new Brooks Adrenaline 10
shoes today. I felt great! My hamstring was perfect and
knee was good as well. I think it was a bit sore but not
bad at all.

I planned on doing 12 miles but had no plan on running
it this hard. After two miles I was feeling good so decided
to make this a harder effort.I think I pushed a bit too hard
but it felt good.

This was yet another down week for me mileage wise. I hope
to get more in next week before I start my taper. It all
depends on my body. I hope it can hold up a little bit longer.
The taper will be good.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downtown Green Bay

11 Miles 1:21:28 7:24 average per mile
6:05 am) upper 20's chilly
Only 11 miles today. My hamstring felt good.
My right knee was acting up though. Plan is
to do my last long run next Saturday. I would
like to do 22 miles and run the last 6 miles
at goal marathon pace 6:30.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


8 Miles 54:55 6:52 average per mile
5:45 pm) upper 20's
Nice weather tonight compared to the last few days.
My hamstring felt better tonight. Still sore but
felt better towards the end of the run. My last 3
miles I actually picked it up quite a bit. It felt
good to run fast again.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gold's Gym

5 Miles 36:45 7:21 average per mile
5:00 pm)
I took off yesterday in hopes my hamstring would be
better. Well it's still bothering me. I'm able to
run but I feel it. It's not sharp pain more of a
soreness or tightness. I think it's just strained.
I have been using ice and pain relieving cream Icy Hot.
Hope this is not going to be a major problem. I have
never had a serious hamstring problem so not sure what
kind of a time frame for this to heal. I will be tapering
soon for the marathon so that is probably a good thing at
this point. I still would like to get in 1-2 long runs
yet. If I don't I'm sure my fitness level is going to drop.
I already feel like I peaked to early for this one. I feel
I'm on the decline fitness wise. It might just be in my
mind though not sure.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd.

20 Miles 2:18:31 6:55 average per mile
1:00 pm) 30 degrees cloudy

Roads were better today. The temperature warmed up and
melted some of it. Run was going well until mile 12.
My left hamstring started acting up on me. I think
this was the effects of yesterday running on snow
for the first time and doing lots of slipping. I slowed
my pace slightly and tried to keep going. This worked
well until mile 17 when it really started tightening
up on me. I stopped briefly to stretch but did not help
so got back to running. Mile 17 to 18 was slow. Then it
felt better by 19. Last mile was okay with still some
soreness. Glad I made it home okay. I will rest it
tomorrow and hope it will be good to go.

38.5 Miles on the week on only 3 days of running. Okay
week considering. At least I got my long run in.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Packerland Loop

11.54 Miles 1:21:10 7:02 average per mile
3:00 pm) mid 20's
Late run as my plans got changed. I was going to run
20 miles at 6:30 am. Last night I noticed my furnace
was not running right. So had a service man come out
and check it. This was at 12:15 am. He checked it
over and said it would cost a lot to fix. So after
some discussion my landlord decided we should just
replace it with a new one. I didn't get to bed till
after 2:00 am. The appointment was for this morning
so I would have to cancel my run. They came this
morning and replaced it. They finished around 2:00 pm.
I decided to do a shorter run. I will try to get my
long run tomorrow.
The roads were awful snow covered and slushy. I had
not run in the snow in months so I forgot how hard
it was. I had to work hard to run at the pace I did.
I also got lost on this run. I was planning on my
usual route but part of the route was not plowed so
I went on some back streets. I lost my bearings and
was running in circles. I finally found a familiar
landmark and got back on course.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gold's Gym

7 Miles 49:00 7:00 average per mile
5:30 pm)
Very cold and slippery outside so opted for the mill.
Felt a bit fatigued for the first couple miles then
it started to feel good. I worked 9 1/2 hours today
and went straight to the gym. So I think that's why
I felt so tired at first. I was starting to really
pick it up at mile 6 and at mile 7 the treadmill
just stopped without warning. I guess it had a problem
with the fuse. I talked to the staff and they said they
have had problems with that treadmill. I was lucky not
to get hurt. I was at 9.5 when it happened. Plan was
to do 8 but didn't feel like getting on another one
so just called it a night.

This was my first run this week and taking a few days
off actually seems to have been good for me. My aches
and pains feel better. Hope to get a long run in on
Saturday. I need some miles this week. Too early to
start tapering. Not too far away though.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Running Again!!!

Well I haven't run in 3 days. Monday was a scheduled day off.
Yesterday it snowed so took off. Today I shoveled the drive
ways for 1 1/2 hours and was too tired to go run. The roads
are so bad I don't think I could have run anyways. Maybe
tomorrow I will run. If I do it will be treadmill. The temp.
is dropping big time and it's windy.

The weather is just awful. I couldn't drive to work today
so I had a co worker pick me up. He has 4 wheel drive so he
had no problem. My driveway had snow drifts of 2-3 feet.
Plus my street was unploughed. I should be okay tomorrow
morning the street is plowed and I shoveled out. My neighbor
actually did most of it for me but his snow blower broke down
so had to hand shovel the rest. It was the section down by the
street where the snow plow came by and blocked it in. Very
heavy snow. It was a good work out for sure. Got the heart
rate way up.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:09:05 6:54 average per mile
2:20 pm) 30 degrees Sunny Nice!
Loop 1 4.75 miles 33:31 7:02 average
Loop 2 4.75 miles 32:02 6:44 average
1/2 mile cool down 3:32

Felt much better today. The second loop felt really good.
My last 3/4 mile was at 5:55 pace. My knee felt good and
hammy was a bit sore but better.

Probably my last run at UWGB. Snow is on it's way. I will
be forced to running the roads. This is okay though as I
am training for a road marathon. It's been a great year
of trail running for me. Can't wait till next year! Plan
is to run 2 or 3 ultra trail marathons. For sure is the
Ice Age 50 miler in May and North Face 50 Miler in October.
Thinking either Pikes Peak marathon or Leadville marathon
as far as marathons go. For road marathon would like to
do Chicago. Only problem is it's timing is close to the
North Face 50 miler. Plenty of time to figure it all out.

53 Miles on the week. Not a bad week. Had a couple good
workouts and one sub par workout. Mileage was about what
I wanted. Could have been 57 miles but cut short my long run.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fox River Trail

16 Miles 1:54:28 7:09 average per mile
148 HR average
3:30 pm) upper 20's cold

Had to work today so I ran after work. This turned
out to be a hard run. I felt very slow. I ran 7:30's
the first 4 miles before I started to feel a little
better. It didn't last long though. I got to mile
12 and my knee felt a bit funny so decided not to
go 20 like I planned. Not only that my hamstring
was cramping up as well. I guess I was tired going
into this run and didn't realize how much so.

Looks like winter is here to stay. The forecast has
snow in it. Looks like running on nice dry roads is
coming to an end. It makes it tough to train for a
marathon when you got to deal with the cold and
slippery roads. I just hope I can get my long runs
in for a few more weeks! Then it's taper time.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gold's Gym

7 Miles 48:28 6:55 average per mile
6:30 pm
Ran the mill tonight. I would run 5 minutes at
8.3 then I would up it to 9.0 for 5 minutes.
This worked out good. At the end ran some at
10 plus just to work on some quick turnover.
My knee is bothering me some hope it's nothing
major. I hope to run long tomorrow or Saturday.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Night Running Club Group Run

5 Miles 37:00 7:24 average per mile
First Wednesday night running club run. About 10 of us
showed up. We had these runs a couple years ago but had
small turnouts. I hope this time around it catches on.

I did not plan on running hard or far tonight so this
worked out good for me.

My long run planned for Saturday is probably going to be
run Friday night. I have to work on Saturday. Or I will
run it Saturday night not sure yet.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Broadway & Packerland Loop

15 Miles 1:39:23 6:37 average per mile
156 HR average
5:40 pm) upper 30's nice!

Didn't know what to expect tonight. The race on
Sunday took a lot out of me. I had thoughts of
running last night but decided to take the night
off. I think it was the right decision. So tonight
I was feeling better but legs still had some soreness.
I had no goals for this run just go by feel. Well
it felt better than expected so I decided not to hold
back and just roll with it.
This run supports my belief that I can run sub 2:50
in January. I need to run 6:30 pace or better. Well
if I can run 6:37 pace for 15 miles I think it's very
obtainable. Houston is a flat course and my run tonight
was not flat it has some hills. I'm thinking 2:48 is
probably a good goal at this point. Of course it all
depends on if I can keep injury free.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Noodleini 15k De Pere WI

9.3 Miles 55:39 5:59 average per mile
6th Overall out of 569
1st age group (35-39)out of 34
8:00 am) low 30's no wind! Nice Day!

Great run today. I ran a nice PR! My PR was from
back in February 56:37. So almost a minute off it.
What makes it more special is that after Thursday's
race I was considering not doing this because I
figured I was not going to run a good time. Sure I
could run it for fun but for me races are meant to
be raced. I'm a very competitive person and I can't
change that nor do I want to.

Before the race I did a mile warm up. I took GZ
advice and ran a hard 1/4 mile to open things
up a bit. I think that helped. Also I ran in racing
flats today and think that helped as well.

My goal was to run 5:55 to 6:05 miles today. I did
a great job on that goal. Only one mile was off a
bit due to me stopping for a drink. Below is my splits.

