Sunday, November 28, 2010

Incline Group Run New Season

12.57 Miles 1:58:20 9:25 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's - 40's Sunny!
I have been looking forward to this group starting up for
the last 3 months. The plan was go 2 hours. I went 1:05 out
before turning around and coming back the same way. I figured
I would run a bit faster coming back and I was right. Made it
back in 53:20. I think the course was much harder going out
so that's a big reason for the faster time coming back.
I was not real happy with how I ran. I really struggled on
some of the hills reducing me to hiking. It's early in the
season so no big deal. I now have something to gauge my
level of fitness. I have not really done any hilly long runs
so hopefully doing them once a week will pay off.
Today's route was up Ruxton Ave. to Ute Pass Trail to Longs
road over to Waldo Canyon and after 1.5 miles on Waldo Canyon
turned around and headed back.
44 Miles on the week. Lowest weekly mileage in a while. However
maybe my best week of running in months.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 Miles 1:05:50 6:35 average per mile
11:15 am) 40's Sunny! Very Nice!
Felt good and decided to push the pace. I was going to run easy
but as usual I didn't. Happy with this run. I'm starting to run
faster at altitude. This would have been a good paced run for
me in Wisconsin. So I wonder if my fitness is better than before
I moved to Colorado. I would think I could run at least 15 seconds
per mile faster at sea level.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

4.5 Miles 51:14
12:30 pm)40's Sunny! Nice!
26:01 for Incline. Best time! My best was 26:30. I was shocked to
beat my best by 30 seconds and I raced yesterday and worked the
last 2 nights. This has been a good week for me. Best time at
Waldo Canyon, best 5k in Colorado and best time for the incline.

Incline 32:41 First time 8/13/2010
Incline 26:01 Best time 11/26/2010

Waldo Canyon First time 1:08:15 8/11/2010
Waldo Canyon Best time 57:47 11/22/10

Thursday, November 25, 2010

YMCA Turkey Trok 5k

2.85 Miles 17:18 6:04 average per mile (18:48 for 5k)
30th overall & 5th in age (35-39)
9:00 am) Teens Sunny & Cold
Yes that distance is correct course was short. Very frustrating
when you pay to run a 5k and they can't get the distance right.
I ran okay and better than my first 5k here a month ago or so
when I ran 20:11. Still can't seem to run fast here. I'm getting
stronger at longer runs but these short ones are hard! I know
what I need to do to get faster but have not committed to it yet
that would be track work 400's & 800's. I like trail running too
much to spend a lot of time at the track. When it gets closer to
my next goal race May 2011 I will be doing track on a regular

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bear Creek Park

7 Miles 1:01:36 8:48 average per mile
2:00 pm) mid 40's Sunny!
Only my second or third time running these trails. Some nice
single track just not enough miles of it for my liking. I tried
not to push the pace today. I'm feeling a bit tired from working
the last 2 nights stocking groceries. I've been off "work" for 4
months not counting my part time ebay sales. I like working at
night other than my sleeping schedule is off. The best thing is
I can still run during the day and not in the dark.


Waldo Canyon

Monday 11/22/2010
7 Miles 57:47 BEST TIME!
12:45 pm) 30's cold
Previous best was 58:50 from 11/10/2010.
I felt great! I knew I had a good shot at beating my best time.
I didn't expect to knock a minute off my best time from 12 days
earlier. Very happy to see I'm progressing. When I first moved
to Colorado and did this loop it was MUCH harder! I ran 1:08:15
on August 11. So in a little over 4 months I have improved 10:30!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Home to Pikes Peak Greenway & Back

14 Miles 1:39:00 7:04 average per mile
12:45 pm) 40's windy
Same run as yesterday but went north on trail. Felt okay for
the first 7 then turned around and headed back and had a head
wind. I figured I would run slower. It was strange I actually
ran faster coming back. The trail is slightly downhill coming
back so that probably offset the wind.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Home to Pikes Peak Greenway & Back

13 Miles 1:33:00 7:09 average per mile
2:10 pm) 60 degrees!
Another awesome day here. Much colder next week so enjoying it
while it last.
I'm doing a turkey trot Thursday and it's going to be COLD.
It's only a 5k so it wont be too bad.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Garden of the Gods

9.75 Miles 1:09:10 7:06 average per mile
3:45 pm) WARM upper 60's
Wanted to run sooner but had training today at my new part
time job. Didn't get out till 3:15. It was so nice out I
hated to be inside. I was able to get my run in before dark.
Very warm but was a bit windy.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail - Colorado Running Company

4.75 Miles
10:50 am) 30's Sunny
26:48 Incline tied for my second best time.
Was a little snow on the incline and Barr trail.

3.81 Miles
6:00 pm) 30's
Ran very easy tonight and short. I ran with a triathlete.
She is getting serious about training for Ironman. She has
done one of them and almost qualified for Kona.
Big warm up coming. I look to put in as many miles as
possible the next 4 days.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 58:50 8:24 average per mile
1:15 pm) upper 30's Sunny!
New best time on this trail. Previous best was 59:05 from
almost 2 months ago. I have not run here much since. I did not
expect to have a good time. I started out feeling tired on the
hills. I walked more than usual on the steep sections. I guess
I'm getting faster at the flat sections and on the downs. My
footwork feels much better on the technical sections than when
I first started running here. Always nice to have an unexpected
good run. I have felt off the last 3 days so I needed a good

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Red Rock Canyon Open Spaces

7.25 Miles 1:06:55 9:13 average per mile
11:30 am) 30's sunny & chilly
Felt pretty good just not great. These trails are pretty
hard. I was not taking it easy and my pace is over 9:00 per
mile average.
Okay week 62.50 miles. Was looking to do more but had to
listen to my body the last 3 days.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

