Sunday, June 2, 2013

Leadville Trail training run

27.70 miles 4:30:00 9:45 average per mile
5:22 Time on feet.
min elevation 10,232 max elevation 11,662
Elevation gain 4605
Elevation loss 4565
10:00 am) 60's sunny
Ran some of the Leadville marathon course but was not able to got to the top
of Mosquito Pass nor the Ball Mountain loop. Both snow covered. I ran what
roads I could that weren't too snow covered. I still ran through plenty of
snow, mud and water. I fell into some deep snow before turning around on 1A.
I ran county road 3 as far as I could go before giving up after soaking my
shoe in a stream. I was surprised with the amount of snow still in Leadville.
I hope it's much better by the 29th when I run the marathon.
I felt pretty good today. I was concerned with the altitude since I have not
been up high at all. I did walk the steep stuff but my walk was very good.
I ate well and drank well and never felt like I was bonking. I did get tired
but that's to be expected at that altitude and amount of time on feet.

63.84 miles for the week
10 hours time on feet.


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