5/6:09 (water stop)
.3/5:45 (1:42)

35.3 miles for the week. Dropped miles this week
with 2 races will pick it back up this week.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mountain Bay Trail

10 Miles 1:25:09 8:29 average
6:10 am) cold upper 20's

Ran very easy today. Ran with some of my running
buddies. It was a cold morning but was very nice.
There was no wind so that made it feel warmer than
what the temperature was. Plus I was dressed very
warm. Two of the guys I ran with are going down to
Houston with me. We are staying at Dan's brothers
home he lives in Houston so it works out nice.

Tomorrow morning I'm racing a 15k. I hope it goes
a little better than Thursdays race. Not sure what
pace I will try and run but think I'm going to try
to hold a 5:55 - 6:05 pace as long as possible.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot 5 Miler

5 Miles 29:33 5:55 average per mile
8:30 am) 40 cloudy & breezy
10th overall out of 1285 2nd in age (30-39)
Not a great race for me. I was hoping to be at least
a minute faster if not more. I just felt slow from
the start. Usually in these shorter runs the first
mile feels easy not today. I was struggling from the
start. I don't think I warmed up enough. I find I run
faster when I actually get a good sweat going before
the race starts.
I didn't wear my Garmin today. I thought if I didn't
wear it I might run better. Well I guess it didn't
help. I thought about not racing Sunday after today.
But changed my mind. I need to get back up on that
horse as the saying goes. Sunday is a 15k so that's
to my advantage I seem to do better the longer the
race is. Well see if nothing else it will be a good
training run.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday, November 23, 2009


10 Miles 1:06:24 6:38 average per mile
153 HR average
6:00 pm) mid 40's nice
Ran first 7 at my normal pace and decided to see how
hard I could push the last 3. Wanted to work on some
speed since I'm racing Thursday morning. Legs felt
pretty good considering my long run on Saturday.
Mile 8 5:51 HR 165
Mile 9 6:03 HR 165
Mile 10 5:52 HR 167
I was thinking I would run these faster but didn't
really know what to expect since I can't remember
the last time I pushed this hard. I hope to run
5:40's on Thursday for the 5 miler. It always feels
easier on race day.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

UWGB Trail

5 Miles 35:57 7:14 average per mile
3:45 pm)low 50's sunny Awesome weather for Nov.
Day got off to a rough start. I did a load of laundry
and when I started the dryer I hear a thumping noise.
I opened it up and checked the load. I noticed my blue
jeans had something in the pocket. Well guess what it
was my cell phone. Great now what do I do. I tried to
dry it with the hair dryer but no luck. So went to the
US Cellular and bought a refurbished smart phone. It's
a LG Tritan. I guess the good news is I have a much
better phone than what I had. Of course it cost me some
$$$ but needed a new phone soon anyways. So I guess it
all worked out okay. Plus I didn't have to extend my
contract so that's good as well.
Today's run was with Mike. I have not run with him since
the 50 miler so was nice to get caught up with him. I
actually felt great on this run. I was not really sore
at all from yesterdays run. Ran in new trail shoes Brooks
ASR 7. I got these from Brooks as I am wear tester for
them. They feel great so far. I have run in the 5's and 6's
and these seem as good if not better.
Looking to do a couple races this week. Thursday is a 5
mile Turkey Trot and Sunday is a 15k run. Not sure what
to expect since I have not done any real speed work.
This will be good test though and force me to push it.

61.2 Miles for the week.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

JFF Marathon

26.2 Miles 3:07:47 7:10 average
153 HR average
9:20 am) 40's Sunny
Just For Fun Marathon.
Not sure why I did this. I did not feel good from
the start. I did a out and back course and hit 13.1
miles and had to run the 13.1 to get back home. I
was at 135:30 at the half way point. I had 2 gels
and 1 pack of GU Chomps and 34 oz of water. Not
really enough for the distance. I wore my bright
orange Boston Marathon jacket since today was
opening day of Deer Hunting gun season. I was very
warm with the jacket on and sweated a lot. I finally
took it off at 20 miles. I really hit the wall from
miles 20-26 even though I kept the pace about the
same the effort was much much harder.
Here is my splits:
Slowest Mile 1 7:34
Fastest Mile 18 6:48
Looking at these numbers I see at miles 18-26 is
when the HR jumped up to the upper 150's. I also
noticed I had to push much harder to hold the pace.
I guess this is typical due to fatigue and lack
of hydration.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gold's Gym

5 Miles 39:00
7:00 pm)
Legs were dead tonight. Cut workout short. Not worth killing
13:00 elliptical


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Broadway & Packerland Loop

15 Miles 1:43:24 6:53 average per mile
147 HR average
5:30 pm) mid 40's cloudy - light rain
Good run tonight. Happy to get in a longer mid week
run. This is something I plan on doing more. I think
12-15 miles is a good distance for a week day. I
might even do a 20 mile mid week run down the road
as I build my mileage up for Houston Marathon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Packerland Loop

10 Miles 1:09:04 6:54 average per mile
148 HR average
5:45 pm) low 40's windy
This was a "KEY" workout for me. No not really. I got
new gloves today so decided to try them out. They are
made by Brooks. They have a key pocket in them. So
I put my house key in them. I went off on my run and
went to feel for the key and I felt nothing. I figured
it must have fell out. This was early in the run so
I just back tracked my run. I didn't find it. I then
went to my friend Alicia's house to get my spare key.
She was not home. I figured by the time my run was
over she would be home. I finished my run and stopped
again and she was still not home. I then ran back home
and remembered my landlord has a spare key so I would
ask him for it. So I get in the driveway and sure enough
the key was in my glove all along. I guess the key slid
down further than I realized and I did not feel that
far down. I guess that's a good thing that the key does
not bother you while running. So I stressed for nothing.
Nevertheless my run was not great tonight. I thought
about the key most of the run. I had plans on going
longer but this derailed them. Maybe tomorrow.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:09:33 6:57 average
2:22 pm) mid 40's
148 HR average
Okay run felt a bit tired from yesterdays run.
55 Miles for the week


Saturday, November 14, 2009

John Muir County Park Ice Age Trail Montello WI

22 Miles 2:48:33 7:40 average per mile
145 HR average
10:40 am) 50's overcast & warm
This run was down by my parents. It was about 13 miles
from their house. I stayed over Friday night and slept
in this morning. I new this part of the Ice Age Trail
was only about a 2 mile loop since I checked it out
online on Thursday. I was hoping maybe I could find
other trails as well to run but no luck. As it turns
out it wasn't even a 2 mile loop more like 1.6 miles.
I wanted to do at least 20 miles today and the idea of
running this loop more than 10 times was not all the
exciting to me. I will say though the loop was very nice.
It went completely around Lake Ennis. I just wish it
was more than 1.6 miles.
Well I started out and did a couple loops. I quickly
became bored with that so I did a couple loops the
opposite direction just to change it up a bit. After
6 loops I had it. I had to do something different.
I decided to just go out and run on some of the
county roads. This was a nice change of scenery. I
found some hilly roads so this was good. I ended back
at the park and had about 20 miles so I did one last
loop making it 7 loops. This was still short of 22
so I ran around the parking lot a few times to get
it. So interesting run but not one I will do again.
The weather was fantastic mid 50's.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gold's Gym

6 Miles 40:12 6:42 average per mile
6:00 pm)
Did 20 minutes on the bike to warm up. This run felt great.
It was very hard but a good hard. I ran most of this at 9.0-
9.5 mph. For me a 6:42 average on a treadmill is very good.
I usually struggle to run low 7's on it.
I plan on going to my parents tomorrow night and doing a
trail run Saturday. I have not run on any of the trails down
there. I'm not even sure where the trail is but I know about
where it is. It's part of the Ice Age Trail. Should be interesting
run. I don't know if it's going to be hilly, flat, rocky or what.
Distance will be determined on the run. I'll see how I feel and
will do a out and back route. I would like to do at least 20


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


8 Miles 57:13 7:09 average per mile
148 HR average
6:15 pm) 40's
Good news is I'm done with jury duty. We went till 3:30 pm. Was a
good experience but don't want to do it again anytime soon. The
case was about a 2 car accident. The main portion of the trial was
not about the actual accident but about medical bills and such.
The plaintiff was seeking more money than what the insurance
company was willing to pay. The dispute was not really about
who was at fault in the car accident the defendant admitted
she was at fault. So we had to decide how much if any the plaintiff
should be awarded. We reached a decision after 2 1/2 of deliberations.
My run tonight was not good. I felt awful. Just tired from the start.
I was going to run 10 but made it 8. I think I was feeling yesterdays
workout. Plus being in a courtroom for 2 days probably had some
effects on me.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Packerland Loop

9 Miles 58:26 6:29 average per mile
155 HR average
9:00 pm) mid 30's
Late run tonight. I was selected to serve on a jury. So I was at
the courthouse till 5:30 pm. The case is still on going so I can't
talk about it. Should be done tomorrow morning or early
I was going to run when I got home at 6:00 but was tired. So
watched The Biggest Loser till 9:00 then went out. I decided
after 2 miles to forget what the HR is and just run. I ended up
running hard. It felt good though. My last 3 miles were 6:14,
6:14 and 6:12 not bad.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fox River Trail

13.5 Miles 1:30:45 6:43 average per mile
152 average HR
3:20 pm) 50's sunny
Legs felt good today. Not really sore from yesterday. Weather was
awesome again.

