Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

3.73 miles 30:00 8:03 average per mile
Recovery run. Quads were sore and my lower back is very sore. My back has
been sore for over a week now. I strained it a week ago picking up
some coolers full of food and ice. The run yesterday has really aggravated
it. The good news is the knee seems great.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Leadville Trail Marathon

26.2 miles 4:28:43 10:15 average per mile
22 out of 489 6th age group
8:00 am) mid 50's sunny
marathon #35!
1 8:54.3
2 11:41.5
3 11:01.3
4 14:28.4
5 11:24.1
6 12:13.8
7 8:28.3
8 7:31.3
9 7:20.5
10 8:15.2
11 12:09.1
12 18:16.4
13 18:02.5
14 10:08.3
15 8:30.4
16 8:05.6
17 8:10.7
18 9:36.7
19 10:26.9
20 13:43.3
21 8:13.3
22 11:00.7
23 8:46.4
24 8:01.4
25 6:42.3
26 6:00.4
27 1:33.8
Not a great race but not a bad race. I wasn't very happy with my climbing today. I was
however very happy with my descents. Knee was great all day even with all the rocks to
run over. I hoped to run low 4's today but I at least beat 4:30. Course was harder than
I expected. I did a training run in Leadville but it didn't include Ball Mountain or
Mosquito Pass due to snow. So most of the run I didn't know what to expect. If I
go back next year I will know what to expect. I know I can do better. Tough field
this year I thought I would have a chance at a age group award but wasn't even close.
Time to move on I suppose races next 2 weekends. Hopefully wont be too sore after
this one. My back is very sore already. Hope that gets better quick.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Falcon Trail Air Force Academy

7.35 miles 1:00 8:10 average per mile
3:00 pm) low 90's sunny HOT!
4 x 45 second strides mixed in.
Third day of running in the 90's. Getting some good heat acclimation going.
Today my knee felt better. This was the first run in a couple weeks with
no pain. Hoping this continues, I have a trail marathon this Saturday at
Leadville, Colorado.


Wednesday June 26
3.71 miles 30 minutes 7:58 average per mile
3:20 pm) 92 degrees sunny HOT!
Easy paced run.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway Mile Repeats

7 miles 51:51 7:18 average per mile
4:30 pm) sunny & hot 91 degrees!
15 minute warm up
3 X 1 mile repeats
2 minute jog/walk in between
6:08, 6:15, 6:14
These were very difficult. It was very hot and I struggled. Goal was 6:00 could not hit
that. I think besides the heat the fact that I have done zero speed work since the Garden
10 miler was a big factor. The good news is the knee felt pretty good.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lake Isabel, San Isabel National Forest

Friday 6/21/2013 2.17 mile uphill walk @ 15% Incline 30:00
4.0-4.6 mph

Saturday 6/22/2013
4 miles 1:00 St Charles Trail. San Isabel National Forest
This is near Rye, Colorado
1534 elevation gain. Max elevation 10,303
This trail was steep and rocky! 1534 elevation gain was in 2 miles.


Sunday 6/23/2013
10.73 miles 1:38:32 San Isabel National Forest
1711 elevation gain. Max elevation 9,515
Ran on a trail around Lake Isabel. Also ran on a unmarked trail off
Snow Slide trail head.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

5.57 miles 45:00 8:05 average per mile
4:00 pm) 80's sunny
Easy paced run. Practice for ultra marathon pace. Was suppose to be 8:30 or slower.
Knee same as yesterday.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Treadmill 4%

1:05:00 8.02 miles
5 minute warmup 0% Incline
1:00 @ 4% incline @ 7.5 mph.
Knee felt about the same. Not great but not so bad I can't run. The level
of discomfort was about the same from the start to the end.
This was a boring workout. I wanted to change the pace or incline at
times just to change it up but stuck with the plan.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elk Park

10.5 miles 2:15:34 12:57 average per mile
10:30 am) 50's
elevation gain 2134
min. elevation 10,183 max. elevation 11,846
Ran from Elk Park to Barr Camp and back. Knee was sore today maybe from
yesterdays run. Going towards Barr Camp this trail runs down and my
knee does not like downs and technical rocky trail. Barr trail back
felt better as it was much more ups than downs.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

6 miles 47:02 7:49 average per mile
11:30 am) upper 70's sunny
Longest run since Sunday. Knee felt better. Still pretty sore especially first
few miles. Knee did feel better than it has all week. I actually had a couple
faster miles today so that makes me hopeful.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Last few days & knee update

