Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honky Tonk Marathon Wisconsin Dells

26.2 miles 2:48:39
4th overall 1st age group
8:00 am) upper 30's sunny at start
Last year winning time was 2:58 so I thought going
into this race I had a very good chance of winning.
Apparently a few other runners must have had the
same thoughts. The race started out fast and I let
runners go ahead. I figured they were half marathoners.
At the half marathon turn around only 2 runners came
back at me. I now knew I was in 7th place. I tried
to pick up the pace but was having a hard time
running any faster than I was currently running.
The course was pretty hilly and not a fast course
and it was run out on the country roads with no
spectators to motivate me to push harder. I did
see my girlfriend and parents several times so
that did keep me motivated and running the best
I could. At the turnaround mile 13.1 I was still
in 7th place. I ran 1:23 for the first half.
The second half had some headwind but not bad.
I started to feel pretty good and reeled in a
couple runners and then held my position until
mile 23 or so when I passed my final runner
putting me in 4th place. Overall happy with my
time wish I could have been 2:45 or so but
pretty close to my goal. The winning time was
like 2:35 so I was far from winning. The finisher
medal is pretty awesome and can be used as
a belt buckle. I also got a second medal for
age group winner. I missed the overall awards
as it went to top 3. Time to recover now as
my next marathon is less than 2 weeks! Went for
a easy short run this morning with my girlfriend
on the parents property. Felt pretty good and
not too sore. Flying back to Colorado this
afternoon. Has been fun visiting family and
friends. Great trip!!!



HappyTrails said...

Awesome Brad! Congratulations on the placing and AG win. Rest up for the next one :)

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Steve! Hope all is well. Haven't seen you online lately.