50 miles for the week

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stump Farm 10 Mile Trail Run

10 Miles 1:08:00 6:48 average per mile
7th overall 1st age group (30-39)
9:30 am) upper 50's NICE
Fantastic weather for November. Did a mile warm up. I was very
warm already. I knew I would be very warm for the race. I did
carry my hand held bottle. Glad I did. The race started out fast.
I am not a fast starter. I was 9th place almost from the start. I
was not feeling great the first mile my breathing was labored. It
never really settled down during the run. At mile 4 I took a GU
that I had in my pocket of my shorts. That helped some. I passed
2 runners in the first 3 miles then held my position the rest of the
race. I was not passed by anyone. I could see runners in front of
me but was not able to catch them. It kept me motivated though.
Considering I raced 50 miles 2 weeks ago I'm happy with my
results today. I guess there is some advantages to getting old I get
to place well in my age group at most smaller races. For first in my
age group I got a empty half gallon jug that I can take to Titletown
Brewing Company and have it filled. Not a bad prize.
So this will be my last trail race for 09. I am going to focus on some
road running for the next few months. I will do a 15k at the end of
the month and probably a 5k in early December. Main focus though
will be getting in marathon shape by Jan. 17.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Packerland Loop

10 Miles 1:08:44 6:52 average per mile
5:30 pm) low 40's nice
Took off yesterday since I was feeling tired and both my Achilles were
bothering me. Today I felt tired all day not sure why? I figured it
would be a tough run tonight but I actually felt pretty good. I ran a
new course tonight. I have run all of it before on other runs but not in
this loop. I like running this type of run since you don't run any of the
route twice. I was not sure how many miles it would be but figured it
would be 8 or 9. It ended up being around 9. I decided to do an
additional mile to make it 10.
My HR monitor was not working right. It was off on several of the
miles. Not sure what's going on. I think I need to tighten it up. Maybe
that will fix it. I had to slide it up several times since it was a bit loose.
Mile 1 7:19 Flat
Mile 2 7:11 Flat and downhill
Mile 3 7:02 Flat and uphill HR 148
Mile 4 6:39 up and downhill HR 149
Mile 5 6:58 Gradual uphill HR 152
Mile 6 6:50 Flat and downhill
Mile 7 6:55 Flat
Mile 8 6:35 up and downhill
Mile 9 6:36 flat
Mile 10 6:36 flat HR 162


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


10 Miles 1:08:39 6:52 average per mile
148 HR average
5:30 pm) upper 30's
Ran on the concrete tonight. I'm not used to running on this stuff. It's not
near as forgiving as the trails. I need to re accustom myself to it so when
I run the Houston marathon January 17 I will be used to it. The route I
ran tonight is well lit. I didn't even need my head light.
I'm pretty sure I will do the 10 mile trail race on Saturday. My legs are
not 100% but feel pretty good. Plus the weather is looking fantastic.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Gold's Gym

5.5 Miles 40:00 7:16 average per mile
Did 10 minutes on the elliptical for a warm up before the run.
I can't believe how hard this workout was. I might be in trail running
shape but I'm sure not in treadmill shape. I was breathing hard and
was very hot. A few more runs like this and I should get better on the
mill. Now that we lost a hour of daylight it gets dark so early. I leave
work and it's almost dark already. So I will be running inside more. I
do plan on running in the dark as well. I have a head light so I will use
that. I plan on doing my longer runs on Saturday and Sunday to take
advantage of daylight.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reforestration Camp

10 Miles 1:22:00 8:12 average per mile
12:30 pm) mid 40's sunny
Ran with Scott today. We ran the green loop. This is a single track and
is fun to run. I have mountain biked this a few times this year but
never ran it before. This loop has a lot of turns on it so it's hard to run
it at a fast clip. I might be doing a race next Saturday on this course so
I wanted to get a feel for it. My header photo above is actually part of the
course I ran today.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 59:34 7:26 average per mile
7:00 am) light rain and windy upper 30's
Joined the running club at Voyager Park. My legs felt good except my
quads are still sore. The first mile I was stiff but loosened up as the
run went on. Going to run some trails tomorrow with Scott. Then
it's the big game. Packers vs. Vikings. Should be fun to watch.
Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gold's Gym

20 Minutes bike
25 Minutes elliptical
15 Minutes weights

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UWGB Trail

4.75 Miles 40:45
5:30 pm) 50's nice
Ran with Rick. Feeling pretty good. My quads are still sore but getting
better. Overall I feel much better than I thought I would after running
50 miles. I plan on taking it easy for a few more days. Next week I will
start back at it.
My next race will probably be Houston Marathon Jan. 17, 2010. I will
do a few others before then but just short ones. Next weekend I might
do a trail race it's 10 miles. I will wait and see if I feel good enough to
do it. I'm excited to do another ultra. Not many to pick from around
here in the winter though. I for sure plan on doing Ice Age 50 mile
trail run May 2010.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

North Face Endurance Challenge

50 Miles 7:08:39 6th Overall 1st in age group (30-39)
6:00 am) mid 30's light mist
Mike and I drove drown Friday and picked up our packets. We then
went out for pasta dinner and then back to packet pick-up to hear
the guest speakers. Afterwards went back to the hotel and got gear
ready for the morning. Got to bed around 10:30 pm. Alarm went
off at 3:45 am. First thing we did was eat. I made pancakes. Then
hit the shower and got dressed. Loaded up the car and on the road
at 5:15 am. Arrived at 5:30 dropped off our drop bags and made
final decisions on what to wear.

The race started at 6:00 am in the dark. We all had head lamps on
so it was not that bad running in the dark. I started out in pants
over my shorts and had a light jacket on with a t-shirt underneath
and arm warmers. I was warm after a mile. Luckily I new Mike and
I had drop bag at mile six so we could drop off excess clothing.
First 6 miles went smoothly. We were not going real fast but at a
good pace. A few runners went out much faster. At mile 6 some
of the volunteers said the leaders already went through 6 minutes
ago. So I arrive at mile 6 looking for the drop bag. It's not there!
I went ahead and took of my pants and my jacket. So no bag what
do I do with my clothes? Mike asked the volunteer if she could put
the clothes in a bag and write our bib # on it. So we put it all in a
pile for her to put in a bag. I had sat down my water bottle on the
ground when changing and picked up the bottle with the clothes
and it was in the pile. I didn't realize this till I was about a mile
away from the aid station. I wasn't going back for it.

So know I'm feeling all out of whack. I'm thinking to myself 44 miles
to go and no water bottle this is not good. In my training runs I
always carried a bottle and drank every mile. Know I have to drink
every 5 or so miles. At this point I'm running fast trying to catch
back up with someone. After 2-3 miles I caught back up with Mike.
I was then able to slow my pace down to a more reasonable pace.
While running with Mike I had to stop a couple more times to use
the bathroom. I stopped 3 times in the first 20 miles to go. I'm not
sure why though I was not overly hydrated. At each aid station I
was having to stop and stand around and drink out of the cups. I
would try and drink 3 cups.

At mile 21 was another aid station and also had drop bags. This is
where I stopped got some items out of my bag including my mp3
player. I grabbed some salt at the aid station. I was stupid though
I swallowed a bunch of it and left the aid station with nothing to
wash it down. No water bottle! Oh well I kept on running turned
on my mp3 player. At this point is when I lost Mike. I would be on
my own the rest of the day.

This is my first race I have ever used music and I'm sure glad I did.
It really helped me. I ran the last 30 mile feeling good. My first 20
felt like I couldn't get into a groove. I passed many runners in these
30 miles. I was never passed the rest of the day. I did not walk any
of the race other than some of the steep hills and I would power
walk them.

The course was awesome I expected it to be a mess with all the
rain we had all week but it wasn't. Sure there was some puddles and
mud but I couldn't complain. I had extra shoes in my drop bad but
never changed them.

I finished the race feeling strong. I think I could have kept going.
My parents were at the finish and I was happy to see them. The
last time they saw one of my races I did not finish so good. I was
injured and couldn't even walk afterwards.

I'm so glad I did this race. This was a great experience. I look
forward to doing more ultras.


Sunday 3 Miles recovery run.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

UWGB Trail

7 Miles Not sure on the time. Didn't really care. Just wanted to
get the run in without injuring myself.
5:30 pm) low 50's
Ran with Rick tonight. Last run before my race Saturday morning.
I'm just going to take it easy the next 2 days. I took off from
work so I can just rest my body and stay off my feet.
I just checked the forecast it has been upgraded slightly. Maybe
it will keep getting better I hope.
Tomorrow night I'm going to the movies for the 1 night showing of
Race Across The Sky - Leadville Trail 100 Mile. Documentary film
featuring Lance Armstrong.

Will post race recap Saturday night. Nothing to post till then.

