Sunday, May 29, 2011


2.43 Miles 30:00 12:27 average per mile
Treadmill @ 15% Incline
Did a little experiment today on the mill. Set it at 15 %
incline and ran for 30 minutes. It was pretty hard for sure.
My pace was very slow but I kept at a slow running pace.
I ran around 5 mph. I think I will do this once a week up
until Pikes Peak marathon. I might add time each week or
just try to run faster each time not sure.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 Miles 1:07:51 6:46 average per mile
Elevation Gain: 368 ft
Elevation Loss: 433 ft
Min Elevation: 5,876 ft
Max Elevation: 6,223 ft
Started at my apartment ran to Pikes Peak Greenway then went
south. After 5 miles turned around and came back.
Expected to feel a bit sluggish today after yesterday's hard
tempo run at the Garden. I actually felt great! I did feel a
bit tired the last 3 miles pace slowed and felt like more work.

Went to Territory Days today. This is a 3 day festival at
Old Colorado City. Tons of vendors and live music. So many
people I could hardly walk the streets. Parking was crazy.
I ended up parking close to my apartment and I live about
1 mile from downtown.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden of the Gods

10.25 Miles 1:08:04 6:38 average per mile
Elevation Gain: 1,195 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,210 ft
Min Elevation: 6,223 ft
Max Elevation: 6,541 ft
8:00 am) 50's Sunny!
Ran the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race course. I wanted to
see how hard it would be and get myself mentally ready for it.
I pushed very hard almost race effort. I ran 1:06:40 for 10
miles. I hope to run around 1:03:00 on race day. Some of the
hills almost had me at a crawl by the time I reached the tops.
Hopefully on race day I will be stronger than today. I had
to stop 2 times just to catch my breath.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gym Workout

Elliptical 1 hour & 10 minutes weights & abs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barr Trail

9 Miles 1:32:43 10:18 average per mile
Elevation Gain: 2,928 ft
Elevation Loss: 2,880 ft
Min Elevation: 6,418 ft
Max Elevation: 9,358 ft
8:30 am) 40's cloudy
Well I see I have my work cut out for me. I have no climbing
strength right now. I basically hiked most of the 4.5 miles
going up Barr Trail before heading down. I'm going to need
to do this run often if I want to compete at all at this
years Pikes Peak Marathon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden of the Gods Group Run

7 Miles
6:00 am) Rain!
First time I ran with the training group. Lots of runners showed
up despite the early start time and the rain. They had several
different groups head out. A faster group a medium paced group
and a slower group. Of course I had to run with the faster group.
I probably should have run with the slower group. I didn't know
they would be doing a 25 minute tempo run. I planned on taking it
easy today oh well.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

6.35 Miles Total
Incline 26:20
10:00 am) upper 50's Sunny!
Finally back on the incline. I have only done it twice in the
last 5 months. I will be doing it on a regular basis for the
next few months. Running down Barr Trail was kind of hard.
My legs are not used to the downhill pounding. I will need
to do much more of this. Beautiful day and really enjoyed
being out to enjoy it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

7 Miles 47:53 6:50 average per mile
9:15 am) 50's
Felt pretty good today. The soreness from the marathon is finally
pretty much gone.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 1:00:38
9:30 am) 60 degrees
Finally some trail running today. I'm in the best shape of my
life currently but not in my best trail running shape. I really
struggled today. My focus is going to be trails and hills from
here to August 22. After that I might try to get back in marathon
shape and run CIM California International Marathon.
I think I can do better than 2:42. I believe with some good
training I can run 2:35. If I don't do CIM I still have the
North Face 50 on my target for December.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gym Workout

40 minutes elliptical
10 minutes abs & weights
Decided not to run today. My calf is sore still but better than
yesterday. So I decided to do elliptical. I got a great workout
in. I pushed hard and got a great sweat going.
The elliptical is a great tool. You can still get HR up without
the pounding of running. I should use it more. I think I'm going
to incorporate it into my weekly schedule, I'm thinking once a
week for sure. Also I'm going to do strength training 1-2 times
a week and try to do abs as much as possible. I'm not talking
about a lot of time for either but some is better than none.
I'm going to be training for Pikes Peak marathon and I think
the extra strength can only help for a run like that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden of the Gods

