Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waldo Canyon

Monday 11/22/2010
7 Miles 57:47 BEST TIME!
12:45 pm) 30's cold
Previous best was 58:50 from 11/10/2010.
I felt great! I knew I had a good shot at beating my best time.
I didn't expect to knock a minute off my best time from 12 days
earlier. Very happy to see I'm progressing. When I first moved
to Colorado and did this loop it was MUCH harder! I ran 1:08:15
on August 11. So in a little over 4 months I have improved 10:30!


GZ said...

Gettin' fit!

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! Yes it coming around. Taking longer than I would like but I knew it would take time. Still have a long way to go if I want to give you a challenge at Pikes Peak marathon.

GZ said...

9 months to that. Given it is in your backyard, I am expecting it.