Monday, October 19, 2009

UWGB Trail

8 Miles 56:15 7:02 average per mile
152 HR average
5:30 pm) 50's sunny nice!
My hamstring is still sore. Felt good on the run though. I
am only going to run 1 more time this week Wednesday. I should
be ready to go Saturday.
The forecast for Saturday gets worse every time I check it 42 rain/
snow showers. I hope it changes for the better. This is too
cold for my liking, especially if I wear shorts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fox River Trail

12 Miles 1:27:48 7:19 average per mile
7:00 am) mid to upper 30's cloudy
Ran with the Green Bay running club.
One week till race day!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

UWGB Trail

7 Miles 51:10 7:18 average per mile
5:40 pm) low 40's
Ran with Mike. Felt good.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UWGB Trail

4.75 Miles 41:03
5:30 pm) 40's
Ran with Rick.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reforestration Camp

7 Miles 49:00 7:00 minute per mile average
5:20 pm) mid 40's chilly
Knee felt good but hamstring got sore the last mile.
I felt very good otherwise.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:04:55 6:29 average per mile
No HR data was acting up
2:20 pm) 40's sunny
Legs felt good so pushed the pace today. My knee felt
better also.
47 Miles for the week on 4 days of running.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

UWGB Trail

20 Miles 2:31:47 7:35 average per mile
5:30 am) 30's COLD!
Ran the first hour in the dark. Was cold but I was dressed
warm. Run went well other than my knee was bothering me for
the last 5 miles. I hope it's nothing serious. I'm glad I'm
at the tapering stage.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

UWGB Trail *29:44*

10 Miles 1:08:05 6:48 average per mile
5:25 pm) cloudy cool 50's
Ran 2 loops.
Loop 1 33:36 7:00 average per mile. 145 HR average
Loop 2 29:44 6:14 average per mile. 160 HR average
This is the fastest I have ever run this. Previous best was 29:58
1/2 Mile cool down.
Did not plan on pushing this hard on the second loop. I got off
to a fast 1st mile so decided to go for it.
I guess taking 2 days of this week helped. My legs feel like they
are recovering good after last weekends long runs.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold's Gym

7 Miles 50:50
5:30 pm)
Legs felt heavy. Okay run.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fox River Trail

15 Miles 1:46:00 7:04 average per mile
145 HR average
3:00 pm) 50's cloudy
I felt good considering I ran a few miles yesterday.
My only ache that bothered me was my IT Band. It was
okay once it got warmed up. It's very sore now that
I'm done and sitting around. Miles 1-7 were all above
7:00 minute pace and miles 8-15 were all below 7:00
minute pace.
I'm now ready to start tapering. I think I'm going to
cut back pretty drastic as I think my body needs to
heal and recover so I can be fresh on race day.
This was a new high for me this week 76 miles. I ran
6 days and did 50 of it in 2 days.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kettle Moraine State Park Eagle WI

35 Miles 5:47:36 9:56 average per mile total time
5:13:15 8:57 average per mile actual running time
Mike and I drove down to Eagle this morning. We
left Green Bay at 5:30. We didn't get to running
till almost 9:00. The weather was great overcast
and upper 40's at the start. The course was not so
great. It had rained quite a bit down there the
previous day and night and the trails were sloppy.
Some sections were so bad we would have to try to
run way off to the left or the right of the trail
to avoid the water. Plus we ran in a ton of sand.
Sand is not fun to run in. It wears you out quick.
We went out 8 and back for 16 total. We stopped at
the car to reload. I felt like I was totally spent.
This was hard mentally to get back at it. Knowing
I still had 19 miles to go and felt this bad was
almost too much for me. We started up again and
went the other direction. Well this direction did
not start out much better no sand but steep hills
with lots of rocks. This went on for 3 miles or so
before it got fairly flat. The rest of the run went
better. We headed back to the car and still had over
4 miles to go. Mike was not doing good at this point
he had side aches and his hip was hurting. We ended
up running on the roads this last bit. The pace was
slower but we kept moving.
We accomplished what we went to do. Run 35 miles and
get some time on the feet. This was the farthest I
have ever run so I am proud of that. Afterwards we
stopped and got some high calorie food and went to
a antique mall. Walking around the mall actually felt
good on the legs. We then drove home. Long day got
home after 8:00 pm. Glad it's over!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 30:27 6:05 average per mile
152 HR average
5:45 pm) cloudy and chilly 50
I went easy last night and new I was only going 5 tonight
so I decided test my fitness. I am happy with how it went.
I ran each mile faster than the previous. My last mile is
faster than I have run mile repeats in the past. I'm not
sure how much this improvement in my speed is going to
translate to my upcoming ultra. Especially in one that is
19 miles longer than I have ever run. I do think I am more
fit than last year at this time so hope that shows on race
Mile 1 6:52 HR 130
Mile 2 6:18 HR 150
Mile 3 5:58 HR 158
Mile 4 5:46 HR 165
Mile 5 5:30 HR 165


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UWGB Trail

9.5 Miles 1:16:22
5:30 am) 50's sunny
Loop 1 40:30 8:33 average per mile
122 HR average Ran with Rick
Loop 2 35:52 7:34 average per mile
135 HR average Ran with Dave & Scott
Easy run tonight just what I needed after last nights run.
Tomorrow will be 5 miles on the Fox River Trail. Off on Friday
and last long run Saturday morning 35 miles. Then it's taper
time. I'm looking forward to that.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reforestration Camp

7 Miles 48:38 6:57 average per mile
5:30 pm) 50's cloudy cool
First time running in the cooler weather in some time.
It was nice. I warmed up quickly and enjoyed the run.
I might have to turn the heat on soon. The house is
kind of cold. I would like to wait at least till Thursday.
I'm going to put the flannel sheets on the bed tonight.
I might also plug in the electric blanket.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gold's Gym

4.5 Miles 32:15
15 minutes bike
15 minutes weight lifting
Cold & windy today so I decided to go to Gold's tonight.
I have not used my membership in the last 3 months. I
need to start using it again.
It took me a few minutes to get used to the feel of
running on a treadmill again. Once I warmed up it felt
good. I upped the speed every 5 minutes or so. The last
couple of minutes I was running at 10.5 mph.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fox River Trail

7 Miles 49:08 7:01 average per mile
144 HR average
3:15 pm) cloudy & windy
Run was good but my body is not so good. I have a few
aches and pains.
50 Miles for the week.


Friday, September 25, 2009

UWGB Trail 20

20 Miles 2:31:14 7:34 average per mile
141 average HR was surprised it was this low!
5:30 pm)60's NICE
Ran 4 loops with Mike. We ran the first two in the daylight.
Last two loops we ran in the dark. We both used our headlamps.
It was kind of fun running in the dark. This was good practice
for us. We will be running in the dark at North Face endurance
challenge for the first couple of hours. When we finished and
stretched a little bit we got in our cars and it started raining.
Could not have timed it any better. Normally we do the long run
on Saturday mornings but we decided to change it up a bit. It
was kind of a hard run since I was on my feet all day at work
and then go and run 20 miles after. The good news is I get to
sleep in tomorrow morning.
After the run Mike and I went to Perkins. That was a awesome
meal. I was very hungry. I ate grilled salmon, fries, broccoli
and 2 pancakes. I was stuffed afterwards.
Next Saturday morning will be our last long run before the taper.
We are shooting for 35 miles. We will go down to Eagle, WI and
run it on the course that we will be doing the 50 miler on.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baird's Creek

7 Miles 59:56 8:34 average per mile
5:30 pm) 70's sunny

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:18:45
5:30 pm) low 70's sunny
Loop 1 42:17 8:54 average per mile 122 average HR
Loop 2 32:29 6:50 average per mile 151 average HR


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UWGB Trail

6.25 Miles 44:28 7:07 average per mile
5:30 pm) low 60's RAIN
Ran in the rain tonight. I didn't want to run in it
but figured I should since I haven't in a long time.
Plus it could rain on race day and it's good practice.
The rain actually felt good since it wasn't cold.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fox River Trail

12.05 Miles 1:25:33 7:06 average per mile
148 HR average
3:30 pm) low 70's sunny
I felt good considering I ran 30 miles yesterday.
Week recap:
72 Miles Running Most I have ever run in a week.
This was for 5 runs. Tues. 9.5 Wed. 11.5 Thur. 10
Sat. 30 Sun. 12
11 Miles Mountain Biking
This week plan is to recover some so I will be ready
for the following week. That week will be my last
big week before the taper.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reforestration Camp 30 Miles

30 Miles 3:58:15 7:57 average per mile
6:45 am) cool 40's warmed up nice.
I told Mike lets run 8:30's today nice and easy. Well like
usual we ran this too fast. My body felt the effects of it.
I ran out of gas. I think I should have taken in more calories.
By mile 20 I was done. I was able to hold on but it was not fun.
Mike on the other hand was strong all day. When I got home I
weighed myself and I was 6 pounds lighter. So I definitely
was in calorie deficit. I will have to do better on that next
time. My next long run is in 2 weeks. The goal is 35 miles.
Relaxing the rest of the day. I think I deserve it.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:08:37 6:52 average per mile
146 average HR
5:35 pm) low 70's sunny
Okay run still feeling tired and sore. Hope I feel good
Saturday. Plan is 30 miles Saturday but not sure where
to run it. I want some hills and Mike wants to run on
a flat surface. What to do?
Bike update: Was going to buy a bike today but see they
are sold out in my size. I guess I will keep looking.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UWGB Trail

9.5 Miles 1:10:00 7:22 average per mile
143 average HR
5:45 pm) sunny low 70's
Feeling a bit tired this week. Easy flat run tomorrow. Planning
on 30 miles Saturday.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reforestration Camp

11.5 Miles 1:22:43 7:11 average per mile
5:30 pm) 70's sunny
Yellow Loop 7 Miles 50:55 7:16 average per mile.
147 average HR
Red Loop 4.5 Miles 31:48 7:04 average per mile.
154 average HR


Monday, September 14, 2009

Reforestration Camp Mountain Biking

11 Miles 54:34
5:30 pm) 70's Partly Cloudy
Good ride. I am getting better at handling the bike
on the single track. I was 2:06 faster than last week.
Still did not purchase a new bike. I can't seem to make
up my mind. I don't want to rush my decision and end
up with something I regret down the road.

