Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fox River Trail

16 Miles 1:54:28 7:09 average per mile
148 HR average
3:30 pm) upper 20's cold

Had to work today so I ran after work. This turned
out to be a hard run. I felt very slow. I ran 7:30's
the first 4 miles before I started to feel a little
better. It didn't last long though. I got to mile
12 and my knee felt a bit funny so decided not to
go 20 like I planned. Not only that my hamstring
was cramping up as well. I guess I was tired going
into this run and didn't realize how much so.

Looks like winter is here to stay. The forecast has
snow in it. Looks like running on nice dry roads is
coming to an end. It makes it tough to train for a
marathon when you got to deal with the cold and
slippery roads. I just hope I can get my long runs
in for a few more weeks! Then it's taper time.


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