Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

20 Miles 2:08:36 6:26 average per mile
9:15 am) mid to upper 30's sunny light wind
Felt very good today. Best 20 miler I have ever run and the pace
was the fastest 20 I have ever done. Little Rock is looking good
at this point. Only issue I have is my left knee is acting up
some. It's not serious I don't think. I'm starting my taper now
so that could help with the issue. My fitness is the best it
has ever been. I'm running faster on my short runs and my long
runs. Sub 2:40 is looking like a real possibility at Little Rock.
I ran 12 miles today with my trainers then put on my lighter
racing shoes for the last 8 miles. Also took 2 gels one at 7
and another at 12.



HappyTrails said...

Solid - looking like you are primed for LR Brad!!

Ward said...

I'm a couple of weeks late with this comment but... DAMN! SMOKIN'!!!!