Fox River Trail

Sunday September 13, 2010
10 Miles 1:12:26 7:14 average per mile
148 HR average
3:00 PM) 84 degrees sunny & warm
Good run other than it was a bit warm. Legs felt good.
Busy but fun weekend.
Saturday night went back to my home town for my 20th class
reunion. Can't believe it's really been 20 years! We had a
good turnout. Maybe 25 or so. Had about 70 in my class.
It's funny to see how little or how much some people change
in 20 years. Some I didn't recognize or it took a while to
recognize and some looked almost the same as they did in
high school.
Sunday night went to the Green Bay Packers game versus the
Chicago Bears. My friend Mike got 4 tickets. So it was Mike
his girl friend, Scott and myself. We had seats in the end
zone fourth row. The game was not all that great. The offense
couldn't move the ball. They did just enough to win the game.
A win is a win I guess.

Week recap:
57 Miles running
11 Miles mountain biking
Good week. Most miles I have run in a week in some time.
Hope to keep it rollin.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Green Bush

20 Miles 2:45:30 8:17 average per mile
7:15 am) mid 50's sunny
Ran on the Ice Age Trail and did some of the Green Bush
trails. Ran the Red, Green and Purple trails and finished
it of with some single track mountain bike trails. Mike
took a nasty fall on the mountain bike trails and had a
few cuts to show for it. He was okay thank goodness. When
it happened I said are you okay and his answer was I'm going
to have to be. He got up and we kept on going. This happened
towards the end of the run around mile 17.
I felt good today but not great. Glad we did not plan on more
than 20 because I don't think I could have gone much more.
I'm sore after this one. Afterwards we both had some burgers
and shakes. We needed some calories and energy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baird's Creek

7 Miles 1:02:10 8:53 per mile average
5:00 pm) Mid 70's Sunny
Ran with Mike. We both felt tired tonight. We didn't push
very hard. After running hard the past 2 nights I needed
this. Still ran some good hills though. Some are very steep.
Can't wait till Sunday night. I'm going to the Packers game
versus the Bears. Mike had an extra ticket and offered it
to me so of course I said you bet I will go. Go Packers!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

UWGB Trail ***29:58***

9.5 Miles
5:45 pm) mid 70's Sunny
Loop 1 4.75 Miles 43:38 9:11 average per mile HR 122 avg. w/Rick
Loop 2 4.75 Miles 29:58 6:18 average per mile HR 161 avg. *PB*
Finally broke the 30:00 barrier. I was not sure I would be able
to do it tonight. I ran very hard last night and did not think
my legs would be up to it. Plus it was warmer this week with
humidity. So I'm glad to finally break 30 minutes now I wont
have to kill myself next week unless of course I feel fresh.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reforestration Camp

11.5 Miles 1:20:45 7:01 average per mile
Yellow Loop 7 Miles 48:52 6:59 average per mile.
154 average HR
Red Loop 4.5 Miles 31:53 7:05 average per mile
159 average HR
5:45 pm) 70's sunny
Ran the yellow loop with Mike and ran the red loop solo.
Mike pushed me pretty hard on the yellow loop. I was
very tired when we finished. I wanted to run the red loop
easy but remembered they lock the gate at sunset and the
sun was going down fast. So I had to push hard once again.
When I finished it wasn't dark but the sun had already set.
Luckily they did not lock me in. I don't know what I'm going
to do as each week it gets darker sooner. I will have to
start as soon as I get of work.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Reforestation Camp Mountain Biking

22 Miles 2+ Hours
10:00 am) sunny perfect day
Planned on doing 2 loops by myself. When I got there
I saw Julie P. and family and Stacy was on her way.
So I decided I would ride with them. After we finished
the 11 miles. They were all done for the day. I still
wanted to do one more loop 11 miles. So I did this one
solo at a hard effort. This was the first time I have
timed myself on this course. I did it in 56:40. I was
happy to do it in under an hour. I had a few near falls
and my arms hit a couple trees. I escaped without any
major injury.
I'm liking this whole mountain biking thing. Great cross
training without the pounding on the legs. I can't wait
to get a better bike. Mine is not really all that good.
I'm afraid it's not really built for this. I have been
searching online and bike shops but have not really seen
anything yet that made me say this is the one. I'll keep

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:11:33 7:09 average per mile
152 average HR
2:00 pm) mid 70's sunny
Run started out good. Legs felt good after yesterdays long
run. Around mile 5 it started to go down hill. The sun and
warm temps started to drag me down. The last 3 miles I really
struggled. I guess I'm not used to the heat. I usually run
early or later so it's cooler. When I finished I felt light
headed not a good feeling. I'm still glad to get the run in
however. I need to practice running in not so perfect running
conditions it makes you tougher right? I'm sure on race day
I will have some highs and lows as well. That's what running
50 miles is all about.
Week recap
Running 51 miles (4 Runs)
Mountain Biking 10.5 Miles
Road Biking 20 Miles


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reforestration Camp

24 Miles 3:05:07 7:43 average per mile
6:30 am) cool, sunny
Last night I carbo loaded with pasta. This morning
I was up at 4:30 and made pancakes. I ate 7 of them!
They were not the large ones though. I had not tried
pancakes before a long run before but wanted to try
it. It seemed to work good. I felt good on this run
and could have kept going. During the run I took in
2 gels, some sport beans and some reeses pieces.
Ran with Scott & Mike. Scott ran the first 12 with
Mike and I. Glad to finally get a long run in. I'm
running out of time. October 24 is not that far away.
My plan is to get in 4 more runs of 20+ miles before
the race.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baird's Creek

7 Miles 1:03 9:00 average per mile
6:00 pm) low 70's sunny


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles
6:00 pm) low 70's sunny
Loop 1 42:18 with Rick
Loop 2 30:04 ran this the opposite direction from last week
and was only 2 seconds slower than last weeks record time.
This direction I believe is harder. So I feel I had a better
time this week. My best ever going this direction is 30:30
last fall so not bad.
.5 mile cool down.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Reforestration Camp Mountain Biking

10.5 Miles Mountain Biking
5:45 pm) sunny cool
Rode with my friend Alicia. We had a great time. She was a
little timid at first until she got comfortable and then
she rode very well.
I'm having a blast riding on the single track it's so much
fun. I can see myself getting serious about mountain biking.
I plan on upgrading my bike soon. Bike shops are starting
to discount them as fall approaches. So perfect time for me
to make a purchase.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reforestation Ramble

10k trail race but was actually 5.6 Miles 37:37
2nd Place Overall
8:30 am) 50's sunny
Course was short but was well run and marked. The course
ran on single track and some double track. Some of the course
I mountain biked last Monday so I was familiar with it.
As far as my race I'm happy with it. I think I went out
too hard the first mile though. I was winded the rest
of the race and never got to get in a comfortable groove.
40 Miles for the week.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:09:11 6:55 average per mile
151 HR average
6:00 pm) cloudy
.75 mile cool down
I got to work today and shortly after I started to feel
sick. My stomach was very upset. Not sure what caused it.
I thought about going home early but toughed it out. Got
home laid down for a half hour and felt okay. I wanted
to get a run in since I'm taking off tomorrow. I decided
I would run by feel if I was not good I would turn around.
I ended up doing 5 out and 5 back. I felt better than I
thought I would especially after mile 3. I ran each mile
faster than the previous mile. The last 5 were faster due
to the weather I could see the storm getting close. With
less than a mile to go I saw lightening so I sprinted
home. I made it with only a few sprinkles falling. I went
to unlock my door and the key wouldn't work. Now what???
I stood around for a minute and then decided I will have
to run to my friends house about 3/4 of a mile a way.
Luckily it still was not raining hard. I was happy to see
she was home.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baird's Creek

6 Miles 53:30
5:45 pm) Sunny low 70's
Mike and I ran some new trails tonight. I have run on
these only a couple times a few years ago and didn't
run on the ones we did tonight. Some good technical
running with some hills. Good training grounds. I will
go back for sure.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UWGB Trail

9.5 Miles 1:11:59
Loop 1 41:57 Ran with co worker. His best yet.
Loop 2 30:02 6:19 average per mile
This was the fastest I have ever run this loop.
I was kind of shocked I ran this fast. I didn't
really even want to run the second loop because
I just wasn't feeling it tonight. I decided to give
it a go and after the first mile had a pretty fast
mile and I didn't feel I pushed real hard. So I
decided to see if I could end up with a good time.
Well every mile ended up faster than last week so
I'm pretty pumped about that and last week I felt
good. So I guess my fitness is getting there.

new shoes

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 54:31 6:48 average per mile
150 HR Average
6:00 pm) cloudy, sprinkles, muggy
I did not feel good tonight. I was very tired. I
ran with Mike and he was pushing the pace and I
wanted to go slower. Well eventually I just decided
okay I don't feel great but I will pick up the pace
anyways. We ended up running every mile faster than
the previous one. The last mile was 5:54. So I guess
this was a good workout not sure.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reforestration Camp Mountain Biking

13 Miles Mountain Bike on the single track
First time I have used my mountain bike on an
actual trail. It was a ton of fun. The trail
was narrow and very curvy. This turned into
a better workout than I thought it would be.
I feel it more in the upper body than I do in
the legs. I guess because my legs are used to
working out and my upper body is weak.
I might invest in a better bike this fall when
they have there sales. My bike is older and
not sure how well it will hold up. Plus if
I do more of this I need a rack for my car.
I had to take of the front wheel and then
it still did not fit in my car. I then had to
take of the handlebars. When I got there I had
to put back together then take apart to come
back home. A lot of work for so short of a

