Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eating vegetarian!

While reading Scott Jurek's book eat & run I have been inspired to try eating
vegetarian. I have been a meat eater my entire life so this is quite the big
leap for me. Bethany and I are on day 12 without any meat. We have learned
to eat many more types of foods. We even had tacos with the meat like 
substance being walnuts with green lentils blended in the food processor.
We have made are own snacks as well. We make delicious Lara bars that
taste as good or better than the store bought ones. I have pretty much 
eliminated processed foods from my diet. Im eating super clean by my
standards. I'm still eating eggs and dairy so definitely not going Vegan.
My weight is right at 140 and I feel great. Im excited to see what the
longer terms benefits will be. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pikes Peak Ultra course training

14.83 miles 2:45 11:04 average per mile
3771 elevation gain
Ran some of the course today. It's going to be hard! I still have yet to summit
the 2 highest peaks on this course, Mount Rosa and Amalgre. The down that
I ran today will be punishing on race day with tired legs. This 50 miler will
be epic!