Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barr Trail Bottomless Pit

17 miles
9:15 am) mid 70's and felt very humid
The humidity got to me on this run. I was sweating way more than
usual. It kind of drained my energy. I had to walk more than I
would like to have. My splits were slower than normal but not
35 to top of the W's
52 to No Name
1:09 to 7.8 sign
1:28 to Barr Camp
1:41 to Bottomless Pit.
I took it very easy on the down. It was hot and just didn't have
the desire to push it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway & Rock Island Trail

15 miles 1:47:58 7:12 average per mile
9:45 pm) mid to upper 80's
Very tired after working all night but wanted to get 15 miles in.
Run was not going well early on should have turned around
sooner. I did an out and back so once I hit 7.5 miles I was
committed to doing 15. I got to 7.5 miles and realized I was
pretty much spent. Not a good feeling to have at the half way
point. Also at this point the heat was becoming a major factor
and I didn't have enough fluids. I pushed on cause I had to get
back somehow. With 3 miles to go I could feel my body shutting
down. It was a battle to finish this run. Sometimes I think I'm
mentally too tough and don't listen to my body. Today will be a
rest day!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

6 miles total
3 miles up 44:26 14:48 average per mile
13:46, 14:39, 15:59
40's sunny & breezy
Good run today a little bit faster than on Tuesday.
Had fun at the Elk Park Bbq afterwards. More time at altitude!
Hopefully this counts for something as my running is not where
I want it to be at this point.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Humboldt Peak

13.3 miles
5:30 am) sunny cool
Drove down Wednesday night and set up camp. We slept in a tent
this time instead of the car. Tent was hard to set up as we had
problems with the poles and the excess string from the poles that
we had to stuff back down the poles. It was also getting dark and
started to rain. As we finished setting it up it poured. When we
 got up at 4:30 am the stars were out. Started our hike at 5:30 am.
I didn't feel great on this hike. I actually bonked a couple time on
the way to the summit. I felt fine on the descent. Time on feet was
probably close to 7 hours. Long day but awesome.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

6 miles total
10:30 am) 
cool 50's
3 down 32:32 10:46 average per mile
3 up 46:45 15:33 average per mile
Felt pretty good today. As good as you can feel I guess at 14,000 + ft.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway & Rock Island Trail

15 miles 1:42:25 6:50 average per mile
10:15 am) mid 80's HOT!
First time running on the Rock Island Trail. I ran this trail from
the west going east then turned around at mile 7.5 and back
to monument valley park. Trail was relatively flat slight up
hill on the way out.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

High Drive & Bear Creek Canyon

8.25 miles total 4 miles up 47:25 11:49 average per mile
10:30 am) mid 80's sunny hot
Thought I was running Captain Jacks trail but I think I'm not.
I make a left off of Bear Creek Canyon shortly after getting
on trail. I then cross a stream. Any ideas? Trail is very steep
and after 2 miles becomes very rocky. Possibly Sesame Canyon?
Saw several guys on motorcycles.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

4.5 miles total
1 miles Incline 26:41
10:00 am) 80's HOT
Not a fast time but a little faster than last weeks 26:58. I want to
work on getting my times down again on the incline. Might do
this 1-2 a week to do that.
Ran up to No Name Creek then back down. It was very hot by
the time I got back to the cog railway.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

6 miles 53:34 8:55 average per mile
8:15 am) sunny & warm
Legs felt pretty good but tired. Pace was slow but mostly to
the the route I took. First 3 miles were all over 9:30's.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mt. Elbert

9.5 miles round trip
5:15 am) cool start sunny skies
14.433 Mt. Elbert highest peak in Colorado
 Parked at the trail head last night just over 10,000 ft. Got up early
and hit the trail before sun up. Great trail but pretty steep.
We hiked the entire up and ran some of the down. Colorado trail
was very nice single track to run on. The views from the summit
were breath taking!
Training is going well getting in some vert and some longer runs.
Next 3 races include the Pikes Peak Ascent, ADT marathon
and Wisconsin Dells marathon. August, September and October.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

14 miles 1:34:39 6:45 average per mile
9:45 am) upper 70's Sunny!
Did an out and back 7 miles north on trail then 7 back. I ran exactly
7:00 pace out and 6:30 pace on the back.
I felt pretty good considering I worked till 8:50 am. Felt much better
than I did 24 hours beforehand.


