Sunday, November 30, 2008

2000+ miles

I added up my miles for November and I am over 2000 now for
the year. I know it's not as many as a lot of you run but for me
it's a lot. I have increased mileage every year since I started
in 2004. This was a goal of mine this year to do over 2000.
Next year I would like to do over 3000.
Here is my yearly mileage:
2004 - 783
2005 - 1147
2006 - 1374
2007 - 1538
2008 - 2024 and counting

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 54:35 6:49 average
157 HR average
8:45 am) low 20's sunny
Okay run. HR seemed to be running a little high.
Maybe it's from all the turkey I ate. I don't
think so I actually did not gain any weight.
I'm taking off tomorrow and doing a few more
short runs before taking off Thursday and Friday.
I would run Thursday but I will be in the van all
day. Only 1 week to go. I will be glad to get this
one done. I'm a bit nervous about it. I don't think my
training has been all that good for it. But on race day
I always seem to perform well so I hope that continues.
My goal is still 2:49 but I would be happy with anything
under 3:00. Plan is to run first half at 1:24-1:25 and
try to hold on for the second half. I just checked the
forcast it shows a low of 36 and a high of 57. That's
good if that holds up.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fox River Trail on Turkey Day

7 Miles 44:52 6:24 average
10:15 am) upper 20's sunny
158 HR average

Good run this morning slept in a bit. Sure is nice to be off
for a few days. I'm heading down to my parents for Thanksgiving.
Can't wait to eat some turkey. A week from today I leave for
Memphis. We are driving down. I'm glad gas prices have dropped.

Well if this blogging wasn't enough for me now I'm on Facebook
as well. It seems like a easy way to stay in touch with friends.
So far I have 7 friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


5.43 Miles 37:41 6:57 average
5:30 pm) mid 30's
Roads were slippery from the snow we got last night.
I slipped a few times on some black ice but no falls.
Wore my new headlamp tonight. It's made by a company
called Princeton. It has 3 led lights and has 4 settings.
It worked very good.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 32:40 6:31 average
12:30 pm) Upper 30's cloudy
159 HR average
This ended up being a progression run.
Mile 1 6:47
Mile 2 6:44
Mile 3 6:34
Mile 4 6:24
Mile 5 6:08
Ran in new shoes today. Brooks ST3 Racers. I plan on
using these for the marathon.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fox River Trail

13 Miles 1:31:24 7:02 average
149 HR average
7:00 am) COLD!!! Around 10 degrees at start
Ran first 8 with Scott.
Last 5 solo. The last mile I pushed it for a little speed work.
It was cold today. My face was freezing the first couple miles.
My hands also were cold the entire run. Today was opening day
for the deer hunting season (gun). I wore my blaze orange to be
on the safe side. I did not see any hunters or deer though.
Two weeks till Memphis.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Treadmill Gold's Gym

7 Miles 54:00
6:00 pm
Glad to run inside tonight. It is very cold and windy outside
today. My gym has two different treadmills tried out the other
one tonight. I liked it better it felt more stable. Also it has
a tv screen and a fan.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Treadmill Gold's Gym

5 Miles 42:00
5:30 pm
First workout at new gym. It went good. I was not used to
running inside though and got very warm. I will have to adjust
myself to that. Afterwards I walked around some to check it out.
Lots of weight equipment. I will have to get on a program at some
point. My plan is to wait till after Memphis marathon before I
start anything new. They also have spin classes a couple of times
a week I plan on doing those as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008


5.43 Miles 39:06 7:12 average
cold 20's windy
Good run tonight did not push the pace like last Monday.
I feel good. My cold is much better.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scray Hill

20 Miles 2:20:52 7:03 average
157 HR average
7:45 am) mid 30's cloudy & breezy
This was not a fun run. I just didn't feel good today.
I ran the first 14 at around 7:00-7:10 pace. I tried to pick
it up for the last 6 miles but I couldn't. The last 2 miles
I was bonking. Mile 20 was my slowest of the run at 7:30 and
that was a struggle. I think the reason for my sub par run
is several factors.
1. Not at 100% still getting over cold.
2. Have not been getting in as many workouts the last 2 weeks
so I have lost some fitness.
3. Did not drink enough. I had maybe 20oz. of Powerade for 20
miles. That's not near what I should of had.
I'm glad I got this 20 miler in now I can cut back on my long
runs the next 2 weekends. Only 21 days till Memphis.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joined Health Club

