Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

3 Miles 18:25 6:08 average per mile
8:45 am) 30 degrees
Sunday Off
Monday Elliptical 45 minutes
Today was a pretty good run. Hadn't run past 2 days so was not
sure how the knee was. Was a bit sore as usual to start but
felt pretty good by the end. I purposely ran hard today as my
mileage is way down and need to at least keep some intensity
up to keep the fitness. Really not planning on running but
maybe one more time before the race. I will be rested at least.
I leave Friday morning for Little Rock!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Series IV Black Forest 10K

6.2 Miles 39:12 6:19 average per mile
5th Overall
10:00 am) 40's - 50's Sunny!
Black Forest 7500' gravel roads, snow covered, icy spots
rolling hills.
Knee was sore but felt okay once I had a mile under my belt.
I fell once in first mile on some ice but was not injured
and bounced up quickly. I was in 10th position after 1 mile.
After a few miles I was able to pass some runners and moved
into 5th position where I ended finishing up at. Knee was
very sore after I finished. I tried to do a cool down
but it was hurting. So decided against that and just walked
around. I now need to focus on Little Rock. Recovery will
be the name of the game this coming week. Hopefully I can
get healthy as possible for the marathon.
So I ended the winter series first in my age group (40-44)
I will get some kind of award for that next week. I have
really enjoyed the winter series. I just wished I was
healthier as all 4 races I had some kind of injury to deal

Friday, February 24, 2012


45 Minutes Elliptical

Thursday, February 23, 2012


3 Miles 19:58 6:40 average per mile
20 minutes elliptical
Bought some KT Tape and taped up my knee. Didn't notice much
improvement with it on. Knee was still very sore first mile.
Got better as I warmed up. Did first 2 miles at 5% incline
last mile at 1% incline. Going from 5% to 1% felt like I was
running downhill. I cranked up the speed to 10.5 to 11.0 for
that mile.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


6 Miles 43:23 7:14 average per mile
5% Incline
+10 minutes elliptical
Took past 2 days off completely as to try and get the knee
better. The rest didn't do much for improving the knee.
Still pretty sore but decided to give the treadmill a shot.
First mile it was hurting pretty good and almost stopped.
Decided to wait and see if it got better. It did get a
little less painful so I kept going. By mile 4 it felt
even better so I picked up the pace and finished hard.
I decided to run at 5% incline today for a couple reasons.
1 It would force me not to try to run too fast on it.
2. I would take shorter strides therefore less pounding
on the joints.
Saturday is a local 10k race. Not sure if I will race it
or not. I really want to but will have to wait and see.
It's the 4th and final race of the Winter Series and I
have done the other 3 so would like to finish it off.
Plus I'm in first place in my age group and if I don't
run I'm out of the standings.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garden of the Gods

5 Miles 32:18 6:27 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's sunny
My knee is still bugging me. I was able to run on it today but
every time my left foot contacted the ground I could feel
some pain. Running downhill seemed to be the worse as the
contact with the ground was more forceful. The good news is
the pain never got worse as the run went on and ran last 2
miles as fast as I would normally have run them. I think
with me tapering now it might give it a chance to heal up.
Next 2 days I might only do elliptical.


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Friday 2/17/2012
45 Minutes Elliptical
Taking today off (Saturday). Giving my knee some rest.
Pretty sore after Thursday's long run.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

20 Miles 2:08:36 6:26 average per mile
9:15 am) mid to upper 30's sunny light wind
Felt very good today. Best 20 miler I have ever run and the pace
was the fastest 20 I have ever done. Little Rock is looking good
at this point. Only issue I have is my left knee is acting up
some. It's not serious I don't think. I'm starting my taper now
so that could help with the issue. My fitness is the best it
has ever been. I'm running faster on my short runs and my long
runs. Sub 2:40 is looking like a real possibility at Little Rock.
I ran 12 miles today with my trainers then put on my lighter
racing shoes for the last 8 miles. Also took 2 gels one at 7
and another at 12.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


6 Miles 35:47 5:58 average per mile
9:00 am)
Really pushed hard today. I wanted to work on some speed.
I ran this workout between 9.6-11.0. I would go up and
down as needed. I would run at 10.6 for 3 minutes then
I would go 10.1 for 4 minutes and finally 9.6 for 2 minutes.
Then I would repeat this. Last mile I did a variation of
paces between 10.0-11.0.
First treadmill run ever where I averaged under 6 minute
pace. Pretty happy about that. Fitness is coming along.


