Friday, June 14, 2013

Last few days & knee update

So I took off Tuesday and saw Jeff Mathews local chiropractor. He is very well
known in the running community here. So that was Tuesday evening. I then tried
to run Wednesday evening. I went 1.86 mile before ending it. Too painful.
I went back to Jeff on Thursday. He worked on me again. He ruled out anything
serious. He thinks I might have bruised my knee. I'm thinking that might be
right. I ran Thursday evening after seeing Jeff. I ran on some trails at
Red Rock Canyon. Knee felt a little better but hurt on the downs. I ran for
45:00 a little over 4 miles. Very slow pace! After the run I got to thinking
about today's workout. I came to the conclusion maybe uphill on the treadmill
might be an option to try. No downhill!
So today I did 35:00 on the treadmill. It went pretty good and I got in a
great workout. Knee was not bad at all. Some mild discomfort. Also I should
mention I'm on the ice and Ibuprofen routine now. I ice as soon as I finish
my workout and I try to ice through out the day.
This is what today's workout looked like
5:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (knee felt fine)
3:00 @ 7% 7.0 mph (this made my knee grumpy)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph
2:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph (thought I would give running another shot at steeper grade)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (back to walking as 2 minutes of running made me winded)
2:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph (decided this feels okay but lets just stick to 2 minutes)
2:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph (and so on till 35:00)
20:00 @ 15% 4.0 mph walking
12:00 @ 15% 5.5 mph running
3:00 @ 7% 7.0 mph running

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