Monday, November 23, 2015

Air Force Academy

5.25 miles 47:53 9:07 average per mile

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Red Rock Canyon

7.6 miles 1:03:35 8:17 average per mile
Beautiful day on the trails. 50's and sunny.
Saw Matt Carpenter out on the trail. Was cool seeing him out running.
Another low mileage week for me 18 miles only. That's 5 weeks of
very low mileage. I'm ready to start my base building phase.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


4 miles 45:45
10:00 am
Mile 1 walking 15% @ 4.0-4.2
Mile 2 running 7% @ 7.0
Mile 3 walking 15% @ 4.0-4.3
Mile 4 running 7% @ 7.0-7.5
Hard workout for me at this point in my fitness. Kind of starting
from scratch. Going to be doing a lot of these kinds of workouts
So I can practice my hiking skills for Leadville 100.

On my diet note I'm pretty much 100% Vegan. I like the way I feel
eating a plant based diet. My weight without really trying is several pounds
lower than when I was eating meat. I am sitting at around 138.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Looking ahead

Looking at 2016 I have a exciting new sponsor. Runners Roost Trail & Ultra Race team MUT.
It's going to be a busy year. With my main focus being a 100 mile trail race. The plan is
to enter the Leadville 100 lottery next month.
I have been in rest mode the past month after doing my last marathon for the year in Maine.
It was far from my best marathon as the build up just didn't go well. I had too many miles
on my legs from my busy trail and ultra season.
I'm going to start building my base back up starting this week. It will be a slow build up.
With it getting a bit more serious come January.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pikes Peak Greenway

12 miles 1:23:21 6:58 average per mile
7:00 am)
Beautiful morning for a run with Justin. It did get a bit warm. Was thankful
for the early start. Legs felt heavy and tired. I wore the heart rate strap for first
time in ages. I was curious to see what it would be. I found it to be pretty
consistent in the 138-142 range. This coming week will look to run a bit more.
I need to build the mileage back up, if I'm going to run well in October.
Avg. HR  137
Max. HR 148
Avg. cadence 181
Avg. stride length 1.28 m
Elevation gain 282
Elevation loss 285

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Barr Trail

11.5 mile 1:57:00
8:45 am) sunny warm
First time running Barr trail in probably 2 years! It was very busy today.
Lots of traffic from the incline nation. This is the big reason I avoid Barr
trail. I'm not a fan. Went up to no name creek then I hit the trail just to
the left. Not sure the name of it. It's a old service road for the utility
company. I took this till the pipeline bridge. Going back down Barr was
a nightmare. Tons of hikers to get around.
It's now time to turn my focus to road running again. Im doing MDI in
October. That's Mount Desert Island in Maine. This will be my last
marathon for 2015. I have already had a busy year. I have run 2 marathons,
1 50k and 2 50 milers. Not bad for a old guy:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pikes Peak Ultra 50 miler

50 miles 9:23 2nd place
10,600 + vertical gain
Had a great day in the mountains. Very tough course with lots of climbing.
I was in 4th place for the early miles as I went out a little conservative,
knowing it was going to be a long day. I moved into second place just
after 20 miles where I stayed the rest of the day. This was a great event
put on by Well organized, great course markings,
well stocked aid stations and friendly volunteers.
I'm still eating vegetarian. This was my first race as a vegetarian so I was
a bit nervous how it would effect my performance. I think my result
speaks for itself.
Wore Hoka Huakas for the entire 50 miles. Not really the best traction
shoes for technical trails but everything else about them rocks.