Monday, December 31, 2012

End of year mileage

Jan. 171.13
Feb. 121.43
March 140.14
April 167.72
May 175.0
June 143.74
July 203.5
Aug. 156.78
Sept 233.32
Oct. 216.43
Nov. 178.54
Dec. 199.58

Total 2107

Looking forward to 2013. I would like to hit closer to
2,500 miles for the year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


7 miles 50:00
8:30 am)
Skipped the Incline run today. Running in shorts sounded
more appealing to me. The run was okay. I was mentally
having a hard time getting into it. After 1.85 miles
changed it up a bit and found one of the preset programs.
I picked a 4.97 mile route. The elevation would change
between -3% up to 4%. Pretty flat course. I didn't like
it when it would go more than 1% decline because it would
only allow me to run at 8.5 mph.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 miles 1:13:03 7:18 average per mile
11:45 am) 30's sunny
Goal today was just to get some miles in and not push
the pace. My goal was 7:15 or slower so I did
good. My groin area is sore. I kind of hurt it the other
day doing some speed work. Not smart on my part. Trying
to up the pace too fast too soon. Race on Tuesday is
looking doubtful.
Weight was up today. Need to eat better today.

1300th Post Today!


Friday, December 28, 2012


3 miles 24:33 8:11 average per mile
2:30 pm
Needed an easy day. I did run with a 5% incline just to
change it up a bit. Did DDP yoga energy as well.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Palmer Park

6 miles 41:14 6:52 average per mile
12:20 pm) 20's cold
Felt yesterdays effort today legs were tired.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


6 miles 42:00
9:00 am
3 X 1 mile 9.5, 10.0, 10.2
Rest in between and 1/4 mile jog
2 X 400 12.0
Very hard workout. Started the mile repeats slower this
week and was able to increase the pace. Last week went
too fast on first one and had to slow down on the second
one. The 400's were hard especially the last one. I
almost bailed on it halfway through. Leg turnover is
not really there yet.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


5 miles 36:15
11:30 am
Merry Christmas!!!
Did 6 X 20 second strides at 12.0 mph 1% incline.
Felt pretty good today. Didn't eat too much last night
so that was good. Weight was up half a pound to 145.
Got a couple inches of snow last night so a nice
white Christmas here. Picture is from our backyard.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 miles 1:06:36 6:39 average per mile
12:00 pm) 30's
Never felt great on this run. I think I was still feeling
yesterdays effort.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Garden of the Gods

8 miles 52:48 6:36 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's sunny
Little bit slower than last time I did this run. Felt good
for the most part. Weekly miles still pretty low at this point
will look to gradually build. 10 weeks out to Little Rock!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Wood Avenue Tempo

7.85 miles
5.5 miles tempo 33:33 6:06 average per mile
12:00 pm) 40's
Struggled with this run. First couple miles I was slow.
Finally got some turnover last 3 miles. Sleep was not
great the night before maybe why I had a bad start to
this run. I practically gave up after 2 miles. I'm glad
I didn't and finished up with a decent overall average.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Palmer Park

6.2 miles 41:30 6:42 average per mile
11:00 am) upper 30's sunny
Okay run felt a bit fatigued though.
Weight was 145 today went up half a pound. Not surprised
though since it dropped 1.5 pounds the day before.

PM) DDP Yoga Energy 22 minutes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


5 miles 7:30 average
Today was easy running with 4 X 30 second strides.
I would do 1 mile then do the 30 second stride.
I did the first 2 strides at 11.0. The third stride
I went 11.5 and on the last one did 12.0.
Wore HR monitor today. Max HR was 160.
My glutes are a bit sore from yesterdays run. Need
to strengthen that area. I am just getting into some
yoga type stuff with my girlfriend. I will try to
do it 1-2 times a week. Will see if I can stick with
it. I'm not great at sticking with other kinds of
physical activities other than running.
Weight was down to 144.5 this morning. This was a
shocker considering I ate a large dinner last night.
I suspect weight might actually go up a bit tomorrow

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

16 miles 1:49:07 6:49 average per mile
10:10 am) low 40's sunny!
First long run in preparation for Little Rock. I was happy
with it.
Been watching my diet as of late. I have been eating more
healthy. Weight is not dropping much but should as I get to
running more miles. I was 146 this morning. Goal for Little
Rock is 140-142.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Treadmill Mile Repeats

6 miles 42:18 7:03 average per mile
10:00 am)
Did 3 X 1 mile repeats 1% Incline
Mile 1 6:03 average per mile 10.0
Mile 2 6.22 average per mile 9.5
Mile 3 6:14 average per mile 9.7
I would rest between these then do 1/4 mile easy.
1 mile warm up 1.5 mile cool down
Hard workout. Established a baseline today for mile
repeats on the treadmill. Have not done these in ages
so good to see where I'm at. I went too hard on the
first one and had to lower the speed so I could complete
the second one. Felt better on the last one. As time
goes on I will do more of these and hope to do them
faster. I will also do some 400's for faster turnover.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Garden of the Gods

8 miles 52:16 6:32 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's sunny
Solid run today. Turnover is coming along.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Tempo

7.65 miles
6 mile tempo 6:19 average per mile
12:30 pm) low 40's
First tempo run in some time and I felt it.
Started out good but after 1 mile I was slowing
and by mile 6 was out of gas. Still a good
workout as I established a baseline. Now time to
work on improving.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Palmer Park Roads

5 miles 33:08 6:37 average per mile
12:00 pm) mid 40's sunny
Today was a good run but pushed a little bit harder
than I planned on. Tomorrow is a tempo run so hope
I didn't go too hard today.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garden of the Gods

8 miles 54:41 6:50 average per mile
12:00 pm) 50's sunny!
Elevation gain 846
Back to hitting the roads again. I have focused on trail
running past few months. It's time to start training
on the pavement again to prepare for Little Rock Marathon
March 3, 2013. Today was 8 miles in the Garden and I could
feel the effects of the pounding on my body. I was happy
with the run as my goal was 6:50 average and I hit it on
the nose. Not sure what I'm going to do about trail
running I might still do some but in order to do well at
a road marathon I need to focus on road running. Also
I need speed work whether it be tempo, treadmill, or
track work. I think in order to run a fast marathon one
needs the speed and it will translate to the marathon.
The faster I can run at the short stuff it will make
marathon pace feel easier and my stride length will be
longer and more efficient. I look forward to the next
11 weeks of training. I will be shooting for a PR!!!
I have a time goal in mind but it's not concrete.
I'm thinking if all goes well and I stay healthy a
2:39 goal is realistic.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


3.61 miles 25:00 6:56 average per mile
7:00 am)
Early run today. Had jury duty so got it in early.
Jury duty is done so that makes me happy.
Been called 2 times in my life and both times have
been selected to serve on a trial. Guess I'm just
Time to start training again. I feel recovered from
the race now. Less than 12 weeks till Little Rock
Marathon. Time to get some speed back!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Barr Trail - No Name Creek

8.75 miles 1:42:00
Teens snow flurries. 2-3" of new snow
Elevation gain 2513
Slow run up Barr today. I didn't have good grip and
my shoes kept slipping. I fell once on the up and
scraped up my leg. I also fell on the down as well.
Legs felt tired today. I hope to fully recover soon.


