Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

4 miles 32:12 8:03 average per mile
536 elevation gain
10:20 am) 60 & sunny
Kept this run short and relatively easy
Will take next 2 days off.
I need rest and recovery at this point.

pullups 26 (14,12)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Intemann & Section 16

9 miles 1:19:45 8:51 average per mile
10:30 am)
60 sunny
2068 elevation gain
Legs felt heavy today. Hard run! Time to take a few
easy days.

51 pullups 14,13,12,12

Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden of the Gods Trails

6 miles 53:50 8:58 average per mile
11:20 am) upper 50's sunny! very nice!
979 vertical gain
Tried to run easy today. Hard to run easy at this
park with all the ups and downs. Hard run tomorrow
then taking 3 easy days before my next marathon.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Series 3 Ute Valley Park

8.50 miles total
6.46 miles 45:36 7:04 average per mile
11:35 am) 40's
21st overall 4th age group
712 elevation gain
My worst finishing spot in fall series. Course was
super technical and hilly. I was reduced to a power
hike a few times on one of the major climbs. Not
sure if my fatigue level was high due to the marathon
6 days ago. Or I'm just not used to running in this
park or both. Six days from today I have another
marathon. Hope I can recover.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Barr Trail

8 miles 1:23:23 10:25 average per mile
2653 elevation gain
10:55 am) 30's sunny
3 miles up Barr trail back down and couple more miles
on Ute Pass Trail and the Incline.
Forgot how hard Barr trail is the 3 miles up was slow
going. Some snow on Barr but not much and it was
not slippery. The Mountain Masochist 2's grip
was awesome.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

High Drive Hill Repeats

8.70 miles total
8 miles 1:02:02 7:45 average per mile
2063 elevation gain
10:50 am) 30's cloudy cold!

mile 1 9:54
mile 2 10:29
mile 3 5:44
mile 4 5:50
mile 5 9:12
mile 6 10:05
mile 7 5:23
mile 8 5:22

Good workout still adjusting back to altitude.
My downhill miles were solid. Looks like snow
moving in already. Not ready for snow.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Intemann Trail

5 miles 48:49 9:45 average per mile
10:10 am) upper 40's sunny!
1029 elevation gain
Got back to Colorado last night. First run back
home in a week. Legs still tired from marathon and
I could tell I was back at altitude. Will probably
take a few runs to get back to normal. Got to get
used to trail running again my footing was not
very good today and I fell once and almost fell
a second time.
Need to lose some weight I ate alot in Wisconsin.
I need to drop at least 5 pounds and maybe closer
to 10.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honky Tonk Marathon Wisconsin Dells

26.2 miles 2:48:39
4th overall 1st age group
8:00 am) upper 30's sunny at start
Last year winning time was 2:58 so I thought going
into this race I had a very good chance of winning.
Apparently a few other runners must have had the
same thoughts. The race started out fast and I let
runners go ahead. I figured they were half marathoners.
At the half marathon turn around only 2 runners came
back at me. I now knew I was in 7th place. I tried
to pick up the pace but was having a hard time
running any faster than I was currently running.
The course was pretty hilly and not a fast course
and it was run out on the country roads with no
spectators to motivate me to push harder. I did
see my girlfriend and parents several times so
that did keep me motivated and running the best
I could. At the turnaround mile 13.1 I was still
in 7th place. I ran 1:23 for the first half.
The second half had some headwind but not bad.
I started to feel pretty good and reeled in a
couple runners and then held my position until
mile 23 or so when I passed my final runner
putting me in 4th place. Overall happy with my
time wish I could have been 2:45 or so but
pretty close to my goal. The winning time was
like 2:35 so I was far from winning. The finisher
medal is pretty awesome and can be used as
a belt buckle. I also got a second medal for
age group winner. I missed the overall awards
as it went to top 3. Time to recover now as
my next marathon is less than 2 weeks! Went for
a easy short run this morning with my girlfriend
on the parents property. Felt pretty good and
not too sore. Flying back to Colorado this
afternoon. Has been fun visiting family and
friends. Great trip!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

County C Montello, Wisconsin

4.22 miles 26:37 6:19 average per mile
2:15 pm) 50 degrees cloudy
Last run before the marathon on Sunday. Kept it short
and ran on the faster side. Look forward to the race.
I will have lots of family cheering me on.


Thursday October, 18th
Fox River Trail, Green Bay, Wisconsin
5.04 miles 42:16 8:24 average per mile
5:00 pm) cloudy cool upper 40's
Group run with some of my old running buddies from
Green Bay. Nice easy run.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

County C Montello Wisconsin

Wednesday October 18, 2012
4.15 miles 26:14 6:34 average per mile
11:00 am)upper 50's partly sunny
Short run with some faster turnover.
Legs felt a bit sluggish from traveling.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 miles 1:09:45 6:58 average per mile
10:20 am) 60's sunny & warm
Last longish run before my marathon on Sunday.
Legs felt sore and tired from racing this past
Travel day tomorrow to Wisconsin. Will be
spending a week with family and friends. Looking
forward to this trip.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Series 2