3 miles
Hiked Barr Trail with B. We just took it easy and enjoyed the

Mesa Rd, Flying W Ranch Rd, Centennial Dr, 30th S, Mesa Rd

13.25 miles 1:32:15 6:58 average per mile
9:00 am) 70's - 80's
Good run even though I was tired from the start. Ran on
Centennial for the first time. Nice road to run on with
wide bike lanes. Temp was in the 80's near the end of
the run but felt comfortable the entire run. I think I'm
getting acclimated to the heat.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Barr Trail No Name Creek

8.6 miles 1:35
9:00 am) sunny and warm
Bad bad run!!! I planned on running to the summit today. I got
off work at 8:00 and got dressed and started run within an
hour. Problem was I had no energy. I thought maybe I would
feel better after a mile or two no such luck. I usually can
run/jog up Barr trail not the case today I had to pretty
much hike from the get go. I changed my plans to try to
make it to Barr Camp. Well I got to No Name Creek and
decided I had enough. Disappointed with this run but I had
to listen to my body.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mesa Rd - Flying W Ranch Rd

12 miles 1:23:47 6:59 average per mile
8:25 am) upper 70's sunny!
Kind of tired before starting this run but needed to get this run in.
I ended up running up Flying W Ranch road. This is the area
where 346 homes burned down in the Waldo Canyon fire.
I have seen pictures before but this really was an eye opener
to see it in person.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Manitou Incline

4.85 miles
1 mile Incline 27:58
10:30 am) upper 70's sunny
First time on Incline in months. My time was pretty slow but not
bad I guess. Went on to No Name Creek before heading back
down Barr Trail.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

7 miles 1:02:48 8:58 average per mile
8:30 am) cool perfect weather
I felt pretty tired on this run especially getting going. I went to
Elitch Gardens amusement park yesterday and spent the entire
day in the sun and standing on my feet after working the night
shift. I ended up being up for 26 hours before getting some
sleep last night.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Captain Jack's

7 miles 1:01:00
9:20 am) 60's cloudy and humid
First time running Captain Jack's trails. I really enjoyed them. The
out was uphill and the back was downhill. I started out on High
Drive ran this for a mile before getting on the trail. The 2 miles
I ran on Captain Jack's was very difficult. My pace was pretty
slow mile 2 was 11:12 and mile 3 was 13:06. Got back to car at
mile 6 and added on 1 mile on the roads. Considering I raced
yesterday felt pretty good. Next race will be the Pikes Peak
Ascent. Time to start training!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Roundup 12k Trail Run

50:47 7.5 miles
13th Overall 2nd Master
Great day for a race cooler temps and overcast. Only negative
was it was humid. I had never done this race before so didn't
really know what kind of time I could run. I did a few training
runs on this course so I had a feel for it. It's a challenging course
for sure. It's a out and back course with the out being hilly and
the back screaming fast. The course record was smashed today.
Actually the top 4 runners all beat the course record from just
last year. Ryan Hafer ran an amazing time of 41:46 beating course
record by 3 minutes!!!  I'm very happy with my race. First time
in a few months I feel I ran well.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

7 miles 45:29 6:30 average per mile
8:45 am) 70's sunny, breezy
Pushed it today to work on some turnover. Felt pretty good not
great. Racing Sunday morning not sure what to expect. My
training has not really been all that great.


Quandary Peak

6.75 miles just under 4 hours
5:35 am) cool and sunny
Started at 11,000 ft. from the trail head. We stayed over night to
get more time at altitude. We had the parking lot to ourselves to
our surprise. By morning though several cars had pulled in. The
hike was fairly challenging but not terrible hard. It was pretty rocky
last couple miles. Saw my first 2 mountain goats. That was exciting
to see. We saw them on the way up and by the time we came down
they were nowhere to be seen. Good thing we started early. 
This was my 4th 14er and 3rd in last 2 weeks. I'm enjoying these
very much and look to get several more in this summer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bear Creek Park East

Monday July 2, 2012
5 miles 34:48 6:57 average per mile
9:50 am) mid 80's Hot!
Good run considering I hiked a 14er the day before and came off a
hard shift at work.
Tuesday July 3, 2012
Took the day off. Needed to rest my body. Not getting much sleep.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mount Bierstadt

7 miles
10:00 am) sunny and cool
B and I left at 7:20 am. I had to work till 7:00 am so this was as
earlyas we could get started. This was a very nice mountain to
climb and relatively easy for a 14er. I felt great lots of energy
and no effects from the altitude. Trail was very busy as it was a
weekend. The views were amazing! We did the up and down in
under 3 hours counting stops. You start out around 11,000 ft so
you get high altitude training from the start. This was good since
Barr trail is currently closed and we needed to still get a workout
in. Fun day and worth the drive.