Saturday, December 8, 2012


3 miles 20:12 6:44 average per mile
2:00 pm
Late start today. Last night I went to a couple birthday
parties and stayed out late and drank way more than I'm
used to. The run was hard today and not much fun.
Tomorrow will hit some trails with the IC group. Not
sure how far I will make it. The weather may be a factor
if the trails get some snow tonight early tomorrow.

Friday, December 7, 2012


3 miles 21:27 7:09 average per mile
1% Incline
11:30 am

First time running on the new treadmill. Bethany and I
bought it for each other for our Christmas present.
We got the Nordic Track 1750. It's commercial
grade and goes to 12 mph and 15% incline. It even has
a tv screen and Wi-Fi.
I have never owned a treadmill so pretty excited to
finally own one. I plan on using this for speed work
and shorter runs. I still like to get outside for the
longer runs as I get bored on the mill on the longer
runs. I have used treadmills in the past and have
to say they make me a better runner for sure.
They keep you honest when doing intervals or tempos.
Today I found it hard to run at a constant speed.
I'm used to trail running where my pace is always
fluctuating. I will be training for a road marathon
in March (Little Rock). So I need to get used again to
the fast pace and keeping it at constant speed.
I'm 12 weeks out from this marathon so I need to
start the training soon. I have a great base at this
point so I'm not starting from scratch. I will just need
to work on the turnover.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Barr Trail

5.83 miles 1:00 10:18 average per mile
11:00 am) 40's cool
Elevation gain 2112
Still recovering from the race. Tried to push it a bit
today. IT band was sore at the start of the run. Felt
pretty good once I got going. The down felt pretty
good today. I wore new Montrail shoes today and they
felt good on the down. Looks like my old pair is shot
the cushioning is all compressed.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

4 miles easy
10:20 am) sunny & warm upper 50's
Elevation gain 889
First run since Saturday. My IT band has been so sore
since the race that I haven't even tried to exercise.
Yesterday I noticed improvement but was under the
weather so did nothing.
Finally today I woke up and IT band felt better and so
did I. So off to Red Rock Canyon I went. Ran this
very easy with Bethany. She was not wanting to push
pace either since she had not run in a week.
Felt good just to get out and move around after sitting
so much last few days. Enjoyed the nice warm temps.
Looks like the warm weather might be going away for a
while. Maybe winter is finally on the way.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

North Face 50 Mile Championship San Francisco, CA.

46.7 miles or so 7:00:05
33rd Overall out of 391
Course was cut short and rerouted due to the heavy
amounts of rain. We ended up running 2 23 mile loops.
The mud and rain were epic. We started at 5:00 am
in the dark. The rain came down hard and it pretty
much rained the entire time I was running. Course
was bad first loop and only got worse as we ran it
a second time as all the other 50 mile runners and
50k runners passed through for their first loop.
In sections you could barely even walk on the steep
ups due to the mud and no grip. Physically I had
some cramps that would come and go and around mile
32 my IT band became very sore. My IT band is still
very sore today. I hobbled around at the airport.
Overall happy with my race of course I would liked
to have placed better. Was a great experience even
though all the rain and mud was not pleasant.
Enjoyed visiting the area and seeing some of the
sights. It's a beautiful part of the country and
can only imagine how pretty those trails would be
with some sunshine and no fog.
Bethany was my crew and she was a trooper. She had
to stand around in the pouring rain and stand in
puddles for hours. I am very much appreciative for
all that she did for me. She's AWESOME!!!
Alex Nichols had a great race 5th overall and Justin
Ricks also did very well 18th overall. I'd say we
represented the area pretty darn good.
Going to take it easy for a couple of weeks. My next
race will be a local 10k on New Year's Day.
So I end the year with 4 marathons 1 50k and a 50
miler plus a bunch of shorter races. Not a bad year
at all. Look forward to 2013!

Bethany wrote a crew report. Hope you enjoy her take
on things...
Thursday we left for California with a lot of running
and rain gear. Good thing we had stuff that covered
both categories. My brother had been sending me emails
along the lines of “they are forecasting a ‘river of
rain.’ This could be epic.” He wasn’t kidding. Over
8 inches of rain fell on the north bay area from
Wednesday until Saturday morning. On Thursday evening,
after enjoying an, if not soggy, lovely walk around
the Mission district, we discovered that the race had
been rerouted. No more Dipsea stairs. Everything north
of Muir Beach was being cut out as the forecast for
the state forest land was even worse than the Headlands
forecast. The race organizers hustled to get the
reroute/course marking finished plus get out new course
guides for the racers/pacers/crew. One local runner
took a look at the new course and said ‘Oh, those steps
down to Pirates Cove are gonna be murder.’
Saturday morning, the alarm woke us at 2:40. Off to the
start line in the rain. The traffic direction was to
park in a mud pit. I told Brad that I was dropping him
at the shuttle and then I left for Tennessee Valley.
The new reroute made TV a ‘hub’ aid station as the
runners had to pass through 4 times before heading to
the finish. I was the first crew in the lot at 4:45. Another
car pulled in next to me and I looked over to find Denise
Ricks. Our Colorado support was gathering. The two of us
plotted methods for staying dry and how to get out of the
area as the spectator/aid station/crew traffic became
insane. The rain and wind got even crazier as we waited
for the runners to arrive. A car blocked me in. Oh boy,
I thought, I’d better go talk to them to see if I’m going
to be able to get out. It was still dark and I had no clue
who I was talking to. She was short with me as she unpacked
her things in the rain and their crew got ready. I would find
out later that I had exchanged terse words with Anna F. and
team Salamon as they had gotten their crew station ready.
Out of the dark we heard “Runners!” Bobbing down the trail,
we could see the headlights coming. We prepared, as we
stood in a gush of water coming down the hillside, the
wind pelting us with heavy rain. First runner through
was flying… almost 10 minutes faster than last years’ time
at that aid station. Hot on his tail was Sage Canaday.
It was a joy just to watch the fastest ultrarunners compete
so fiercely and watch the carnage that the conditions would
wreak. Out of the dark we heard someone yelling “ALEX!” and
knew that Maddy Schmid was just across from us, crewing
Alex Nichols. Once Alex had flown through commenting
“Those guys are nuts!,” we got Maddy and Alex’s dad to come
over and join the contingent. Justin was next through for
our little team and he moved on. Brad was close on his heels
and we took a breath to wait for the next time. The 3 of
them stayed in that order but spreading out time wise for
the remainder of the race. The rain and wind continued for
the balance of the race. While I stood by myself (Denise
and Maddy had left for the finish line), Sage Canaday came
walking into the aid station, looking as bad as any runner
I’ve ever seen. He was shivering and covered from head to
toe with mud. I knew his day was over with only 5 miles left.
Rickey Gates came back to the Team Salamon crew station
as he had dropped after the first lap. It was a tough day out
there for anyone. But typical of Brad, everytime he came
through for help, he was focused on what he needed to do,
obvious that he was hurting. But at mile 41, it just didn’t
matter anymore. Out he went to the finish and I knew it was
in the bag. In the end, I watched him cross the finish line
at 7:00:05 in 35th overall place. Alex placed 5th and when
we asked him how it was out there , he said “It was World
War 3 out there!” Justin was 17th and seemed to feel good
the entire day. Pretty proud of our hometown boys. It was fun
despite the weather. I guess we lucked out as they cancelled
all of Sunday’s races. Will we be back for another round
of North Face adventure? Maybe. Just maybe.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Garden of the Gods Trails