4.80 miles 33:14 6:55 average per mile
16th overall out of 460 4th age group
735 elevation gain
11:30 am) upper 50's sunny
First time running Fall Series 2. Course was fun
and very challenging. Lots of ups and downs with
sweet single track. Towards the end you get to
run up a very steep hillside. They have ropes
you can use to pull yourself up with. I was happy
to use them as I was spent. First time that I
can remember ever running races on back to back
days. I'm pretty happy with my results. One
week from today I will be running a road marathon.
Time to taper.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mine to Mine 9k Cripple Creek, Colorado

5.76 miles according to my Garmin 35:34
1.5 mile warmup 7.25 miles total
Mid 30's snow flurries and wind
8th place

Elevation at the start 9991 min. elevation 9421
Race starts out with a fast downhill. Flattens
out around mile 2.5 then gradually climbs again
till mile 5 or so then downhill finish.
My breathing was very labored today. Not used
to racing this high. My race went well happy
with the results. This was a first year event
and was well run. The top 3 finishers won real
gold from the local mines. I didn't receive
an award as age group was only for the winner.
Kind of bummed about that.
61 miles for the week.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stratton Open Space

TCR award banquet tonight. 3rd master for the
Triple Crown of Running series 2012.

6.70 miles 1:01:20 9:09 average per mile
9:30 am) 60's sunny
1190 vertical gain
First time running on these trails. Not sure why it
took me so long to run them. Fun trails with lots
of variety. Legs still tired today so I didn't
push as hard as normal. I plan on taking tomorrow
off to rest. This week my mileage will be down some
but works out good as I am sort of tapering for
next weekend.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Tempo

7.65 miles
6 mile tempo 38:32 6:25 average per mile
11:30 am) 50's sunny
Fatigue was a factor on this tempo run. I just didn't
have it today. Yesterday's hard 12.5 mile run wore
me out.
I have 2 races this weekend so I will adjust my next
2 days of running so I can recover some. I'm 1 1/2
weeks out from my next marathon. So cutting back
a little will be good.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intemann, Section 16, High Drive

12.45 miles 1:45:48 8:30 average per mile
10:30 am) 60's sunny
2917 vertical gain
Took off yesterday. Had a hard time not running as I
was antsy to get out. I did do some cross training
to at least get a workout in. I did 50 pullups total
for the day and some weights.
This morning I woke up to a sore hamstring. I rolled
it out before my run. Wasn't an issue for the run.
It feels a bit sore but not twingy. Today's run was
a good one. I pushed pretty hard and felt kind of
sick when I finished. My stomach was not feeling
great either. I ate some fruit snacks before my
steep 2 mile down and that was a mistake. So a
bit longer than last weeks run and slightly faster
I will take it.


Midland Trail
6:00 pm) 40's
5 miles 36:55 7:23 average per mile
Recovery run. Tried to slow down a bit so this would
be a recovery run. Still a bit faster than I should
do these.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Long Run

22.06 miles 2:29:36 6:47 average per mile
11:50 am) 50's sunny! nice day
1421 elevation gain
Late start today as it was very cold this morning.
Glad I waited as it was perfect running temps
when I started. B once again rode her bike along
my side. So thankful she was supporting me today.
I needed the support. I felt tired pretty much the
entire run. I have run 97 miles from Sunday to
Sunday so the fatigue was expected.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Run 10k

38:02 6:08 average per mile
6th overall 3rd age group
8:30 am) 30's cold
Good race today. Fastest 10k I have run in Colorado.
Tough competition in my age group today.
2 miles warm up/ cool down.75 miles on
the week. Very happy with the week of training.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Garden of the Gods Trails

5 miles
10:30 am) cloudy and cold low 40's
Recovery run with B. Nice run through the garden and even hit
some new trails. 10k tomorrow hope it doesn't snow!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Intemann, Red Mountain, Ute Pass

10 miles 1:31:41
Red Mountain 9:58
10:40 am) 40's sunny cold
Feeling a bit under the weather today. I was slower for sure
and Red Mountain really took it out of me. I didn't add
distance this week to this run but was able to keep it the
same as last time. I have a 10k on Saturday and a 22
mile long run on Sunday. Will be a fun weekend! Also
it might snow Saturday.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway Tempo

8 miles total
6 mile tempo 38:12 6:21 average per mile
10:30 am) 70's sunny, very windy, warm
First 3 miles into headwind. Slow going until I turned around
and had some tailwind. Overall a good tempo run. Legs
were sluggish today but not surprised as I have increased
weekly mileage last few weeks.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Intemann, Section 16, High Drive

12 miles 1:42:31 8:32 average per mile
2796 vertical gain
9:45 am) 60's- 70's sunny!
Great run! I was surprised I ran this well. My fitness is improving
each week. I made this run 1 mile longer than last weeks. I try
to keep building it up.


Midland Trail
5 miles 35:42 7:08 average per mile
7:00 pm) 60's
Recovery run. Ran faster than I should have oh well. 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Catamount Trail

7 miles
2121 vertical gain
Nice fall color hike with B and Alicia.