Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Numbers

I was going to run tonight but could not get in the fitness
center. I don't have a key card and the staff was gone for
the day. So I'm done for the year.

I ended with 2163 miles my most in a single year. I was kind
of surprised I had more than last year with my injury this
year that set me back 4-5 weeks. Looking for a big year for
2010. I would like to get close to the 3000 range.

Here is my race results from 2009.

Feb 7 15k 56:37 6th overall
March 28 Half Marathon 1:19:22 4th overall
April 18 Half Marathon 1:19:47 11th overall
May 17 Marathon 2:56:49 43rd overall
July 25 Marathon Trail 3:24:21 15th overall
August 8 4 Miler 24:26 9th overall
August 30 10k Trail 37:37 2nd overall (course was short)
October 24 50 Mile Trail 7:08:39 6th overall
November 7 10 Mile Trail 1:08:00 7th overall
November 26 5 Mile 29:33 10th overall
November 29 15k 55:39 6th overall

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Packerland Loop

11 Miles 1:15:51 6:53 average per mile
152 HR average
5:45 pm) mid 20's light snow
Roads were slick tonight. It slowed me down some but I still
put in a solid effort.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anytime Fitness

5 Miles 37:33 7:30 average per mile
5:15 pm)
Ran on the treadmill tonight. I have a 7 day pass to
try this gym out. I really like it. I'm pretty sure
I will be joining. I'm no longer a member at Gold's Gym.
The treadmill felt solid and has a tv.


Sunday, December 27, 2009


11 Miles 1:13:35 6:41 average per mile
2:45 pm) mid 20's

Felt really good today. Nice weather and the roads were
in good shape.

50 Miles for the week. Okay week not what I was shooting
for. Was thinking more like 60. I only had 4 runs this
week due to injuries, holiday and weather. Next 3 weeks
will be up in the air. No real goals as far as mileage
goes. I just want to get healthy and get in some quality


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd. & Broadway

20 Miles 2:17:45 6:53 average per mile
10:00 am) 20's light snow
Well I got my long run in. It wasn't easy though. I felt
flat today. I'm sure eating lots yesterday didn't help any.
It took most of the run to start to feel descent. I was able
to pick up the pace miles 15-19 like I hoped. I ran these in
the 6:30's range. I would have run the last mile the same but
my body gave in. My right hammy started to bother me and I
was out of gas. I only drank 15 oz. of Gatorade and had a few
sport beans that's all. So no surprise that I hit the wall. I
finished the last mile with what I had left it was still 7:00
mile but felt very hard.
So I basically am done with my long runs now it's time to try
and heal up some. I feel like I'm falling apart somewhat.
Training for a January marathon is much more difficult than
training for a fall marathon. Next year no January marathon!
The last few weeks I have not been getting in the miles like
I had planned. It's either been the weather or my aches and
pains. Not sure how much if any this will affect my marathon.
All I can do is just go out and give it 100%. If it's a PR
that would be awesome if not it is what it is.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grant St.

7 Miles 51:39 7:23 average per mile
10:00 am) low 30's
We had some snow and ice last night so the roads were not
the best. My hamstring acted up again today so cut this
run short. Not sure if I will get my long run in this
weekend. The weather is not going to be great and my
hammy might have a say in the matter.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

East De Pere

12 Miles 1:26:32 7:13 average per mile
6:00 pm) 20's
Ran first 6 by myself and then I saw some of the running
club members out for a run so I ran 3 miles with them
then back home. Okay run felt pretty good a bit sluggish


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd.

12 Miles 1:17:32 6:28 average per mile
12:00 pm) teens cloudy

Wow must be the shoes. I wore my new Brooks Adrenaline 10
shoes today. I felt great! My hamstring was perfect and
knee was good as well. I think it was a bit sore but not
bad at all.

I planned on doing 12 miles but had no plan on running
it this hard. After two miles I was feeling good so decided
to make this a harder effort.I think I pushed a bit too hard
but it felt good.