3.71 miles 31:04 8:23 average per mile
11:00 am) upper 40's sunny
Elevation gain 619
Last run before leaving tomorrow morning to San Francisco.
Probably wont run again till Saturday morning at 5:00 am.
I'm nervous about the forecast. Shows rain every day and
lots of it. Course could be extremely muddy. I hope
I'm a good mudder. I guess I will find out. Living in
Manitou Springs, CO. I don't get to run in mud ever.
When I lived in Wisconsin I did get to run in mud
occasionally hope I still have some of those skills.
Might be a long long day.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

High Drive Hill Repeats

4.3 miles 32:02 7:27 average per mile
10:40 am) 30's cloudy
Elevation gain 914
1 mile up
1 mile down
half mile up
half mile down
half mile up
half mile down

Another short run. Enough to get a good workout in
and burn some calories.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Mountain

3.50 miles 39:36 11:20 average per mile
6:15 pm) cold 30 degrees
Elevation gain 1224
Ran the up pretty good. Took it easy on the down.
Was careful not to fall in the dark this close
to the race. Forecast is for lots of rain this
week and on race day. I suspect it will be
a muddy 50 miles.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Incline Club Run

7.57 miles 1:05:20 8:38 average per mile
8:00 am) 40's Sunny! Nice!
Elevation gain 1815
First Incline Club run of the new season.
I ran with the group up to Longs Ranch Road
before turning back. I'm in taper mode so
didn't want to do the entire 11 mile run.
They continued up Longs to Barr Trail and
back down Barr trail. I felt weak on the
climbs today and could not stick with the
lead group. I felt good on the way back
as it's not nearly as hilly.
6 Days till North Face!!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Crystal Park Road & Intemann

3.25 miles 32:27 9:59 average per mile
3:00 pm) upper 40's
Elevation gain 522
Short run with stair repeats on Intemann Trail.
Tried to eat reasonable yesterday and looks
like I still gained 2 pounds. I only had 2
pieces of pie my weakness. Tough time of
year to be watching weight.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

6.31 miles 56:45 9:00 average per mile
10:15 am) 50's cloudy
Elevation gain 1250

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Glad to get a few miles in before I eat way too much.
I have to watch my calories as I'm in taper mode and
not running as much.
We leave 1 week from today. Getting pretty excited
for this race. The race is next Saturday.
I will look to take next week very easy with a couple
shorter but intense workouts just to keep the fitness.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Intemann & Section 16

9 miles 1:19:03 8:47 average per mile
9:10 am) 60's Sunny!
Elevation gain 2097
Great day on the trails. The weather is just beautiful.
I felt good today and my climbing was decent.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Crystal Park Rd, Intemann & Red Mountain

7.19 miles 1:10:05 9:45 average per mile
Elevation gain 1428
6:00 pm)40's
Ran from house to Memorial Park to meet the 6:15
group. We ran to the top of Red Mountain and back
to the park. I then ran the 1.75 miles home.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

5 miles 34:00 6:48 average per mile
4:10 pm) 50's sunny!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crystal Park Rd & Intemann

3 miles 31:14 10:24 average per mile
Elevation gain 524
10:50 am) 60's Sunny! Very Nice!
Felt good today. Did some stair repeats on Intemann.
72 miles on the week. Didn't do as many miles for
the week as planned but overall very happy with the


Friday, November 16, 2012

Heizer Trail

5.20 miles
10:10 am) 40's
Elevation gain 2177
Nice hike with B on some new trail. This trail
was very steep. Around 900 ft gain per mile
going up before heading back down. Some awesome
views of Pikes Peak once we hit the top.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Santa Fe Trail

15.10 miles 1:51:30 7:23 average per mile
11:15 am) 40's sunny
Elevation gain 600
Felt pretty good today. First few miles I had to work
out the soreness. Only thing that was hurting today
was my IT Band. It wasn't real sore but I could feel
some discomfort. B was nice enough to bike along side
me today. I needed the company.
Taper time!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Greenland Open Spaces, Spruce Mountain, Spruce Meadows Trail

33 miles 4:22:31 7:57 average per mile
26.2 miles marathon 3:25:10
31.1 miles 50k 4:07:30
10:00 am) 50's sunny!
Good long run. I felt pretty good the entire run.
I got tired but never fell apart. This is my
longest run in Colorado so far. I ran this run
by myself today. Was mentally very challenging.
I'm happy to have this run done. This will be
my last long run before North Face 50 miler.
First time running Spruce Mountain and Spruce
Meadows Trail. I really enjoyed Spruce Mountain.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crystal Park Rd & Garden of the Gods

4 miles 29:18 7:19 average per mile
9:30 am) sunny & nice!
Elevation gain 477
Short run today. Tomorrow will be my last long run
before North Face 50 Mile Championship in San Francisco.
Looking forward to traveling to California. The field
looks to be super competitive will be interesting to
see who wins.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Mountain

43:54 3.6 miles
Elevation gain 1203
6:20 pm) Cold
Ran with several runners. We met up at Memorial Park
in Manitou Springs. This was a good run for me as
I got to practice running in the dark some. Also
got to get some good climbing in.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Series 4 Palmer Park

7.25 miles 54:51 7:35 average per mile
11:30 am) cold low 30's
Elevation gain 955
Last run in the fall series. I did all 4 of them.
I finished 14th overall in the series and 5th
age group. Very tough competition here in
Colorado Springs. Today I was 20th overall
and 6th in my age group.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crystal Park Rd.