So I took off Tuesday and saw Jeff Mathews local chiropractor. He is very well
known in the running community here. So that was Tuesday evening. I then tried
to run Wednesday evening. I went 1.86 mile before ending it. Too painful.
I went back to Jeff on Thursday. He worked on me again. He ruled out anything
serious. He thinks I might have bruised my knee. I'm thinking that might be
right. I ran Thursday evening after seeing Jeff. I ran on some trails at
Red Rock Canyon. Knee felt a little better but hurt on the downs. I ran for
45:00 a little over 4 miles. Very slow pace! After the run I got to thinking
about today's workout. I came to the conclusion maybe uphill on the treadmill
might be an option to try. No downhill!
So today I did 35:00 on the treadmill. It went pretty good and I got in a
great workout. Knee was not bad at all. Some mild discomfort. Also I should
mention I'm on the ice and Ibuprofen routine now. I ice as soon as I finish
my workout and I try to ice through out the day.
This is what today's workout looked like
5:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (knee felt fine)
3:00 @ 7% 7.0 mph (this made my knee grumpy)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph
2:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph (thought I would give running another shot at steeper grade)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (back to walking as 2 minutes of running made me winded)
2:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph (decided this feels okay but lets just stick to 2 minutes)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (and so on till 35:00)
20:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph walking
12:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph running
3:00 @ 7% 7.0 mph running

Monday, June 10, 2013

Treadmill 15%

30:05 2.10 miles
15% Incline
4.0 - 4.5 mph
Knee still hurting pretty good. Even this workout hurt. After 10 minutes though it did
feel better.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Garden of the Gods 10 Miler

10 miles 1:03:36 6:22 average per mile
New PR! Previous was 1:04:02 2011
38th overall 5th master
7:00 am) 50's sunny!
Garmin info:
Summary 1:03:39.0 10.11 6:18
1 5:59.4 1.00 5:59
2 6:44.2 1.00 6:44
3 6:32.0 1.00 6:32
4 6:13.4 1.00 6:13
5 6:39.9 1.00 6:40
6 6:09.0 1.00 6:09
7 6:15.8 1.00 6:16
8 6:12.8 1.00 6:13
9 6:19.7 1.00 6:20
10 5:56.4 1.00 5:56
11 :36.4 0.11 5:45
Took past 2 days off in hopes of recovering some and giving the knee a rest.
Unfortunately the knee still hurt today. I did a warm up and it did not feel
good at all. Knee really hurt and didn't feel better till mile 6. The downs
really hurt! On the ups it was not so bad so I pushed the ups. I still had
a great race however and probably ran a smarter race since the knee was
hurting. I went out slower and that allowed me to run faster towards the end.
I passed several runnners over last 3-4 miles. Got a masters award for 4th but
they screwed up some results and I should have been 5th master.
After the race I did a cool down and my knee was already complaining from
the hard effort. Glad to be done road racing for a while. Bring on the trails!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Midland Trail

6 miles 40:50 6:48 average per mile
4:30 pm) 70 degrees sunny
Knee still hurting some. It's sore for a couple miles then it's okay for the
most part. Think it's due to my VMO muscle being pretty sore. It does feel
better than a few days ago however.
Today I did a mile warm up. Then I ran 20 seconds pretty hard then 40 seconds
not as hard sort of recovery but not a slow pace. I did this for 4 miles.
1 mile cool down.


Falcon Trail

Wednesday 6/6/2013
9 miles 1:13:57 8:13 average per mile
3:00 pm) cloudy cool 50's


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

High Drive Hill Repeats

4 miles
4:20 pm) cloudy, drizzle
Did 10 X 1:00 hill repeats. After each hill repeat I would jog back down.
I would then rest around 1:45 before starting the next one. Knee is
still pretty achy. I felt it mostly on the jog back down each time.
Hoping this gets much better before Sunday. The race Sunday has lots
of fast downs on pavement.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

7.78 miles 1:00:06 7:44 average per mile
4:15 pm) 80's sunny! Warm & Breezy
Felt okay today. Knee was a bit achy but otherwise all felt good.
Warm day but didn't really notice the heat. Was supposed to run 8:30 pace
or slower. Not real good at running slow when it's called for.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Leadville Trail training run

27.70 miles 4:30:00 9:45 average per mile
5:22 Time on feet.
min elevation 10,232 max elevation 11,662
Elevation gain 4605
Elevation loss 4565
10:00 am) 60's sunny
Ran some of the Leadville marathon course but was not able to got to the top
of Mosquito Pass nor the Ball Mountain loop. Both snow covered. I ran what
roads I could that weren't too snow covered. I still ran through plenty of
snow, mud and water. I fell into some deep snow before turning around on 1A.
I ran county road 3 as far as I could go before giving up after soaking my
shoe in a stream. I was surprised with the amount of snow still in Leadville.
I hope it's much better by the 29th when I run the marathon.
I felt pretty good today. I was concerned with the altitude since I have not
been up high at all. I did walk the steep stuff but my walk was very good.
I ate well and drank well and never felt like I was bonking. I did get tired
but that's to be expected at that altitude and amount of time on feet.

63.84 miles for the week
10 hours time on feet.