This was yet another down week for me mileage wise. I hope
to get more in next week before I start my taper. It all
depends on my body. I hope it can hold up a little bit longer.
The taper will be good.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downtown Green Bay

11 Miles 1:21:28 7:24 average per mile
6:05 am) upper 20's chilly
Only 11 miles today. My hamstring felt good.
My right knee was acting up though. Plan is
to do my last long run next Saturday. I would
like to do 22 miles and run the last 6 miles
at goal marathon pace 6:30.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


8 Miles 54:55 6:52 average per mile
5:45 pm) upper 20's
Nice weather tonight compared to the last few days.
My hamstring felt better tonight. Still sore but
felt better towards the end of the run. My last 3
miles I actually picked it up quite a bit. It felt
good to run fast again.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gold's Gym

5 Miles 36:45 7:21 average per mile
5:00 pm)
I took off yesterday in hopes my hamstring would be
better. Well it's still bothering me. I'm able to
run but I feel it. It's not sharp pain more of a
soreness or tightness. I think it's just strained.
I have been using ice and pain relieving cream Icy Hot.
Hope this is not going to be a major problem. I have
never had a serious hamstring problem so not sure what
kind of a time frame for this to heal. I will be tapering
soon for the marathon so that is probably a good thing at
this point. I still would like to get in 1-2 long runs
yet. If I don't I'm sure my fitness level is going to drop.
I already feel like I peaked to early for this one. I feel
I'm on the decline fitness wise. It might just be in my
mind though not sure.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd.

20 Miles 2:18:31 6:55 average per mile
1:00 pm) 30 degrees cloudy

Roads were better today. The temperature warmed up and
melted some of it. Run was going well until mile 12.
My left hamstring started acting up on me. I think
this was the effects of yesterday running on snow
for the first time and doing lots of slipping. I slowed
my pace slightly and tried to keep going. This worked
well until mile 17 when it really started tightening
up on me. I stopped briefly to stretch but did not help
so got back to running. Mile 17 to 18 was slow. Then it
felt better by 19. Last mile was okay with still some
soreness. Glad I made it home okay. I will rest it
tomorrow and hope it will be good to go.

38.5 Miles on the week on only 3 days of running. Okay
week considering. At least I got my long run in.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Packerland Loop

11.54 Miles 1:21:10 7:02 average per mile
3:00 pm) mid 20's
Late run as my plans got changed. I was going to run
20 miles at 6:30 am. Last night I noticed my furnace
was not running right. So had a service man come out
and check it. This was at 12:15 am. He checked it
over and said it would cost a lot to fix. So after
some discussion my landlord decided we should just
replace it with a new one. I didn't get to bed till
after 2:00 am. The appointment was for this morning
so I would have to cancel my run. They came this
morning and replaced it. They finished around 2:00 pm.
I decided to do a shorter run. I will try to get my
long run tomorrow.
The roads were awful snow covered and slushy. I had
not run in the snow in months so I forgot how hard
it was. I had to work hard to run at the pace I did.
I also got lost on this run. I was planning on my
usual route but part of the route was not plowed so
I went on some back streets. I lost my bearings and
was running in circles. I finally found a familiar
landmark and got back on course.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gold's Gym

7 Miles 49:00 7:00 average per mile
5:30 pm)
Very cold and slippery outside so opted for the mill.
Felt a bit fatigued for the first couple miles then
it started to feel good. I worked 9 1/2 hours today
and went straight to the gym. So I think that's why
I felt so tired at first. I was starting to really
pick it up at mile 6 and at mile 7 the treadmill
just stopped without warning. I guess it had a problem
with the fuse. I talked to the staff and they said they
have had problems with that treadmill. I was lucky not
to get hurt. I was at 9.5 when it happened. Plan was
to do 8 but didn't feel like getting on another one
so just called it a night.

This was my first run this week and taking a few days
off actually seems to have been good for me. My aches
and pains feel better. Hope to get a long run in on
Saturday. I need some miles this week. Too early to
start tapering. Not too far away though.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Running Again!!!