2 miles 14:10 7:05 average per mile
11:30 am)
40's cloudy and drizzle
Short run today since I'm racing tomorrow.
Tomorrow looks to be cold hoping it doesn't
snow. I don't like racing when it's slippery
on technical trail.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Day off

Plan was to run today but woke up feeling sick
and very tired. Yesterday I felt weak on my run.
So maybe a bit tired from all the racing I have
been doing. I feel better this afternoon so
hopefully I'm back to normal.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Intemann, Red Mountain, Ute Pass Trail

9.5 miles 1:30:07 9:29 average per mile
Red Mountain 10:41
elevation gain 2555
10:30 am)50's partly sunny
Tough day! I had no energy today on the climbs.
I walked several times on the ups.
Usually I run the entire time. Not sure why
my energy was so low. Might be still recovering
from marathon.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Intemann Trail

3.62 miles 33:16 9:11 average per mile
719 elevation gain
10:30 am) 60 degrees sunny
Short run today. Plan on going longer tomorrow.
Hoping my back feels better tomorrow. It's pretty
sore today for no reason.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

7.25 miles 58:09 8:02 average per mile
11:15 am) sunny upper 50's
1193 vertical gain
Felt very good actually. Not really sore at all from
the marathon on Saturday. Easy week on tap before
hitting it hard next week. Then taper time.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Sunday 11/4/2012
9 mile hike/run
Did a 3.3 mile hike to the Delicate Arch.
Then we got in the car and drove over to the
Devil's Garden. We did another hike and it
was 5.7 miles. Did some running but most of
it was hiking as it was rocky and sandy.
Saw several arches along our hike. Was quite
a beautiful park.
Legs felt pretty good for the day after a
tough marathon. Today was a off day as we
drove back to Colorado.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moab Trail Marathon

26.2 miles 3:45:55 8:38 average per mile
26th overall 2nd age group 40-49
9:00 am) 40's sunny 60's towards the finish

Much harder marathon than I expected going into this
race. The terrain in Moab is very rocky and sandy.
The trails in spots were much more technical than I'm
used to running. Some of the ledges we ran on were a
bit scary. The course even had ladders to climb in
a couple spots. I climbed one ladder and ended up
bumping my head pretty good on a rock that was
sticking out and I was not looking up at the time.
We also had to climb ropes on a few occasions.
Around mile 22 I thought I was in big trouble when
I went to jump off some rocks and felt my hamstring
spasm. I had to walk for a bit until it settled
down. I took a gel and made sure to drink some
and it went away.
This was the USATF National Championship for the
trail marathon. I finished 3rd in the 40-44 age
group. I got a nice medal for that. I also got
a trophy for finishing 2nd in the overall 40-49
age group. Not sure why I finished 2nd in the one
category and third in the other. Must be how they
pulled runners out from the top 5 that were in my
age group.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

4 miles 32:12 8:03 average per mile
536 elevation gain
10:20 am) 60 & sunny
Kept this run short and relatively easy
Will take next 2 days off.
I need rest and recovery at this point.

pullups 26 (14,12)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Intemann & Section 16

9 miles 1:19:45 8:51 average per mile
10:30 am)
60 sunny
2068 elevation gain
Legs felt heavy today. Hard run! Time to take a few
easy days.

51 pullups 14,13,12,12

Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden of the Gods Trails

6 miles 53:50 8:58 average per mile
11:20 am) upper 50's sunny! very nice!
979 vertical gain
Tried to run easy today. Hard to run easy at this
park with all the ups and downs. Hard run tomorrow
then taking 3 easy days before my next marathon.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Series 3 Ute Valley Park

8.50 miles total
6.46 miles 45:36 7:04 average per mile
11:35 am) 40's
21st overall 4th age group
712 elevation gain
My worst finishing spot in fall series. Course was
super technical and hilly. I was reduced to a power
hike a few times on one of the major climbs. Not
sure if my fatigue level was high due to the marathon
6 days ago. Or I'm just not used to running in this
park or both. Six days from today I have another
marathon. Hope I can recover.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Barr Trail

8 miles 1:23:23 10:25 average per mile
2653 elevation gain
10:55 am) 30's sunny
3 miles up Barr trail back down and couple more miles
on Ute Pass Trail and the Incline.
Forgot how hard Barr trail is the 3 miles up was slow
going. Some snow on Barr but not much and it was
not slippery. The Mountain Masochist 2's grip
was awesome.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

High Drive Hill Repeats

8.70 miles total
8 miles 1:02:02 7:45 average per mile
2063 elevation gain
10:50 am) 30's cloudy cold!

mile 1 9:54
mile 2 10:29
mile 3 5:44
mile 4 5:50
mile 5 9:12
mile 6 10:05
mile 7 5:23
mile 8 5:22

Good workout still adjusting back to altitude.
My downhill miles were solid. Looks like snow
moving in already. Not ready for snow.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Intemann Trail

5 miles 48:49 9:45 average per mile
10:10 am) upper 40's sunny!
1029 elevation gain
Got back to Colorado last night. First run back
home in a week. Legs still tired from marathon and
I could tell I was back at altitude. Will probably
take a few runs to get back to normal. Got to get
used to trail running again my footing was not
very good today and I fell once and almost fell
a second time.
Need to lose some weight I ate alot in Wisconsin.
I need to drop at least 5 pounds and maybe closer
to 10.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honky Tonk Marathon Wisconsin Dells

26.2 miles 2:48:39
4th overall 1st age group
8:00 am) upper 30's sunny at start
Last year winning time was 2:58 so I thought going
into this race I had a very good chance of winning.
Apparently a few other runners must have had the
same thoughts. The race started out fast and I let
runners go ahead. I figured they were half marathoners.
At the half marathon turn around only 2 runners came
back at me. I now knew I was in 7th place. I tried
to pick up the pace but was having a hard time
running any faster than I was currently running.
The course was pretty hilly and not a fast course
and it was run out on the country roads with no
spectators to motivate me to push harder. I did
see my girlfriend and parents several times so
that did keep me motivated and running the best
I could. At the turnaround mile 13.1 I was still
in 7th place. I ran 1:23 for the first half.
The second half had some headwind but not bad.
I started to feel pretty good and reeled in a
couple runners and then held my position until
mile 23 or so when I passed my final runner
putting me in 4th place. Overall happy with my
time wish I could have been 2:45 or so but
pretty close to my goal. The winning time was
like 2:35 so I was far from winning. The finisher
medal is pretty awesome and can be used as
a belt buckle. I also got a second medal for
age group winner. I missed the overall awards
as it went to top 3. Time to recover now as
my next marathon is less than 2 weeks! Went for
a easy short run this morning with my girlfriend
on the parents property. Felt pretty good and
not too sore. Flying back to Colorado this
afternoon. Has been fun visiting family and
friends. Great trip!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

County C Montello, Wisconsin

4.22 miles 26:37 6:19 average per mile
2:15 pm) 50 degrees cloudy
Last run before the marathon on Sunday. Kept it short
and ran on the faster side. Look forward to the race.
I will have lots of family cheering me on.