13 Miles 1:30:53 6:59 average per mile
10:15 am) mid 30's Sunny!
Took off yesterday because I felt I needed it. Thought today would
be a great run with the rest. I started out okay then started to
feel good from miles 3-7. After mile 7 it just fell apart. I had
less energy and was working harder and running slower. Was
planning on 16 miles but ended at 13. I didn't want to suffer
anymore. Not like I need the long runs right now anyways. My
next marathon is not till May.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

4.75 Miles
10:00 am) Cold low 30's!
27:17 for the Incline. Not my best but not bad. First time doing it
in the cold. I was probably overdressed though. Little bit of snow
on the incline especially towards the top. Ran down Barr trail it
also had a little bit of snow. I guess winter is here!


Garden of the Gods
9.5 Miles 1:06:30 7:00 average per mile
3:15 pm) 30 degrees cold! & windy!
This was a cold and hard run. Especially the miles I ran into
the wind.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Colorado Running Company

6 Miles 47:37
6:00 pm) 40 degrees cold
Okay run didn't push the pace tonight which was good.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

15 Miles 1:47:12 7:09 average per mile
10:00 am) 50's Sunny! Nice!
Glad to get this run in before the cold moves in later today.
Decided to go further than I normally would have since it
was nice out. Legs still feel tired. They actually felt better
after 10 miles. I went north today on the trail because of a
light wind out of the north. I figured it would be a tail wind
coming back. Well didn't work out the wind turned and I ended
up with the head wind coming back. It wasn't that windy so
no big deal. Just made me work a little harder.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 2:10
10:15 am) 50-60's Sunny!
Hiked with Lori. Glad I wasn't running. My legs are tired!
Nice day to hike. Might be the last one for a while.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falcon Trail AFA

14 Miles 2:00:34 8:34 average per mile
2:30 pm) sunny warm 60's
Ran with Rich at the Air Force Academy. First time running there.
Very nice place to run. Trails were nice all single track.
Challenging trail with a good amount of hills. Got up to 7427 ft.
Low point was 6643 ft. We both were kind of tired on this run so
we didn't push too hard.
73 Miles on the week. Most I have done in Colorado!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

8.25 Miles 1:29:19
2:15 pm) Sunny 70's Warm!
Unbelievably nice today! Is it really November? Will be much
colder next week so I'm enjoying it while I can. Did the
incline today and had a new best time 26:30 versus 26:48. I'm
pretty happy with that. Went on up the Barr trail to 9500 ft
before heading back down. Lots of people out on the trail
today. I can't blame them.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Colorado College Track

7.25 Miles total
12:00 pm) sunny mid 60's
4 x 400's
1:19, 1:22, 1:19, 1:18
I have not done but one track workout so should not
be surprised how bad I was today. Plus I have been pushing
the miles a bit this week. After the 400's I ran 4.25 miles
and my legs could feel the fatigue. I need to stick with the
track as much as I'm not liking it. It will get better!
Little depressing though in high school I ran these in 55
seconds and I was not what I would call a dedicated runner.
Where has my speed gone? Will it come back?


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mesa Valley Trails & Manitou

4.75 Miles 38:48 8:10 average per mile
11:00 am) low 40's sunny
Wore my new New Balance trail shoes MT 101. I love them. I have
the 100's and they didn't change much same feel.


8.25 Miles 57:12 6:56 average per mile
5:00 pm) upper 40's
Ran it harder than I wanted to. I would like to run these at
8:00 pace. I start out fast and then just keep going with it.
I have been running too hard this week. I'm only trying to
build my mileage up not run fast. Not working out to good yet.
Saturday and Sunday need to be easy! Tomorrow going to try
a few 400's. Don't want to over do it.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Colorado Running Company

12.23 Miles 7:29 average per mile
5:00 pm) 50's
Ran 5 miles before the group run. Ran with Brooks, James and
Christoff not sure on spelling. We all agreed we would take
it easy tonight. Well that was true for the first half of the
run. We ran sub 7's the last 3 miles. Need a easy day tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 Miles 1:07:33 6:45 average per mile
2:15 pm) mid 60's Sunny! Windy!

Went North on the trail to fight the head wind so I would
have a tail wind on the way back. My goal was 10 miles no
plan on what pace I would run. I noticed my pace was getting
faster every mile so that became the goal to keep running
faster each mile. First 5 had a pretty good head wind.
I still managed to keep each mile faster. Mile 5 was 6:52.
When I turned around it felt easier mile 6-6:26 mile-7 6:23
mile-8 6:18 mile 9-6:34 hill mile 10-6:19.

I'm happy with this run it's probably the fastest 10 miler
I have done since moving here. Plus I ran pretty hard last
night so probably could have done better if fresh.

I think I need to do more longer runs and more runs that
are basically flat like this one. This is how I will get
in marathon shape for flat courses at or near sea level.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Trinity Brewing Company

8.16 Miles 59:34 7:18 average per mile
6:00 pm) low 50's
Ran from Trinity to Garden of the Gods and back. Small
turnout again. I was the only one doing the 8 mile run.
I ran the first 2 miles with a few runners. Pace was
slow so picked up the pace as soon as I was on my own.
I ended up running pretty hard. It was getting dark and
I was by myself so I had motivation to push. I got
startled by a huge mule deer he had a very large rack.
Thinking I might not run with this group anymore. The
group gets smaller every week and it's getting dark so
early. I can run earlier in the day when it's light