Sunday, November 28, 2010

Incline Group Run New Season

12.57 Miles 1:58:20 9:25 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's - 40's Sunny!
I have been looking forward to this group starting up for
the last 3 months. The plan was go 2 hours. I went 1:05 out
before turning around and coming back the same way. I figured
I would run a bit faster coming back and I was right. Made it
back in 53:20. I think the course was much harder going out
so that's a big reason for the faster time coming back.
I was not real happy with how I ran. I really struggled on
some of the hills reducing me to hiking. It's early in the
season so no big deal. I now have something to gauge my
level of fitness. I have not really done any hilly long runs
so hopefully doing them once a week will pay off.
Today's route was up Ruxton Ave. to Ute Pass Trail to Longs
road over to Waldo Canyon and after 1.5 miles on Waldo Canyon
turned around and headed back.
44 Miles on the week. Lowest weekly mileage in a while. However
maybe my best week of running in months.

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