Thursday October, 18th
Fox River Trail, Green Bay, Wisconsin
5.04 miles 42:16 8:24 average per mile
5:00 pm) cloudy cool upper 40's
Group run with some of my old running buddies from
Green Bay. Nice easy run.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

County C Montello Wisconsin

Wednesday October 18, 2012
4.15 miles 26:14 6:34 average per mile
11:00 am)upper 50's partly sunny
Short run with some faster turnover.
Legs felt a bit sluggish from traveling.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 miles 1:09:45 6:58 average per mile
10:20 am) 60's sunny & warm
Last longish run before my marathon on Sunday.
Legs felt sore and tired from racing this past
Travel day tomorrow to Wisconsin. Will be
spending a week with family and friends. Looking
forward to this trip.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Series 2

4.80 miles 33:14 6:55 average per mile
16th overall out of 460 4th age group
735 elevation gain
11:30 am) upper 50's sunny
First time running Fall Series 2. Course was fun
and very challenging. Lots of ups and downs with
sweet single track. Towards the end you get to
run up a very steep hillside. They have ropes
you can use to pull yourself up with. I was happy
to use them as I was spent. First time that I
can remember ever running races on back to back
days. I'm pretty happy with my results. One
week from today I will be running a road marathon.
Time to taper.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mine to Mine 9k Cripple Creek, Colorado

5.76 miles according to my Garmin 35:34
1.5 mile warmup 7.25 miles total
Mid 30's snow flurries and wind
8th place

Elevation at the start 9991 min. elevation 9421
Race starts out with a fast downhill. Flattens
out around mile 2.5 then gradually climbs again
till mile 5 or so then downhill finish.
My breathing was very labored today. Not used
to racing this high. My race went well happy
with the results. This was a first year event
and was well run. The top 3 finishers won real
gold from the local mines. I didn't receive
an award as age group was only for the winner.
Kind of bummed about that.
61 miles for the week.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stratton Open Space

TCR award banquet tonight. 3rd master for the
Triple Crown of Running series 2012.

6.70 miles 1:01:20 9:09 average per mile
9:30 am) 60's sunny
1190 vertical gain
First time running on these trails. Not sure why it
took me so long to run them. Fun trails with lots
of variety. Legs still tired today so I didn't
push as hard as normal. I plan on taking tomorrow
off to rest. This week my mileage will be down some
but works out good as I am sort of tapering for
next weekend.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Tempo

7.65 miles
6 mile tempo 38:32 6:25 average per mile
11:30 am) 50's sunny
Fatigue was a factor on this tempo run. I just didn't
have it today. Yesterday's hard 12.5 mile run wore
me out.
I have 2 races this weekend so I will adjust my next
2 days of running so I can recover some. I'm 1 1/2
weeks out from my next marathon. So cutting back
a little will be good.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intemann, Section 16, High Drive

12.45 miles 1:45:48 8:30 average per mile
10:30 am) 60's sunny
2917 vertical gain
Took off yesterday. Had a hard time not running as I
was antsy to get out. I did do some cross training
to at least get a workout in. I did 50 pullups total
for the day and some weights.
This morning I woke up to a sore hamstring. I rolled
it out before my run. Wasn't an issue for the run.
It feels a bit sore but not twingy. Today's run was
a good one. I pushed pretty hard and felt kind of
sick when I finished. My stomach was not feeling
great either. I ate some fruit snacks before my
steep 2 mile down and that was a mistake. So a
bit longer than last weeks run and slightly faster
I will take it.


Midland Trail
6:00 pm) 40's
5 miles 36:55 7:23 average per mile
Recovery run. Tried to slow down a bit so this would
be a recovery run. Still a bit faster than I should
do these.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

22.06 miles 2:29:36 6:47 average per mile
11:50 am) 50's sunny! nice day
1421 elevation gain
Late start today as it was very cold this morning.
Glad I waited as it was perfect running temps
when I started. B once again rode her bike along
my side. So thankful she was supporting me today.
I needed the support. I felt tired pretty much the
entire run. I have run 97 miles from Sunday to
Sunday so the fatigue was expected.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Run 10k

38:02 6:08 average per mile
6th overall 3rd age group
8:30 am) 30's cold
Good race today. Fastest 10k I have run in Colorado.
Tough competition in my age group today.
2 miles warm up/ cool down.75 miles on
the week. Very happy with the week of training.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Garden of the Gods Trails

5 miles
10:30 am) cloudy and cold low 40's
Recovery run with B. Nice run through the garden and even hit
some new trails. 10k tomorrow hope it doesn't snow!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Intemann, Red Mountain, Ute Pass

10 miles 1:31:41
Red Mountain 9:58
10:40 am) 40's sunny cold
Feeling a bit under the weather today. I was slower for sure
and Red Mountain really took it out of me. I didn't add
distance this week to this run but was able to keep it the
same as last time. I have a 10k on Saturday and a 22
mile long run on Sunday. Will be a fun weekend! Also
it might snow Saturday.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Tempo

8 miles total
6 mile tempo 38:12 6:21 average per mile
10:30 am) 70's sunny, very windy, warm
First 3 miles into headwind. Slow going until I turned around
and had some tailwind. Overall a good tempo run. Legs
were sluggish today but not surprised as I have increased
weekly mileage last few weeks.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Intemann, Section 16, High Drive

12 miles 1:42:31 8:32 average per mile
2796 vertical gain
9:45 am) 60's- 70's sunny!
Great run! I was surprised I ran this well. My fitness is improving
each week. I made this run 1 mile longer than last weeks. I try
to keep building it up.


Midland Trail
5 miles 35:42 7:08 average per mile
7:00 pm) 60's
Recovery run. Ran faster than I should have oh well. 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Catamount Trail

7 miles
2121 vertical gain
Nice fall color hike with B and Alicia.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Series I & Long Run

20 miles total on the day
2.57 miles warm up 21:25
3.87 miles 28:04 7:15 average per mile
18th place overall 4th age group.
13.50 miles 1:34:15 6:59 average per mile
11:00 am) sunny 60's - 70's
Ran my first ever fall series race. This was the first one of the
4 race series. This race is different than most races I do.
I had to run 3/4 mile up a creek. The water was past my
knees is some spots. Very hard running for sure. Not
real happy with my race but not really going to worry
about it either. This is not my distance for sure. I basically
ran this for some speed work. Afterwards I ran more
miles so I could get 20 for the day. My friend Alicia from
Wisconsin biked along my side. B was the race director
for the race today so that was pretty cool. This was her
first race as a race director. She did Awesome!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Manitou Incline

5 miles
9:45 am) 60's sunny
Did this with my friend Alicia from Wisconsin. This was her first
time on the Incline. She thought it was pretty tough.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Intemann, Red Mountain, Ute Pass, Incline

10 miles 1:32:20
2626 elevation gain
Red Mountain 9:39
10:30 am) 50-60's sunny
This was a hard run on tired legs. Glad I got it done.
It's been a big week for me. Holding up pretty good.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

High Drive Hill Repeats

8.58 miles total
1:01:12 7:38 average per mile for 8 miles
2018 elevation gain
10:30 pm) 50's cloudy
2x4 mile repeats
mile 1 9:38 uphill
mile 2 10:00 uphill
mile 3 5:48 downhill
mile 4 5:47 downhill
mile 5 9:09 uphill
mile 6 9:46 uphill
mile 7 5:25 downhill
mile 8 5:33 downhill
First time doing this particular workout. This workout I think will
be very specific training for North Face.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mt Cutler & Garden of the Gods

Mt Cutler
2.12 miles
elevation gain 644 ft.
10:00 am) cloudy cool
Short hike with B. First time on this trail


Garden of the Gods
6.10 miles 52:20 8:35 average per mile
elevation gain 871 ft
4:30 pm) partly sunny cool
Long time since I ran on these trails. Fun run!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Intemann, Section 16, High Drive

11.08 miles 1:37:51 8:50 average per mile
2662 elevation gain
9:50 am) cloudy cool and humid
Good run but very difficult. Some serious climbing today.
I added some distance to this run this week as I'm
trying to build on it each week. For only 11 miles though
it sure wore me out. Next week I will probably add
another mile. Not big increases but slowly building it.