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mountain Bay Trail

7 Miles 49:55 7:07 average per mile
142 HR average
2:00 pm) cool low 70's
Not a bad run. I felt better than I thought I would. I'm
a little sore from yesterdays run but not bad at all. My
Achilles is better today.
50 Miles for the week. I was hoping for 55 but yesterdays
run was shorter than planned.
This week will be even less. I am backing of a bit this
week. I will then have a 3 week block of higher miles.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ice Age Trail Greenbush, Wisconsin

16.35 Miles 2:21:40 8:40 average per mile
7:30 am) 50's cool
Ran the Ice Age trail for the first time. Much more difficult than I
thought it would be. Very technical with lots of climbing, rocks
and roots to watch out for. Mike and I planned on doing 20-22
miles but we where spent after 16. We went out 8 and came back
and planned on doing a 5 mile loop off the Ice Age trail but we
decided that was enough. My Achilles is still sore and this run
did not help it any. I feel okay otherwise just tired. This was
probably the hardest run I have ever done on a trail other than
of course Pikes Peak Marathon last year. I wish I would have
got in more miles but I think we were smart to listen to our bodies.
We are just not used to this kind of running. The trails around
Green Bay are relatively easy compared to this. Hope to get back
down on this trail soon. Maybe 3 weeks from now. At least I will
know what to expect next time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:15:23 7:32 average per mile
141 HR average
Was very tired before the start of this run. Did not
really feel like running tonight. Felt okay during the
run but still tired. As I was running a friend of mine
was also running on the trail and we ran together for
3 or 4 miles. Had not run with Dave in a long time
so we got caught up on what's going on with each of
us. He is training for a 50k the same race I did last
year. I'm doing it this year also but going to do the
50 mile run.

new shoes

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles
5:40 pm) 70's cloudy nice
159 HR average loop 2
Loop 1 Ran with co worker 44:14
Loop 2 30:55 6:30 average per mile.
1/2 mile cool down
Fastest I have run this loop this year!
Was going to run slow tonight but right before I
started the 2nd loop I changed my mind and told
myself I was going to push it. Tomorrow will
be a easy 10. Long on Saturday 20-22.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reforestration Camp

7 Miles 49:30 7:04 average per mile
154 HR average
5:45 pm) low 70's Sunny Nice!
Felt good tonight. Ran with Mike and we pushed it
pretty hard. My achilles was a bit sore but felt
okay once I got going. Nice weather tonight it
was not humid like the past few days.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fox River Trail

7.14 Miles 50:40 7:06 average per mile
152 HR average
9:55 am) Mid 70's Humid!
Very humid today. Made for a hard run. My breathing
was more labored than usual. It should be less humid
the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to that.
Good week of training 52 Miles. This week will be
around 55 with a 20 mile run on Saturday.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

UWGB Trail

15 Miles 1:51:05 7:28 average per mile
6:20 am) sunny and humid
Loop 1 37:20 7:31 average 146 HR average
Loop 2 37:10 7:30 average 152 HR average
Loop 3 36:35 7:22 average 154 HR average
Each of these loops are just under 5 miles 4.96
I new after just a mile I was not feeling good
today. I think it was the humidity more than
anything else. I'm not good in the heat give me
the cool temps any day when it comes to running.
Ran these with Mike and Stuart joined us on the
last one.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mountain Bay Trail

8 Miles 1:04:43 8:04 average per mile
129 HR average
6:00 pm) upper 70's
Ran with Brian and Dan. We ran the Mountain Bay Trail.
I have not run this trail since last year. Was nice
getting to catch up with Brian. Brian and I trained
together for Boston 2008.
Kept HR low tonight so I am happy about that. I needed
to have a easier run. Tomorrow I will take off and I have
thoughts of doing a 5k Saturday. Not sure as it is going
to be hot Saturday. I should just do my long run early.
I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reforestration Camp

12.5 Miles 1:34:37
5:45 pm) 70's sunny
Ran Yellow course with Mike 7.5 miles 54:50
7:19 average per mile 152 HR average
Ran Red course 5 miles solo 39:47 7:57 average
per mile 149 HR average.
This was a very hard workout. I ran hard last
night and was going to take it easy tonight but
Mike doesn't know how to run easy. I was spent
afterwards but still wanted to run the red
course since I had yet to run it. I slowed down but
the effort was still hard as this course is fairly
challenging. Got back to the parking lot and collapsed.
Good hard workout I love it. Tomorrow is for sure a
easy recovery run.

My diet is a work in progress. I'm starting to actually
eat better. For example I have always ate white bread.
I know it's very bad. I bought some whole grain wheat.
I had a pb&j sandwich today and it was actually good.
I'm also taking vitamin D3 as I have heard good things
about it. I have a long way to go before I can say I
eat healthy. It's a start though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Barkhausen Trail

9.5 Miles 1:05:24 6:53 average per mile
6:00 pm) 70's sunny
First Loop 33:56 7:08 average 146 HR average
Second Loop 31:29 6:38 average 160 HR average
First time I have run this trail. I liked it a lot.
It is similar to the trail I run at UWGB but is
flat no hills at all. Nice and shaded and the trail
is firm and fast. I ran the first loop with Scott
and solo on the second loop. I will definitely run
this one again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Somewhere in Wisconsin

16.75 Miles 2:04:36 7:26 average per mile
147 average HR
5:20 am) Yes that's am cloudy and humid
Very early run for me. Ran with my friend Scott and he
likes to start early and I agreed since I knew it was
going to get hot and humid today. He planned out the
course and we left his house at 5:00. He had his son
get up so he could drive us to the drop off the location.
Well the location was not much of a landmark. Pretty
much out in the middle of nowhere. Corn fields on your
left and on your right. We then headed back to his house.
We both had fuel belts on since there was no stores to
stop at along the way. Scott's son dropped of a few
bottles along the course and that was a lifesaver. When
I was done running I don't think I had a dry spot left on
my clothing. It was that humid. Afterwards we had some
watermelon that hit the spot.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jerabek Challenge

4 Miles 24:26 6:07 average per mile
9:00 am) Overcast and Humid!
9th Overall 1st in age group
Had a good race not sub 24 like I was shooting for but close
and it was very humid. This course is hilly very challenging.
Stuck around afterwards for the awards above is the medal I
got for placing in age group. This was the 4th annual running
of this race. I have done all 4 of them. The race is in Honor
of Ryan Jerabek. He paid the ultimate price in 2004 for our
freedom. His parents put on this event in his honor and all
that serve this great country of ours. I feel even more
grateful this year for all the troops do for our freedom as
my nephew has enlisted in the Marines and is currently in Boot
Camp in San Diego. I'm very proud of him and the decision that
he has made.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

West De Pere High School Track

4.25 Miles 28:58 6:49 average per mile
5:00 pm) 70's sunny
One mile warn up then 1 mile at 5:48 1/2 mile jog
1 mile at 5:39 3/4 mile jog home.
Wanted to work on some speed since I have a 4 mile
race Saturday and have not been on the track in
months. I have lost some speed for sure. I'm sure
if I did some track on a regular basis I could get
these down to 5:20 range. I don't think I will though
since I'm training for a ultra marathon and not 5k's.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles Total
2 Loops, 2nd loop 31:28 6:38 average per mile.
159 average HR on second loop
6:15 pm) 70's sunny
Fastest I have run this course this year. I felt
pretty good. I feel I'm getting stronger every week.
Ran first loop with friend from work. He did very
good. We ran it in 43:15. His best time so far.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 59:00 7:22 average per mile
148 HR average
6:00 pm) upper 70's sunny
Not a bad run. I tried not to push it and made this an
easier run. I kept my pace and HR consistent through
out. I wanted to push a bit harder but decided against
it as that would defeat the purpose of a easier run.
I plan on making Tuesdays my easy day and probably
Thursdays as well. I am going to be running more miles
than I ever have in the next couple of months so I
think I will see the importance of the easier runs.
Still in the process of trying to figure out my training
schedule for my 50 mile run in October. I think I might
have to do some morning workouts during the week so I can
get it all in. I want to run 5 times a week, lift weights
2 times a week and bike 1-2 a week.
I'm thinking something like this:
Monday: am) weights
Tuesday: am) bike -- pm) run
Wednesday: pm) run
Thursday: am) bike -- pm) run
Friday: am) weights
Saturday: am) run
Sunday: pm) run

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reforestration Camp

7 Miles 52:09 7:27 average per mile
2:30 pm)70's Partly Sunny
153 HR average
Have not run this trail in a couple years. I forgot
how hard it was. It definitely got my HR up a few
times. Ran it with my friend Scott. He lives close
to the trail. So he was my guide. We followed the
yellow trail. I guess it is one of the harder ones.
I think I should add this to my routine. Maybe do it
once a week. If I continue to run this course I think
it will help me improve quite a bit.
Good week of training 47 miles. Not bad for the week
after a marathon. Next week will probably be about the
same. After that I look to start building it up.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fox River Trail

12 Miles 1:30:25 7:32 average per mile
7:00 am) Rained at the start
145 HR average
Felt a bit tired and sore. I probably pushed a bit hard
on Thursday but it felt great to run fast. Ran with the
running club today. Next Saturday I'm doing a 4 mile
race that should be interesting. I have not done a shorter
race like that since last summer. I have done this race
the past 3 years so I wanted to keep the streak alive.
It's on a hilly course so not sure how fast I will be. I have
done zero speed work other than Thursdays run. I am
hoping to run 24:00 or under that's my goal but will
see. I plan on doing a couple mile repeats next week
just to get the feel for the faster pace.
So Monday I am starting my 12 week training plan for
my 50 mile trail run in October. I have done some
searching online for a program but have not found
anything I like. I guess I will just have to make up one
on my own. I think I will go with a 5 day schedule.
Something like this:
Monday- off
Tuesday- 6-8
Wednesday- 10-15
Friday- off
Saturday- Long- building up to 35 mile range at peak
Sunday-Long, not as long as Saturday. 10-20 mile range
So my rest days are before and after my hard weekends.
I think that should work.
Any suggestions? I'm new at this. I have done 1 50k but
no 50 milers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 52:11 6:31 average per mile
5:30 pm) upper 60's partly sunny
156 average HR
Did not plan on running this fast. I felt tired and sore before
the run. After one mile I was feeling great so I decided to
make this a tempo run. This is the best I have run since May.

