Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pikes Peak Greenway El Pomar South

Sunday 4/26/15
18 miles 2:06:44 7:02 average per mile
8:45 pm) cloudy and chilly
Steady state long run. My slowest mile was 1 fastest was 18.
Felt good but couldn't really put the hammer down. Just
kind of got in a pace and held it.

40.3 miles for the week.


Saturday 4/25/15
6 miles Palmer Park 56:54


Thursday 4/23/15
5 miles Santa Fe Trail 37:20

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monument Valley Park 2x2 mile repeats

7.25 miles
4:25 pm) cloudy, drizzle 50's
2.15 mile warm up
2 miles in 12:23 6:12 mile average
3:30 rest
2 miles in 11:53 5:56 mile average
1.10 mile cool down.

Happy with this workout. Better than I expected.
Did the first one a bit easier to see how I felt.
On the second one I pushed it very hard.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Albuquerque Half Marathon

Albuquerque Half Marathon
13.1 miles 1:20:28 6:10 average per mile
5th Overall
8:00 am) mid 40's cloudy
I did this race last year and finished in 1:18:26 and 2nd place.
I didn't suspect I would run faster this year. My training has
been off. I have run less mileage, been sick more and had
a injury. I'm hopeful I have turned a corner and training will
get better. I don't really have much time to improve my fitness.
I have 4 weeks till my next race Green Bay Marathon.

5 miles
Hiked La Luz trail with Bethany. This was very fun. Trail
is 9 miles up to the top. It's single track with around 19
switch backs to the top.


4.10 miles
Easy run Ute Valley Park.
Still sore from Half Marathon.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CC Track mile repeats

5.5 miles
4:45 pm) 60's sunny & breezy
1.25 mile warm up
3 X 1 mile repeats with around 2:00-2:15 rest between.
My goal was to run the first one pretty slow just to warm up
and test out the calf. I got a bit carried away and ran a 5:50.
I was thinking I would run my first one in the 6:10-6:20 range.
The second one was a bit slower 5:52. The third and final one
was about the same effort other than me pushing a little bit
harder on the 4th lap 5:46. Felt pretty spent afterwards.
I only did 3 since Im racing a half marathon Saturday.
1.25 cool down


5.25 miles Ute Valley Park.
Nice easy trail run around 8:00 average


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Santa Fe Trail

8 miles
Ran easy for the first 4 miles then picked up the pace over the
last 4 miles. Fastest mile was mile 8 with a 6:37. Calf is
improving. Hoping to do a workout Wednesday.

33 miles for the week.
Mileage was low due to the calf. Was happy to run 6 days.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Intemann Trail

7 miles 1:05:32 9:22 average per mile
Elevation gain 1515
10:20 am) sunny 50's
Parked at Crystal Park Road ran west to Iron Mountain Springs and back.
This was my first time running on the new sections of this trail that was
finished last summer. Had fun on this trail nice single track.
Calf felt pretty good today. Soreness was minimal.


Santa Fe Trail
6 miles 41:47 6:57 average per mile
Cloudy cold.
Okay run calf got sore during this run.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ute Valley Park

5 miles 38:59 7:48 average per mile
Ute Valley Park
4:50 pm) sunny and breezy
Calf felt better today.


Ute Valley Park
4 miles 35:01 8:45 average per mile


Ute Valley Park
3 miles 26:02 8:41 average per mile

Santa Fe Trail
4 miles
Ran with Bethany.
Calf was pretty sore.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

3/31 - 4/4

4 miles 29:55 7:29 average per mile
My calf is very sore. I think it's a soleus strain.
I had to cut my speed workout short on Wednesday due to this.
I took off Thursday and Friday.


Breezy and warm
2 mile repeats with 3 minute rest
6:19, 6:05
6:05, 6:14
6:03, shut it down before finishing due to right calf.
6.18 miles total.

Blodgett open space
5 miles
Lots of elevation gain and loss on this trail run.