Well I haven't run in 3 days. Monday was a scheduled day off.
Yesterday it snowed so took off. Today I shoveled the drive
ways for 1 1/2 hours and was too tired to go run. The roads
are so bad I don't think I could have run anyways. Maybe
tomorrow I will run. If I do it will be treadmill. The temp.
is dropping big time and it's windy.

The weather is just awful. I couldn't drive to work today
so I had a co worker pick me up. He has 4 wheel drive so he
had no problem. My driveway had snow drifts of 2-3 feet.
Plus my street was unploughed. I should be okay tomorrow
morning the street is plowed and I shoveled out. My neighbor
actually did most of it for me but his snow blower broke down
so had to hand shovel the rest. It was the section down by the
street where the snow plow came by and blocked it in. Very
heavy snow. It was a good work out for sure. Got the heart
rate way up.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles 1:09:05 6:54 average per mile
2:20 pm) 30 degrees Sunny Nice!
Loop 1 4.75 miles 33:31 7:02 average
Loop 2 4.75 miles 32:02 6:44 average
1/2 mile cool down 3:32

Felt much better today. The second loop felt really good.
My last 3/4 mile was at 5:55 pace. My knee felt good and
hammy was a bit sore but better.

Probably my last run at UWGB. Snow is on it's way. I will
be forced to running the roads. This is okay though as I
am training for a road marathon. It's been a great year
of trail running for me. Can't wait till next year! Plan
is to run 2 or 3 ultra trail marathons. For sure is the
Ice Age 50 miler in May and North Face 50 Miler in October.
Thinking either Pikes Peak marathon or Leadville marathon
as far as marathons go. For road marathon would like to
do Chicago. Only problem is it's timing is close to the
North Face 50 miler. Plenty of time to figure it all out.

53 Miles on the week. Not a bad week. Had a couple good
workouts and one sub par workout. Mileage was about what
I wanted. Could have been 57 miles but cut short my long run.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fox River Trail

16 Miles 1:54:28 7:09 average per mile
148 HR average
3:30 pm) upper 20's cold

Had to work today so I ran after work. This turned
out to be a hard run. I felt very slow. I ran 7:30's
the first 4 miles before I started to feel a little
better. It didn't last long though. I got to mile
12 and my knee felt a bit funny so decided not to
go 20 like I planned. Not only that my hamstring
was cramping up as well. I guess I was tired going
into this run and didn't realize how much so.

Looks like winter is here to stay. The forecast has
snow in it. Looks like running on nice dry roads is
coming to an end. It makes it tough to train for a
marathon when you got to deal with the cold and
slippery roads. I just hope I can get my long runs
in for a few more weeks! Then it's taper time.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gold's Gym

7 Miles 48:28 6:55 average per mile
6:30 pm
Ran the mill tonight. I would run 5 minutes at
8.3 then I would up it to 9.0 for 5 minutes.
This worked out good. At the end ran some at
10 plus just to work on some quick turnover.
My knee is bothering me some hope it's nothing
major. I hope to run long tomorrow or Saturday.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Night Running Club Group Run

5 Miles 37:00 7:24 average per mile
First Wednesday night running club run. About 10 of us
showed up. We had these runs a couple years ago but had
small turnouts. I hope this time around it catches on.

I did not plan on running hard or far tonight so this
worked out good for me.

My long run planned for Saturday is probably going to be
run Friday night. I have to work on Saturday. Or I will
run it Saturday night not sure yet.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Broadway & Packerland Loop

15 Miles 1:39:23 6:37 average per mile
156 HR average
5:40 pm) upper 30's nice!

Didn't know what to expect tonight. The race on
Sunday took a lot out of me. I had thoughts of
running last night but decided to take the night
off. I think it was the right decision. So tonight
I was feeling better but legs still had some soreness.
I had no goals for this run just go by feel. Well
it felt better than expected so I decided not to hold
back and just roll with it.
This run supports my belief that I can run sub 2:50
in January. I need to run 6:30 pace or better. Well
if I can run 6:37 pace for 15 miles I think it's very
obtainable. Houston is a flat course and my run tonight
was not flat it has some hills. I'm thinking 2:48 is
probably a good goal at this point. Of course it all
depends on if I can keep injury free.