Wednesday 10 Miles UWGB Trail
Not a great run felt tired and sore.

Monday, July 27, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:16:53 7:41 average per mile
5:30 pm) 70's cloudy
Okay run still sore. Feeling pretty good considering.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 45:32 7:35 average per mile
1:00 pm) 70's Cloudy

Felt pretty good. Not real sore from the marathon.
I feel a bit more sore tonight than earlier today.
Overall I feel much better than my last marathon.

No real plans for a while just want to get back in
shape and build my mileage up. I plan on signing
up for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile
run in October. I will need some serious training
for that. I have not gone more than 31 miles.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grand Island Trail Marathon, Munising, MI

26.2 Miles 3:24:21 15th Overall 2nd in age group
7:00 am) upper 50's Cloudy became Sunny.
Had a great visit to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
This was a fun marathon. You take the ferry out to the
Island and run the perimeter of the Island. The trail
was not terrible hard or technical but was challenging.
I felt good today I did not push it real hard just kind of
got into a grove and held it. This made it enjoyable
I felt great during the run and after. I was at mile 19
and I'm usually hurting at this point but today felt
as good as I did the whole day. I think I actually
ran faster the last 10k than most of earlier miles.
The trail was muddy in sections due to the rain we
got the day before. I was able to dodge all of the
puddles and my shoes remained dry. The day before
Mike and I did some sight seeing. Couple of pictures
above from that. The one is Miners Castle and the other
is Miners Falls these are located in Pictured Rocks National
Lake Shore.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles
6:15 pm) 70's sunny
2 Loops. Second loop 32:15.
No Garmin tonight. I went to put it on and it was dead.
So I just used my Timex watch. I felt really good on
the second loop and thought my time would have been
better than last week but ended up a bit slower.
I'm probably going to take the next two days off from
running and save my energy for the marathon.
I feel as ready as I can be with the limited time I had
to really train for this one. I'm not expecting to run
a fast time. I'm just glad to be running again. It didn't
look like I would be doing this marathon a few weeks
ago. I just hope to finish and not be injured. That's
my goal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fox River Trail

7 Miles 50:50 7:15 average per mile
5:30 pm) 70's cloudy
154 HR average
Weather looks like it will be cool for my marathon on Saturday.
Only 67 degrees for the high with chance of showers. This is
good since I have not really had any real warm temps to train

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Parents Property

4 Miles 32:40 8:10 per mile average
1:00 pm) 70's Sunny
Drove down to my parents last night. We had a get together
for family and friends. We had a huge bonfire and cooked
dinner over the fire. We shot off fireworks and did some
fishing. Some of the younger people stayed down by the river
and pitched tents. I stayed till about 10:30. I guess the party
went on till after 3:00. I went back to my parents and slept in
my old bedroom. I'm not into staying up so late. I guess I'm
getting old or something.
Got out for a run this afternoon. I just did a easy 4 miles.
It was all run on my parents property. They have over 100

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scray Hill

13.28 Miles 1:43:03 7:45 average per mile
7:00 am) cloudy cool upper 50's
147 HR average
Ran with the running club. Felt good just not used to
the pounding of running on roads. I much prefer
trails. Just a few more shorter runs until next Saturdays
marathon. I'm excited to do it. I hear the course is very
scenic. I will try and take some pictures and post them
on here next Sunday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 57:32 7:12 avg. per mile
6:30 pm) 60's cool
Okay run pace was good but didn't feel great. HR monitor
was acting up tonight so I don't know what it was. I think
I need a new battery. I have been using it since last May.
So it's probably time to replace it. Sure is cool here you
would never guess it was the middle of July. Tomorrow
is only suppose to be in the mid 60's for the high. I hope it's
cool like this next Saturday that would be good for the
marathon. I'm sure it will be warmer though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:24:12
6:45 pm) 70's Sunny Breezy
Ran first loop with co worker, 47:35 about a minute better than
last week. He seems to enjoy running on this trail. He said he
can't run on the treadmill because it's too boring. I have to agree.
Ran solo on the second loop. I really pushed hard on this one. I
think I ran about as hard as I can at this point in my fitness
level. I felt really good. My time was 31:55 (6:43 pace). This is
more than a minute faster than last week. HR was 159 average.
I saw 171 at the end when going up the final hill. Did half mile
cool down for 10 total.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 1:00:18 7:32 average per mile
5:45 pm) low 70's cloudy, sprinkle
149 HR average
Took a while to warm up. I ran the first 4 miles
at around 8:00 pace. HR was running in the low 140's
At the turn around I picked up the pace and ran low
7's and under back. It felt good to finally run at
a faster pace. I don't have the stamina yet to run
many miles at a faster pace. It will come.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 46:24 7:44 average per mile
7:15 pm) nice cool
151 HR average
This morning I went back to Oshkosh for the final
day of Lifest. Jeremy Camp was the artist today.
He sounded very good. He is very talented. We sat
out in the sun and I ended up very sun burnt. I
forgot to put sun screen on today. I'm paying the
price now. I look like a raccoon. I have white around
my eyes from my sunglasses and my face is bright red.
Not a good look for me.
For the week 55 miles. I am very pleased with that.
Just a couple weeks ago I was lucky to get in 20-25
miles a week. Tonight's run was hard. I felt the fatigue
from yesterdays long run. I think I need a day off
tomorrow. Maybe mow the lawn that will be enough.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


24 Miles 3:05:41 7:44 average per mile
8:15 am) Sunny 60's at the start
I got a little carried away today. Plan was 20 if I felt
good. After 10 miles I was not feeling too good. After that
though it started to feel better. I then decided I should
do as much as I could. I did 5 loops and that was plenty.
I felt it on the last loop but maintained my pace. I am
very happy with this run. I just hope I recover okay and
my pinched nerve or whatever it is doesn't retaliate.
Two weeks away from the marathon so time to back off and
run smart.
Here is the numbers:
Loop 1 37:18 HR 151
Loop 2 37:22 HR 155
Loop 3 36:15 HR 155
Loop 4 36:29 HR 157
Loop 5 36:30 HR 159
.25 mile 2:00
I was fairly consistent on all of these and HR was pretty
consistent it got a little high on the last loop but I was
getting very tired.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lifefest Photos

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 37:57
150 HR Average
6:15 pm) 70's Sunny
Not a great run. Still some pain. Hope Saturdays long
run goes better.
Last night I went to Lifefest and even though I went
by myself I had a good time. I saw three shows. First was
Mathew West then Kutless and finished it off with Skillet.
Skillet was definitely the highlight for me. They rocked
it pretty good. Blogs - Skillet MySpace Blog Blogs - Skillet MySpace Blog

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:25:30
5:30 pm) 70's Sunny Nice!
Did 2 Loops. I ran the first loop with a co worker. His
longest run before today was 3 miles. So 4.75 miles was
a challenge for him. He did very good. We ran most of
it but had to walk a few times. After he left I ran the
second loop solo. I felt good and pushed the pace. I
ran the second loop in 33:08 for a 6:58 per mile avg.
This is pretty good considering just yesterday I struggled
just to run a 8:00 mile avg. I did a half mile cool down
for total of 10. I have run the last 4 days in a row.
I need to take tomorrow off. Plus I'm busy tomorrow anyway.
I'm going to Oshkosh for Lifefest. It's a Christian Rock
Festival. I want to see a few of the artist tomorrow
evening and night. Plan is run 5 Thursday, 20 Saturday and
5 Sunday for a week total of 50.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:19:05 7:55 average per mile
152 HR average
6:00 pm) 70's Sunny
Felt better today.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 45:47
12:15 pm) 70's sunny
Not a good run. I could not work out the pinch I feel
in my lower back area. Usually is gets better as I run
but not today.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

UWGB Trail

14.25 Miles 1:54 3 Loops 4.75 miles each
10:15 am) Partly Sunny 70's
Loop 1 39:50 155 HR avg.
Loop 2 37:55 161 HR avg.
Loop 3 36:19 164 HR avg.
Well once again really sore for the most part of this run. It
didn't start to feel better till about the 12th mile. Good thing
I'm training for a marathon and not a 5k. I ran slower today than
my last run and my HR was higher. I think the reasons for that
is I didn't sleep well last night and my hydration was not very
good. I'm glad to get this run under my belt. I'm getting in
some longer runs now and maybe I can get in a 20 mile run next