After work I went and took a tour at Gold's Gym. They
have a nice facility. They have treadmills that's all
that really matters. I do plan on doing some weights
but not a lot. They also have some classes that I might
do. The one I will do for sure is a class that focuses
on core. Yes I did join. It's a 2 year contract but I
can get out of it at anytime and pay no termination fee.
The price is good, $19.95 first 3 months then it goes to
$29.99 for the remainder. I did not run tonight I am
just going to rest up save it for Saturday's long run.
Sunday I plan on working out at the gym for the first time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fort Howard

5 Miles 35:00 7:00 average
148 HR average
5:30 pm) mid 40's nice, mist

I still have a cold but I needed to run tonight.
I wanted to run more but don't want to run myself
down anymore than I already am. The goal is still
to get my long run in on Saturday. My plan is to
do 20 miles. I want to run the first 14 at around
7:00-7:15 pace and run the last 6 at 6:30 pace.
Of course will see if I am still not feeling great
I might have to adjust this plan.

Tomorrow I am going to take a tour of Gold's Gym.
I want to join a gym so I can run inside when the
weather is bad outside. If I don't join the Gold's
Gym I will rejoin with Snap Fitness. I was going to
join a week ago or so but the weather was still nice
so I put it off.

Monday, November 10, 2008

In Competition

5.42 Miles 35:14 6:30 average
160 HR average
5:30 pm) upper 20's
Have not run this course since March or so. I will start
doing this run every Monday for the next few months. I like
it for a few reasons 1. It's hilly. 2. Lots of street lights.
3. I get to warm up and stretch inside the sporting good store.
Felt okay tonight but still have a cold and not at full power.

Luke Dog if you are reading this HI!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scray Hill

15 Miles 1:41:41 6:47 average
158 HR average
8:15 am) mid 30's **SNOW**
Got out of bed this morning and looked out the window and
sure enough it was snowing. First snow of the season. It was
sticking to the grass but the roads were fine. I intended on
running around 7:00-7:15 pace but my legs felt good today
and I pushed a bit. Legs felt great but my HR and breathing
was not so good. I think part of it was I started out too fast
and was over dressed and sweated a lot. Not to mention this
course I ran today was challenging.
Hi Julie, Alicia and Stacy if you are reading this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

West De Pere

6 Miles 41:30 6:55 average
144 HR average
Upper 50's NICE
Another nice night for running. Did not feel very good
though. I feel like I might be coming down with another
cold. My throat is sore and nose is runny.
Got new shoes today so I broke them in tonight, felt good.
My other pair is getting up in mileage 330 so I will have to
retire them soon probably around 400 or so.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

West De Pere

8 Miles 54:12 6:46 average
152 HR average
5:15 pm) mid 60's
After work I did my civic duty and voted. I was worried I
would have to wait in long lines but to my surprise none at all.
So I was in an out in no time and I had to change my address.
Tonight was PRT !!! (Perfect Running Temperature)
I was actually kind of hot. Hard to believe it's November.
Reality check is coming later this week when it cools
off big time. Felt good tonight pushed the pace the last 3

Monday, November 3, 2008

East De Pere

12 Miles 1:25:46 7:09 average
147 HR average
5:10 pm) Mid 50's
Great weather tonight for this time of year only bad thing
is it gets dark so early. I ran in the dark and did not
have my head lamp. I tried to run on streets that had
street lights. I did 12 miles instead of 6-8 since it was
so nice out. Tomorrow is going to be warm so I will
get a run in not as far as tonight though. I'm going to
vote after work tomorrow then run.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

UWGB Trail

9.50 Miles 1:11:43 7:34 average
7:00 am) cold at the start 30's warmed up though.
Ran with 3 of my friends all of us did a ultra last weekend.
One of them did a 50 Mile run and finished 3rd overall.
He had won it the last 2 years. The other 2 guys did the
50k with me last weekend. We called this are fun run
celebrating our successful races. We even had a beer
afterwards. We probably wont be running together again
for a while now that the season is winding down. Of course
for me it's not over yet I still have one more race yet.

I will start doing my long runs on the roads to get my body
ready for the pounding. It's different on the joints than trail
running. So I have to prepare for that. It wont be too bad I
think I will only do 3 longs runs the next 3 weeks then maybe
a 2 week taper. Hopefully the weather will stay somewhat nice
till then.

***Forgot to mention I saw Julie, Alicia, Asher, Steve and Mike
out on the trail today. They were running very strong especially
Julie she is one fast girl. She is much faster than me!!!***