4 Miles 27:47 6:56 average per mile
10:00 am) 40's cloudy
Felt good other than my left calf is still very sore.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gym Workout

30 minutes elliptical
15 minutes stationary bike
5 minutes abs
Nice little workout. Took it real easy. Tomorrow I will do a
run. Less sore today. Will keep it easy rest of the week.
Next race will be the Garden of the Gods 10 miler June 12.
Will need to work on hills for sure. I have not done much
vertical since training for Green Bay was a flat course.
My half marathon split Sunday was 1:19:06. My half marathon
PR was 1:19:47. I guess my PR was pretty soft. Makes me ask
myself what could I run a half in? maybe 1:16? Might not find
out for sometime as I don't plan on running one this year.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updated marathon time

Course was 800 ft long due to a error in setting up course. My new
time is 2:42:32. Almost a minute faster.
Just got back to Colorado Springs. Long day at the airports made
longer by a 1 1/2 hour delay.
Have not run since marathon and might wait till Thursday to run.
I'm very sore from this one. I think I pushed it pretty hard. It's all
good though if I wasn't sore I would think I didn't push as hard as I
could have.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Race Report

26.2 Miles 2:42:32 P.R. 6:11 average per mile
7:00 am) upper 40's Sunny & Very Windy! 20-30 mph +
12th Overall 1st Master

Day started at 3:30 am. I always like to get up very early
before my big races. I eat as soon as I get up. I ate a bagel
with peanut butter and honey. I also had a banana and
some orange juice. Then I always take a long hot shower
to wake me up and warm up the body and help get the
blood circulating.

My friend Mike and I left his place at 5:30 am. We headed
to Lambeau field. We arrived around 5:45. We went inside
the atrium to stay warm and get out of the wind which
was already blowing and continued all day. Stayed inside
till about 6:45. I did a short warm up less than 5 minutes
but enough to be warm at the start.

I lined up near the front and the gun went off at 7:00 am.
Like always everyone is sprinting from the start so you
pretty much have to go with it for the first half mile or so.
My first mile was a bit fast but it felt easy 5:57. My goal
was to run the mile in 6:10 and then try to run around
6:04 miles the rest of the day. I knew this strategy would
probably not work well today as the winds were crazy.

I ran the smartest race I ever ran today. I found a pack
of runners to run with and I stuck with them like glue.
I didn't worry about pace really at this point I just knew
I couldn't be dropped or I would be working much harder.
The group I was with stayed together for a good amount
of time. At around mile 11 the half marathoners split of
from the marathoners. I figured we would lose some as
more people run the half than the full.

By mile 12 it was just me and 2 other guys. We had a few
miles at this point where we would actually have some tail
wind. We new though we would need to use this to rest up
a bit before the course would actually head back towards
Green Bay and right into this strong wind.

The other 2 guys and I did some chit chatting and found
out this was both of theirs first Green Bay marathons.
Eric is from Chicago, and Jim is from Albany, N.Y.
Both had P.R.'s in the 2:30's. So I knew I was running
in some good company. So around mile 17 we had to deal
with the headwinds for about 5 miles. I was not running
as strong as the other 2 guys so I let them block the wind
and I tucked in behind. I felt bad that I couldn't help
out more but I had to do what was best for me.

The three of us or as one fan called out the 3 Amigo's
stuck together till around mile 22. At this point I lost
contact with the 2 of them but was fine with that as I made
it through the tough part. The last 4 miles was back
towards the stadium and had no more headwinds to speak

My pace held up well but fatigue and soreness was setting
in and I was ready to be done. Mile 25 I could see Lambeau
and that gives you a adrenaline boost. Then you get to run
inside Lambeau for a lap around the field. I was pumped at
this point I new I had done it.

Finished with a 7 minute 30 second P.R.!!! My goal was to
run 2:40 but couldn't be happier with 2:42 in those conditions.

My brother ran the marathon today as well so it was a family
affair. My parents drove up to cheer us on and made the
day that much more special. My niece was also involved as
she helped out with the finish line and handed out awards
at the award ceremony. My niece presented me with both
my awards which was very cool. I got an award for my age
group 40-44 1st and Master category 1st.