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wrightstown Bike Ride

21.10 Miles 1:00:21 21.0 MPH average
6:00 pm) upper 60's cloudy
I pushed pretty hard on this ride. I had a 20.4 avg. at
the half way point. Decided to go for 21.0 average for
the ride. So I put the hammer down. I don't ride much but
this was my first ride with a average at 21. I don't
think I will push so hard on my next ride. I would like
to be around 19 or 20. I like biking but not nearly as much
as running. It serves it purpose for me though. I get a
great workout while letting the legs recover from running.
I don't see myself doing any real long rides this summer.
Maybe I will do up to 40 miles or so. No need to go further.
I'm not training for triathlons or anything like that. Maybe
a duathlon at some point. I think I will take off tomorrow
and try to run 12 on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UWGB Trail

9.5 Miles 1:12:32 7:38 average
6:00 pm) 60's cloudy
155 avg HR
Ran 2 loops. First loop was not so good. I felt very sore.
It was not fun. My time was 37:40. Second loop I picked
up the pace and the soreness actually went away. I was
lengthening my stride a bit and felt like it stretched
out the sore area. I feel really good as I am posting this.
I hope it last. My time for the second loop was 34:52,
almost 3 minutes faster. My HR is getting better. I ran
this course on Saturday with the same 155 avg. HR but my
pace was 8:00. So I ran 22 seconds a mile faster at the
same HR that's an improvement. Still a long way to go.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 38:29 7:42 average per mile
6:00 pm) 60's cloudy
151 HR average
Not so good after all. I had a good run Monday and felt
like I was on the mend. Tonight reminded me that I'm not
healed. The one good thing about this run is it felt
better after the third mile.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 56:56 7:07 average per mile
7:00 pm) nice but windy
161 average HR
Wow I actually felt pretty good tonight. This was the first
time I have really been able to push the pace without it
hurting. HR was high but I did not worry about it. It will
come down soon enough when I get back in shape.

Wrightstown Bike Ride

21 Miles 19.4 mph avg.
Sunny and WINDY!!
Very windy ride. I struggled with the wind going to Wrightstown.
I had a 17.6 avg. at the turn around. It was sure nice going

Saturday, June 27, 2009

UWGB Trail

7 Miles 56:00 8:00 average per mile
6:00 am) 60's sunny
Best run I have had since the injury. I sure hope this continues.
I ran with Mike today. It was sure nice to get to run with
someone again. I know he had to slow down to run with me and I
appreciated it. I hope I can soon start running a bit faster. My
HR today was 155 average. That is not good for me at this pace
but is a improvement over my last few runs.
On a different note I have some real good news. I sold my duplex!!!
It's not a done deal yet until it closes but looks good. I am
excited about my future. I plan on renting for 1 year. Get my
ducks in a row. Then move to COLORADO!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 50:00
6:00 pm) low 80's Sunny Nice!
Furthest I have run since May. I'm still not really getting
any better. I have moderate pain the entire run. It hurts
but does not seem to get worse as I go on. I stoped at 3 miles
for 5 minutes to stretch. When I started back up it was sore
and stiff but got better once I got moving. Not looking good
for my marathon one month away from today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gold's Gym

40 Minutes Elliptical 6.77 Miles
20 Weights
Felt good. I am going to run tomorrow after work. Hope
to get 5 or 6 miles in. It will be a warm one. Probably
upper 80's.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gold's Gym

5 Miles 37:42
First run on the treadmill in a long time. Felt okay.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


23 Miles 1:11:36 19.4 mph average
Perfect day for a bike ride. Sunny warm and no wind.
I felt good just not in great biking shape. I'm good
on the flats but have no power going up hills. Nice thing
about biking is I feel no pain at all in my injured area.
Also that seems better today. I hope to get a run in after
work tomorrow. Not sure if I will do trail or treadmill.
Will depend on the weather.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

UWGB Trail

5 Miles 40:40
161 average HR
9:10 am) 70's Sunny
Well this is progress. First 5 mile run since the marathon.
Still have the pinched nerve sensation when I run. I hope
I can keep running and eventually it will work it's way out.
I'm doing lots of stretching to hopefully help it along.
I still hope to recover in time to run the July 25th Trail
Marathon. Even if I have to run it very slow it would be
nice to do it. If I can keep improving like I have the last
2 weeks it seems possible.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gold's Gym

4 Miles
Did not feel as good as Monday. It feels like a pinched nerve
or something. It felt really good during the day and soon as
I started to run it became irritated.
30 Minutes elliptical 4.76 Miles felt good. Pushed hard.
30 Minutes weight lifting total body.
I feel better than last night but am sure it would flare up
as soon as I would try to run again. It might take a while
before I'm back to normal. I just have to be patient and take
it day by day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gold's Gym

30 Minutes elliptical 4.57 Miles
25 Minutes weight lifting total body
I felt good tonight. I'm on the mend.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fox River Trail

4 Miles 28:40
6:00 pm) sunny 70's
Feeling better. Was still sore while running. Was able to
run faster than the last couple times. My HR was very high
160's. Hope I can keep improving. One week ago I did 2 miles.
It was much slower and I was more sore. So tonight was a step
in the right direction.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fox River Trail

3 Miles
Better than Monday when I tried to run. Still very sore though.
I have another treatment tomorrow so hope that helps.
I wore my HR monitor and it was very high considering how slow
I was running. I guess I'm out of shape now. I'm sure once I
get back at it I will get my fitness back quickly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gold's Gym

45 Minutes Stationary Bike 14.5 Miles
15 Minutes Weight Lifting
I feel better than yesterday. I actually feel pretty
good after this workout. Hope these keeps up.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fox River Trail

2 Miles
Well the results are not good. I was sore in the same area
I have been having problems. It was not as bad as a couple
weeks ago when I tried to run. After I finished it got
even more sore and stiff. I feel the pain even when I walk.
I'm going to call the Dr. tomorrow and discuss this with him.
I have one more appointment set up for Friday. I'm getting
pretty down at this point. I need to run I'm getting depressed
without it. Running is my drug of choice and I need it bad.
Plus this cold wet weather is not helping my mood.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gold's Gym

30 Minutes stationary bike 10 miles
15 Minutes elliptical 2 miles
15 Minutes weight lifting
1:00 pm)
Good workout. I am going to try a run tomorrow. It will be
3 weeks tomorrow since the injury. Hope it goes ok. I'm
actually nervous about it. I'm afraid I'm still not recovered
all the way. If I feel pain I'm going to stop immediately.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Went to the physical therapist again today. He worked with
me for about 20 minutes. Felt a bit better afterwards.
I seem to be getting better. I am looking at maybe Sunday
or Monday to go for a run so I can see how it really is.
I think I will do some elliptical and biking tomorrow and
Saturday. It will be 3 weeks Sunday since I last run. This
is by far the longest I have gone with out running since
I started in 2004.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I ended up getting in today for my treatment on my back. They
had some cancellations. I was glad to get in. The PT guy worked
on me for about 45 minutes. Lots of twisting, pulling and pushing.
I'm pretty sore know. Too early to say if it helped. They have me
scheduled for two more treatments. This Thursday and next
Friday. Hopefully this will resolve my problem.
He also showed me some stretches he wants me to do.
Piriformis stretch, prone press-up, pelvic clock and hamstring
stretch. He said my flexibility was not all that good. So I will
work on it. He was optimistic that I will be running again soon.
Hopefully after Thursdays visit will have a better idea of when.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctors Visit

Finally went to see the doctor today. My diagnosis is lower
back injury. I need to see a chiropractor to get some adjustments.
The doctor said probably one or two visits and I should be fine.
I have a appointment for Friday afternoon. That was the soonest
I could get in. I wish I could do it today. I want to get better
as soon as possible. I hope to still run the Grand Island Trail
Marathon on July 25. It's a ways off yet so if I get this fixed
I should be fine. I might not be as fit as I would have been but
at this point I'm just going to be happy to be running again.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wrightstown Bike Ride

28 Miles 1:30 18 mph avg.
9:00 am) sunny 50's
Rode with the Ryan group. Was around 25 of us.
First time in two years I have rode my road bike.
I had to wipe of the dust and pump up the tires. I
did pretty well considering I am not in biking shape.
I kept up with the group the whole ride. The seat
got a little uncomfortable towards the end. I will
have to get used to that again.
My injury felt fine. Biking does not seem to aggravate
it. My quads will probably be sore tomorrow. It was fun
to get in some exercise and talk with friends. I will
do this again.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gold's Gym

30 Minutes Stationary Bike 9.5 Miles
15 Minutes Weight Lifting
10:00 am)
Well I'm not getting any worse but not any better either.
I called doctors office today. Need to know what is going
on so I can fix this. Secretary said the doctor is pretty
booked up next week but will call me Monday and let me
know when the soonest I can get in.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gold's Gym

25 Minutes Stationary Bike
15 Minutes Treadmill ran slowly for some of it.
20 Minutes Weights
3:00 pm)
Feeling better. I actually ran a little very slow though.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gold's Gym

25 Minutes Stationary Bike
20 Minutes Elliptical
15 Minutes Treadmill 15% Incline walking 3.5 mph
6:00 pm)
Well at least I got some kind of a workout in.
This was a good little workout. I got a good sweat
going. I still have pain in the buttock region but
seems a little better today. I have been doing a lot
of stretching the past few days. I am trying to stretch
the Piriformis muscle and Sciatic nerve. I think this is
my problem. I have seriously been considering making a
doctors appointment but I might wait a couple more days
and see what happens. I'm hoping the stretching I'm doing
will make it better. I don't plan on running until I'm
certain it's much better. What I did today was very low
impact unlike running and does not seem to aggrevate
the injury too much. I iced afterwards and it feels
pretty good. So as long as I can do something to keep my
fitness up I'm happy.