Midland Trail
5 miles 36:05 7:13 average per mile
5:15 pm) cloudy & cool
Second run of the day. Just getting in some junk miles.
Was supposed to be real easy. Ran harder than I should have.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

18 miles 2:03:56 6:53 average per mile
9:20 am) upper 50's sunny
Great long run today. It started out not so great. After 3 miles my
legs started to feel good. First mile was my slowest 7:24 last mile
was my fastest 6:04. B once again rode her bike along my side
for this. B is great company on these long runs. She provides me
with support and motivation and I really appreciate her support
of me. Fitness is coming along. I am running a bit faster each week
on my long runs. This is good sign as I'm getting close to my next
marathon. Next Sunday will be 20 miles. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Manitou Springs Track

4.62 miles
1 mile warm up
5 x 400's
1:19, 1:18, 1:16, 1:16, 1:17
5 x 200's
33.88, 33.69, 33.30, 32.95, 32.35
1.25 mile cool down
400's were a bit slower this week. Probably due to more mile for
the week. The 200's were very good though.
57.2 miles for the week. Most I have done in ages.
I will look to build on that this coming week.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Intemann, Red Mountain, Ute Pass, Incline

9 miles total 1:29
Red Mountain 9:43
Vertical gain 2272
10:00 am) mid 60's sunny
Tired from the start. Legs are feeling the increased mileage this
week. Happy to get this workout done.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

7.6 miles total
6 mile tempo 37:51 6:18 average per mile
mile 1 6:31
mile 2 6:35
mile 3 6:30
mile 4 6:02
mile 5 6:11
mile 6 5:59

 9:00 am) 60's sunny
Legs were not responding first few miles. Probably some fatigue
in them. I was happy with the last 3 miles. I felt pretty good at
the end.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Intemann & Red Rock Canyon

6.60 miles 1:00:36 9:11 average per mile
9:50 am) warm sunny
Elevation gain 1300
Good run I was not really sore from last nights hard run.
Pace was a bit slower than normal today. I did several repeats
on a steep section of the Intemann trail that has stairs
similar to the Incline but not near that long or steep.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midland Trail & St Mary's Falls

Midland Trail
4 miles 30:42 7:40 average per mile
10:45 am) 70's sunny
Easy run just getting some miles in.

St Mary's Falls
9.4 miles
4.7 miles up 54:57 2,452 elevation gain
4.7 miles down 45:18 ran this in the dark
6:35 pm) chilly and cold at the turn around 9,880 ft.
Very hard run. Only second time I have done this run.
Ran with my friend Dan Vega.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Santa Fe Trail

16 miles 1:52:43 7:02 average per mile
9:45 am) mid to upper 70's
Good long run. Felt pretty good for the most part. The heat kind
of got to me last few miles. B rode her bike while I ran. Was nice
to have the company and someone to carry my liquids.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Intemann - Red Mountain - Track

6.25 miles total
4.35 miles on Intemann Trail
.65 miles up Red Mountain 9:28
1:16, 1:15, 1:15, 1:15
19 seconds faster on my Red Mountain ascent.
400's a couple seconds faster than last time.
Overall nice improvements.
Officially not working nights anymore. I'm sure getting regular
sleep will be very beneficial to my training. I look forward
to seeing how fit I can get in next few months.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

5 miles total
1 mile Incline 26:44
Wore my new Brooks ASR 9's. Good shoes I have worn the older
models for some time now. Incline was slower than I would have
liked but to be fast on it you need to do it on a regular basis. Not
sure I want to run it that often.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Intemann - Red Mountain - Ute Pass Trail

7.87 miles total
total vertical gain 2027
.65 miles up Red Mountain, 668 vertical gain, 9:47 very steep.
I actually ran the entire way up but it was slow.
Ran in new shoes today. My first pairs of Montrails (Montrail
Mountain Masochist II). So far I really like them. Today was wet
and rainy and shoes did very good in the conditions. First time I
have run in the rain in months. I'm glad I got out in the rain and
did it. Good practice you never know if it will rain on race day.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Manitou Track

3.5 miles total
1 mile warm up Intemann Trail
4 x 400's
1:19, 1:18, 1:17, 1:17
4 x 200's
:35, :34, :34, :33
1.25 mile cool down Crystal Park Road.
Getting back to doing some track. Today went okay. I have
work to do though. It's a starting point.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

14 miles, 1:38:56, 7:04 average per mile
10:40 am) sunny and breezy

Long run of the week post-marathon. 68 miles total
for Monday-Sunday. The first 9 miles were not a lot
of fun. I was feeling the effects of working over 9 hours
plus the big miles for the week. Put down some faster
miles in the last 5. All of them sub 7. B paced me on
her bike.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Intemann Section 16

8.73 miles 1:16:16 8:44 average per mile
Elevation Gain:  2,321 ft
Elevation Loss:  2,276 ft
Min Elevation: 6,479 ft
Max Elevation:  7,862 ft

10:00 am) mid 60's sunny
Great training love these trails. They are pretty challenging but
fun to run. Some of it is super fast downhill and some of it is so
steep I have to use my granny gear.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Midland Trail

5.29 miles 37:25 7:04 average
10:15 am) 60s and cloudy

Tried to make this an easy recovery run but as usual, made it a bit
faster. Looking forward to getting my new Montrail Mountain
Masochist 2s in the mail. Might be my new trail shoe of choice.
Also ordered another pair of Brooks ASR for good measure.
I ordered my first Nathan hydration pack which should come in
handy for these long runs for North Face 50 training.

I will be without an official job as of September 16th which should
allow me to focus on my running for the fall. Can't wait not to have
to work nights anymore. I've got 2 marathons plus the 50 miler
coming up within the next 3 months. It's going to be a lot to
focus on! The training schedule is going to be tough. Thank
goodness I have the time to really put my best effort out there.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Intemann Trail & Ute Pass Trail

8.88 miles 1:17:47 8:45 average per mile
10:00 am) 70-80's sunny hot!
1804 ft elevation gain
Very hard run today. Hilly and very warm mid 80's by the end.
Legs feel heavy still from the marathon. Overall feel like I'm
recovering very good. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Intemann Trail from house

4.5 miles 39:27 8:46 average per mile
1063 ft elevation gain
10:30 am) sunny 70's
Felt pretty good other than some soreness. Was able to push
harder than I thought I would. Signed up for yet another
marathon.This one is in November in Utah. I now have a race
for the last 3 months of the year.