Tomorrow I head back to Colorado. I think my training really
paid off and I got to say a big thanks to my coach. Thanks
Tim for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Montello Wisconsin

3.5 Miles 22:35 6:26 average per mile
3:00 pm) warm 80 degrees & humid
Made it to Wisconsin with no problems at all. I had to switch
planes at Chicago and got lucky and my gate was very close
to where I go off at.
Really happy to be back home and visiting with my parents.
I went for a short run already. I was hoping it would feel
easier being at sea level (800 ft) but was not. It's a warm day
here and the humidity is much higher than back in Colorado.
I did push the pace some though to get a feel for the conditions.
Looks like rain the next several days here including Sunday.
Hopefully they will take the rain out of the forecast by the
time Sunday gets here.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Wood Ave.

7 Miles 45:38 6:31 average per mile
12:15 pm) low 70's windy
Once again felt tired before even starting this run. I can't wait to
get to Wisconsin so I can rest a bit. I leave early tomorrow
morning. So today was my last harder run and last run in Colorado
before the marathon on Sunday. Today I did 4 x 1 mile with 2-3
minutes jogging in between each. I ran each of these at around
6:00 pace. The wind today made these even more difficult.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mesa Rd.

6 Miles
11:45 am) 70's Warm
Garmin died at mile 4 so not sure on time. I was very tired today.
Worked last night and had no sleep before going into work. Will
catch up on sleep starting tomorrow. I'm off work all week. I
travel to Wisconsin Tuesday morning. I can't wait to see my family
and friends again. It's been since August since I've seen them.
One week from today I will be running the Cellcom Green Bay


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Manitou Springs

4 Miles 27:52 6:58 average per mile
10:00 am) Sunny & Warm
Found a neat waterfall today on my run by accident. It's called
Rainbow falls. Very nice but lots of graffiti on the rocks. It's a
shame some people have no respect for mother nature. Will take
a picture next time didn't have my camera today.
Another beautiful day here in the springs. It's in the low 80's.
8 days till GBM!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

6 Miles 41:50 6:58 average per mile
10:45 am) 60's NICE!
Just a easy run today. I felt better today than I have lately.
Spring is here. It's very warm today and even warmer this
weekend. I'm ready for the warm weather. I'm not a fan of
the cold stuff.
9 days till GBM!!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wood Ave. & Pikes Peak Greenway

14 Miles 1:33:47 6:42 average per mile
Not a great run today. I ran the first 8 miles at around 7:00 pace
or so then tried to pick it up for the last 6. I got down to low 6's but
was not easy. I think I might have been a bit dehydrated going into
this run. My face was caked with salt when I finished. I'm just glad
this run is done. Time to get rested up.
10 days to GBM.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


4 Miles 28:02 7:00 average per mile
12:30 pm)upper 50's
Very tired today. I have been working more hours this week than
past weeks and my body feels it. Plus I'm not sleeping enough. I
will get caught up next week when I get the week off from work. I
don't think my body has noticed I'm tapering yet. I think I will
notice more next week with less work and miles.
11 days till GBM


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Miles 35:32 7:06 average per mile
11:30 am) 50's sunny
Felt okay today. I tried to hold back today still ran too hard I
think. Tomorrow will be another easy day. Thursday will be my
last longer run before marathon 14 miles. At least I think so. I
have not seen my schedule yet for the last week going into the
marathon. I'm excited for the marathon but equally excited for it
to be done. I can't wait to get out on the trails and start getting
more miles in the mountains.
12 days till GBM


Monday, May 2, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

9 Miles 58:19 6:29 average per mile
10:00 am) 40 degrees
Today was marathon specific training. I was to run 2 X 3 miles at
marathon pace. So goal was around 6:00 pace or so.
Well it didn't go great. I never felt real good today. I worked
last night/this morning and was not fresh from the start.
2 mile w/u
First 3 mile set was 6:16, 6:17, 6:07.
1/2 mile jog then the second set 6:06, 6:06, 6:05
Not terrible but had to work harder than I wanted to.
1/2 mile c/d
Crazy weather started to snow when I finished! Tomorrow will be 64!
Registered for the Barr Trail Mountain Race today. I have never
done it and look forward to running it. Will be a good tune up race
before Pikes Peak Marathon.
13 Days Till GBM

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

6 Miles 40:53 6:48 average per mile
11:00 am) upper 30's cloudy
Nothing special today just a basic 6 miler. Little bit tired
before the run. Had a hard time getting motivated today.
14 days!