Monday 2/13/2012
1 Hour Elliptical
Needed rest day from running after running hard back to back
days. Good workout though.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Garden of the Gods

8 Miles 50:12 6:16 average per mile
8:00 am) cold teens
Wanted to push hard today to see if I could better my time from
2 weeks ago. I ran 6:13 average that day. So I was a bit slower
today. I didn't feel near as good as I did 2 weeks ago. Still
a great run for me. I have not really done any hill training so
to run this pace on this course is a good sign. Once I get past
Little Rock Marathon I can refocus on the hill training and
trail running.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Series III Short Series

5 Miles 32:02 6:23 average per mile
7th Overall 1st Age 40-44
10:00 am) teens, snowing and windy
Didn't really want to race today as the conditions were far from
ideal. I had a good race and was happy with my last 2 miles
especially. The course was an out and back. The 2.5 miles out had
a tailwind and a headwind coming back. I was in 9th or 10 at the
turnaround. I was just behind 2 other runners. I drafted them for
a few minutes then decided it was time to push a bit harder so
made a pass. Glad I did the race today even if it was brutal. My
hands were frozen for a long time afterwards. Hope the weather
warms up soon!
Splits 6:16,6:30,6:40,6:22,6:08

Shoes Brook Pure Grit

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

15 Miles 1:37:28 6:30 average per mile
9:00 am) 30's cloudy
Today was a mid distance long run. Goal was to run it harder than
my 20 mile runs. So I wore my light weight shoes and hammered
it. Only problem was my legs were a bit fatigued from the start.
I ran hard previous 2 days so that was taking effect. I started
with 6:32 first mile and was already winded not a good sign. I
struggled pretty bad for first 4 miles before getting in a better
groove. Run was hard but mentally I was strong today only thing
to keep me from giving in and slowing. Pace was very consistent
even on the 7.5 miles back that are slightly uphill. Knee was
still a bit achy today. Hope that clears up before Little Rock.


Mesa Rd.

Wednesday 02/08/2012
6 Miles 37:29 6:15 average per mile
Felt good pushed hard from the start. This is 3 miles out and
3 miles back. 3 miles out around 7:00 pace, 3 miles back around
5:30 pace.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treadmill Tempo

6 Miles 37:25 6:14 average per mile
9:00 am)
I ran hard and felt it at mile 4.5. Last 1.5 mile was very

Monday, February 6, 2012


1 Hour Elliptical
Took off yesterday so I could rest before going to a Super Bowl
party. Tired this morning so elliptical sounded easier and
better for my sore knee. Knot in my hamstring is basically gone
so good news there.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mesa Rd.

6 Miles 38:34 6:25 average per mile
10:00 am) cold mid 20's
Knee has been bugging me a bit. Wasn't sure how it would be on
this run. Well it was a bit sore to start but felt good after a
couple of miles. Pushed hard on this run. Last 3 miles sub 6 pace.


Friday, February 3, 2012


30 Minutes Elliptical
Just a short easy workout today to try to loosen up the joints
a bit from yesterday's long run. I feel more sore than usual
for some reason.
Got lucky here in my part of town 1' of snow only. Much more
pretty much everywhere else in the state.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

19.93 2:12:49 6:40 average per mile
9:15 am) 30's cloudy and breezy
Good long run today. I felt strong for most of this run. Started
out south for 6 miles before turning around and going back north
to car. Continued north for 4 more miles then back to car to
finish. Miles 6-16 were into a headwind and slightly uphill.
Garmin died at 19.93 glad it didn't die sooner. Last 4 miles I
felt great and legs felt awesome good sign I think for Little


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mesa Rd.

6 Miles 39:32 6:35 average per mile
8:45 am) 30's Sunny!
Felt sluggish today until the turn around. Glad today was not my
long run. Tomorrow plan is to do 20 miles. Hamstring seams to be
pretty much normal again however I have like a knot that a can
feel when rubbing my fingers over the area. I am going to get a
tennis ball and see if I can't roll it and break it down.
Parents are in town from Wisconsin. They will be staying with me
till next Wednesday. No real plans just spending time visiting.
I will be working while they are here so not much time to go
anywhere sight seeing. Probably stay close to the springs area.