Monday, September 3, 2012

ADT Marathon Colorado Springs, Colorado

26.2 miles 2:53:14 6:36 average per mile
9th overall 2nd master
6:30 am) cloudy 60's
30th marathon and a Colorado PR.
Goal today was to break 3:00. My training has not been focused
for marathon distance so was not sure what would happen. My
longest run was only 17 miles. I hit mile 18 today and thought I
was going to bonk as I felt low on energy. Around mile 20 though
I felt great I ran hard the last 10k. My last 10k was my fastest
miles of the day. Mile 26 was my fastest with a 6:18. I'm very
happy with my race today. I have had a string of disappointing
races so glad to have a good one. Hopefully this will be a good
sign for my next marathon October 21th and 50 miler in December.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Intemann Trail - Section 16 - Red Rock Canyon

11.50 miles 1:38:13 8:32 average per mile
2500 ft vertical gain
9:00 am) sunny warm 70's
Good run but a hard run with lots of hills.  Mile 3 was a killer I
ended up walking most of it for a 15:00 mile! I will need to do
lots of this kind of training for San Fran 50 miler.
Monday I'm running a marathon ADT Discovery trail marathon.
Not sure what kind of time I will run. Going to run it by feel.
My fitness is not near where I would like it heading into a
marathon but I will do this and hope for the best and at least
get a good long run in.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Midland Trail

10 miles 1:10:22 7:02 average per mile
9:00 am) mid 70's sunny warm
Tired legs today. Maybe a little bit dehydrated before starting out.
Not a fun run at all. I look forward to doing more trail runs in the
coming weeks as I start my build up for North Face 50 mile
championship in San Fransisco, Ca. Plan is to get serious about
my training again. I now live in the perfect place for that.
I moved to Manitou Springs this past week. Half mile from
my house to hitting the trail. I have 2 marathons before the
North Face race but my A race will be the 50 miler.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Intemann Trail

5.13 miles 6:36 average per mile
Apartment to house via Midland trail.


5.75 miles 8:58 average per mile
Intemann trails and some Red Rock canyon.
Ran on some new trail today. Fun day on the trails.

Have not run much lately as moving is taking up my
free time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

17 miles 2:01:27 7:09 average per mile
9:25 am) nice temps got a bit warm at the end.
Did this while B rode her bike beside me. Was fun to have company
along on this run. Wanted to get 20 in but fitness is not there.
Marathon might be interesting on Labor day. Will be my longest
run in ages. Taking today off Friday as I'm very tired not really
from this run but from lack of sleep. Need a new job!!! Nights
are killing me!


4.75 miles 31:19 6:36 average per mile
Ran from our new place in Manitou Springs to the apartment.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pikes Peak Ascent

3:00:50 13.3 miles
49th overall 13th age group
Not a great race but it was fun. First time doing the ascent instead
of the marathon. Glad I only did the ascent this year. Training has
been up and down this year. Look forward to getting back at it.
Was a pr but not by much and my previous best was in the
marathon portion of the ascent so not really comparable. Good
news was my girl friend B had a pr of 19 minutes!!! I enjoyed
seeing her finish and doing so well.
Watched the marathon today and really was wishing I was doing it.
Hard to watch races for me. It was great though as I saw many
friends and most had awesome races. Look forward to next year
already. Undecided if I will go back to the marathon distance or
stick to the ascent. Plenty of time for that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Barr Trail Top of the W's

6.1 miles 52:43
top of the w's 31:43
Last hard workout before Saturdays race. I tried to push as hard
as I could. Still had to walk the steep hill just past Hydro St.
I went out pretty hard and was too winded to run it.
Last run tomorrow then taking Thursday and Friday off.
At this point I need rest more than anything. I'm pretty tired not
really from training just my crazy work schedule and getting
little sleep most days.

 Monday August 13, 2012
5.25 miles
20 minutes of intervals on Barr trail.
1 minute on then stop for 1 minute. 

Sunday- off

Saturday August 11, 2012
2 miles
Summit of Pikes Peak.
1 mile down 1 mile up. 15:08 mile up. Bascially just up there
for some time at altitude.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Barr Trail Barr Camp

14 miles total
7.5 miles to Barr Camp 1:22:45
9:30 am) sunny & warm
top of the w's 32:40
Went out a bit hard today and suffered some especially last mile
before Barr Camp. I will need to be more careful on race day.
Last long run before race I need some rest. Took the down
very slow today even walked a lot of it before getting on the
Incline and going down that. Have no clue what a reasonable
goal for race day is. I would be very happy with something
in the 2:45 range.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

5 miles total
4 mile tempo run 25:00 6:15 average per mile
2- 2 mile loops
8:30 am) 70's sunny
Good run but hard to run fast as I have not done any speed work
as of late. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

8 miles
10:15 am) 40's - 50's nice
45:18 3 miles up
13:54, 14:55, 16:25
16:08 1 mile up
Did 3 miles down then 3 miles up. Then went back down 1 mile and
back up. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

12 miles 1:23:10 6:56 average per mile
9:05 am) upper 70's sunny & warm
Plan was to run at least 15 miles. Was not feeling great so turned
around at mile 6. Glad I .listened to my body. Feeling tired after
running 8 straight days. Summit tomorrow.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barr Trail

6 miles
7:00 am) 60's sunny cool
33:26 top of the w's
Okay run. Legs still heavy from doing intervals yesterday. I ran pretty
hard today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Barr Trail Intervals

5 miles total
Started at Hydro. Ran hard for 1 minute then walked for 1 minute.
Did this till I hit 30:00. When I got back down to Hydro I did a
few more hill repeats 1:00, 30 seconds and 15 seconds. These
were all out and hurt. Not many miles but a great workout.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

6 miles 38:14 6:22 average per mile
8:50 am) sunny 70's
Wanted to work on some faster turnover today. Legs felt heavy
from yesterdays 15 mile run. Happy with the effort.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barr Trail Barr Camp

15 miles total
9:20 am) sunny warm
:35 top of the w's
:50 no name
1:07 7.8 sign
1:24:55 Barr Camp
Felt better than Tuesday. Still struggled pretty good till the top
of the w's. Felt better as the run went on. 


High Drive Bear Creek Canyon

5 miles 54:17 10:50 average per mile
9:15 am)
Took it easy kind of plus this was a hilly run.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barr Trail Bottomless Pit

17 miles
9:15 am) mid 70's and felt very humid
The humidity got to me on this run. I was sweating way more than
usual. It kind of drained my energy. I had to walk more than I
would like to have. My splits were slower than normal but not
35 to top of the W's
52 to No Name
1:09 to 7.8 sign
1:28 to Barr Camp
1:41 to Bottomless Pit.
I took it very easy on the down. It was hot and just didn't have
the desire to push it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway & Rock Island Trail

15 miles 1:47:58 7:12 average per mile
9:45 pm) mid to upper 80's
Very tired after working all night but wanted to get 15 miles in.
Run was not going well early on should have turned around
sooner. I did an out and back so once I hit 7.5 miles I was
committed to doing 15. I got to 7.5 miles and realized I was
pretty much spent. Not a good feeling to have at the half way
point. Also at this point the heat was becoming a major factor
and I didn't have enough fluids. I pushed on cause I had to get
back somehow. With 3 miles to go I could feel my body shutting
down. It was a battle to finish this run. Sometimes I think I'm
mentally too tough and don't listen to my body. Today will be a
rest day!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

