Monday, July 9, 2012

Captain Jack's

7 miles 1:01:00
9:20 am) 60's cloudy and humid
First time running Captain Jack's trails. I really enjoyed them. The
out was uphill and the back was downhill. I started out on High
Drive ran this for a mile before getting on the trail. The 2 miles
I ran on Captain Jack's was very difficult. My pace was pretty
slow mile 2 was 11:12 and mile 3 was 13:06. Got back to car at
mile 6 and added on 1 mile on the roads. Considering I raced
yesterday felt pretty good. Next race will be the Pikes Peak
Ascent. Time to start training!

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HappyTrails said...

You can also do a good loop by parking on Gold Camp at the ATV parking area. Run up GC through the tunnels, past High Drive lot to Buckhorn, up Buckhorn, cross High Drive, and run Captain Jacks back to GC road. Nice loop and sweet trails over there.