6 miles total
3 miles up 44:26 14:48 average per mile
13:46, 14:39, 15:59
40's sunny & breezy
Good run today a little bit faster than on Tuesday.
Had fun at the Elk Park Bbq afterwards. More time at altitude!
Hopefully this counts for something as my running is not where
I want it to be at this point.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Humboldt Peak

13.3 miles
5:30 am) sunny cool
Drove down Wednesday night and set up camp. We slept in a tent
this time instead of the car. Tent was hard to set up as we had
problems with the poles and the excess string from the poles that
we had to stuff back down the poles. It was also getting dark and
started to rain. As we finished setting it up it poured. When we
 got up at 4:30 am the stars were out. Started our hike at 5:30 am.
I didn't feel great on this hike. I actually bonked a couple time on
the way to the summit. I felt fine on the descent. Time on feet was
probably close to 7 hours. Long day but awesome.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

6 miles total
10:30 am) 
cool 50's
3 down 32:32 10:46 average per mile
3 up 46:45 15:33 average per mile
Felt pretty good today. As good as you can feel I guess at 14,000 + ft.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway & Rock Island Trail

15 miles 1:42:25 6:50 average per mile
10:15 am) mid 80's HOT!
First time running on the Rock Island Trail. I ran this trail from
the west going east then turned around at mile 7.5 and back
to monument valley park. Trail was relatively flat slight up
hill on the way out.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

High Drive & Bear Creek Canyon

8.25 miles total 4 miles up 47:25 11:49 average per mile
10:30 am) mid 80's sunny hot
Thought I was running Captain Jacks trail but I think I'm not.
I make a left off of Bear Creek Canyon shortly after getting
on trail. I then cross a stream. Any ideas? Trail is very steep
and after 2 miles becomes very rocky. Possibly Sesame Canyon?
Saw several guys on motorcycles.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

4.5 miles total
1 miles Incline 26:41
10:00 am) 80's HOT
Not a fast time but a little faster than last weeks 26:58. I want to
work on getting my times down again on the incline. Might do
this 1-2 a week to do that.
Ran up to No Name Creek then back down. It was very hot by
the time I got back to the cog railway.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

6 miles 53:34 8:55 average per mile
8:15 am) sunny & warm
Legs felt pretty good but tired. Pace was slow but mostly to
the the route I took. First 3 miles were all over 9:30's.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mt. Elbert

9.5 miles round trip
5:15 am) cool start sunny skies
14.433 Mt. Elbert highest peak in Colorado
 Parked at the trail head last night just over 10,000 ft. Got up early
and hit the trail before sun up. Great trail but pretty steep.
We hiked the entire up and ran some of the down. Colorado trail
was very nice single track to run on. The views from the summit
were breath taking!
Training is going well getting in some vert and some longer runs.
Next 3 races include the Pikes Peak Ascent, ADT marathon
and Wisconsin Dells marathon. August, September and October.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

14 miles 1:34:39 6:45 average per mile
9:45 am) upper 70's Sunny!
Did an out and back 7 miles north on trail then 7 back. I ran exactly
7:00 pace out and 6:30 pace on the back.
I felt pretty good considering I worked till 8:50 am. Felt much better
than I did 24 hours beforehand.


3 miles
Hiked Barr Trail with B. We just took it easy and enjoyed the

Mesa Rd, Flying W Ranch Rd, Centennial Dr, 30th S, Mesa Rd

13.25 miles 1:32:15 6:58 average per mile
9:00 am) 70's - 80's
Good run even though I was tired from the start. Ran on
Centennial for the first time. Nice road to run on with
wide bike lanes. Temp was in the 80's near the end of
the run but felt comfortable the entire run. I think I'm
getting acclimated to the heat.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Barr Trail No Name Creek

8.6 miles 1:35
9:00 am) sunny and warm
Bad bad run!!! I planned on running to the summit today. I got
off work at 8:00 and got dressed and started run within an
hour. Problem was I had no energy. I thought maybe I would
feel better after a mile or two no such luck. I usually can
run/jog up Barr trail not the case today I had to pretty
much hike from the get go. I changed my plans to try to
make it to Barr Camp. Well I got to No Name Creek and
decided I had enough. Disappointed with this run but I had
to listen to my body.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mesa Rd - Flying W Ranch Rd

12 miles 1:23:47 6:59 average per mile
8:25 am) upper 70's sunny!
Kind of tired before starting this run but needed to get this run in.
I ended up running up Flying W Ranch road. This is the area
where 346 homes burned down in the Waldo Canyon fire.
I have seen pictures before but this really was an eye opener
to see it in person.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Manitou Incline

4.85 miles
1 mile Incline 27:58
10:30 am) upper 70's sunny
First time on Incline in months. My time was pretty slow but not
bad I guess. Went on to No Name Creek before heading back
down Barr Trail.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

7 miles 1:02:48 8:58 average per mile
8:30 am) cool perfect weather
I felt pretty tired on this run especially getting going. I went to
Elitch Gardens amusement park yesterday and spent the entire
day in the sun and standing on my feet after working the night
shift. I ended up being up for 26 hours before getting some
sleep last night.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Captain Jack's

7 miles 1:01:00
9:20 am) 60's cloudy and humid
First time running Captain Jack's trails. I really enjoyed them. The
out was uphill and the back was downhill. I started out on High
Drive ran this for a mile before getting on the trail. The 2 miles
I ran on Captain Jack's was very difficult. My pace was pretty
slow mile 2 was 11:12 and mile 3 was 13:06. Got back to car at
mile 6 and added on 1 mile on the roads. Considering I raced
yesterday felt pretty good. Next race will be the Pikes Peak
Ascent. Time to start training!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Roundup 12k Trail Run

50:47 7.5 miles
13th Overall 2nd Master
Great day for a race cooler temps and overcast. Only negative
was it was humid. I had never done this race before so didn't
really know what kind of time I could run. I did a few training
runs on this course so I had a feel for it. It's a challenging course
for sure. It's a out and back course with the out being hilly and
the back screaming fast. The course record was smashed today.
Actually the top 4 runners all beat the course record from just
last year. Ryan Hafer ran an amazing time of 41:46 beating course
record by 3 minutes!!!  I'm very happy with my race. First time
in a few months I feel I ran well.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

7 miles 45:29 6:30 average per mile
8:45 am) 70's sunny, breezy
Pushed it today to work on some turnover. Felt pretty good not
great. Racing Sunday morning not sure what to expect. My
training has not really been all that great.


Quandary Peak

6.75 miles just under 4 hours
5:35 am) cool and sunny
Started at 11,000 ft. from the trail head. We stayed over night to
get more time at altitude. We had the parking lot to ourselves to
our surprise. By morning though several cars had pulled in. The
hike was fairly challenging but not terrible hard. It was pretty rocky
last couple miles. Saw my first 2 mountain goats. That was exciting
to see. We saw them on the way up and by the time we came down
they were nowhere to be seen. Good thing we started early. 
This was my 4th 14er and 3rd in last 2 weeks. I'm enjoying these
very much and look to get several more in this summer.