Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mile Repeats Santa Fe Trail

7 miles 50:36 7:14 average per mile
4:30 pm) 54 degrees windy
3 x 1 mile repeats with mile jog in between
Pretty tired tonight. Did lots of walking today at work.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ute Valley Park

6 miles 57:00 9:30 average per mile
5:45 pm) 40's
Easy trail run.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Santa Fe Trail - Pikes Peak Greenway

6.25 miles 45:36 7:17 average per mile
6:00 pm) 40's
Late start as I spent almost 2 hours at the dentist office. Had not been in over
3 years so it took a long time to clean my teeth. Glad that is over!
Only bad news was my fillings are old and need to be replaced - 5 of them.

1.75 mile warm up
Then I did 10 X 1 minute on 1 minute off
1:05 5:44 pace
1:03 5:59
1:00 5:52
1:05 5:56
1:00 5:31
1:00 5:48
1:02 5:51
1:02 5:51
1:00 5:59
1:01 5:47
1.5 mile cool down

Ok workout I guess at least I got it done. Little bit surprised that I can
barely break 6 minute pace on these. Not worried about it plenty of time
on my side to get ready for my goal race.

Monday, October 28, 2013


5 miles 36:45 7:21 average per mile
6:30 pm
Late start tonight and it was getting dark so opted for treadmill.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mountain Bike

Pikes Peak Greenway

8 miles 1:01:11 7:39 average per mile
8:00 am) upper 40's sunny
Ran with the HURT group today. Most of the group was going long. Myself
and Ezra did 4 out and 4 back. Legs still adjusting to running on pavement
and flat surfaces. I feel my turnover is very slow at this point. Got to
start from somewhere. New training cycle starts tomorrow!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ute Valley Park

5.65 miles
Did a preview of the course for next Sunday's race with Larry and Bethany.
The course is going to be tough! There is a new element added to this year's
race that I can't divulge. I think runners will find it pretty fun and
challenging. But who knows? Larry could change the course before the gun
goes off.
Road my new mountain bike today for the first time. I bought it so I could
start doing some cross training. It's a 29er hard tail Scott. Bought it
used of Craigslist. Rode pretty nice still haven't hit the technical stuff
yet. Need to get used to it a bit better before hitting the trails. For
now I will ride bike paths.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Neighborhood roads

5.60 miles 39:46 7:06 average per mile
4:45 pm) upper 50's
Getting body used to running roads again. Going to cut back on the trails
and start doing more road running. In prep for a couple half marathons
and my goal race in March a marathon.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

5.12 miles 35:52
2 mile warm up
2 miles at a hard effort 5:57, 6:00
1.12 mile cool down

Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Rock Canyon

4.3 miles
Ran with JT and Brandon tonight. Hope to get to do more group runs in the future.
Legs felt tired from the race yesterday. Feeling a bit lost as far as a routine
goes. I had a schedule for the last 6 months and now nothing. I will just keep
doing whatever for a bit longer before getting back into a schedule. I really
like having a set schedule. I guess this is why I plan my race schedule out
at least 6 months at a time.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Series 2 Bear Creek Park

7.80 miles total
4.50 mile race 31:25 7:00 average per mile
14th place out of 357
First race since the 100k 3 weeks ago. This race was much shorter but was not
easy as it was a faster paced race. Still trying to get some speed back so it
was pretty hard to push the pace. Happy with the race. I did get stung by a bee
which hurt pretty bad. Leg still bugging me hours later. Near the finish line
you have to climb up a steep embankment. They have ropes you can use to help
pull yourself up. I went to pull on the rope but all I got was a slacked line.
The co race director Larry Miller was playing a prank on me. So I had to climb
it without the help of a rope.


Saturday, October 19, 2013


4 miles 28:50
1 mile warm up
2 miles @ 10.2 mph 1% incline
1 mile cool down
Trying to slowly build some speed back. Hoping by December to have some good speed
built up.

Ute Valley Park

Thursday 10/17/2013
2.65 miles
Easy run with B. Explored some new trails.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bear Creek Park

4.62 miles 35:00 7:35 average per mile
2:50 pm) 50 degrees sunny
Elevation gain 524
Ran what I think will be the course for Sunday's race. Not a easy course
lots of up and downs. Some nice single track. Shoes got wet on the one
and only creek crossing. Glad it's toward the end.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eagle Peak

3.65 miles 1:17:03
min. elevation 7268 max. elevation 9277
3:15 pm) cold 40 snow flurries!
Been wanting to do this for weeks finally had time for it. The trail is on
the Air Force Academy grounds. I work very close to this trail so very
handy. Not really runnable but a good hike. The down was so steep I had a
hard time walking spots. Might need more grippy shoes if I do this again.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Treadmill hill work and speedwork

5.5 miles 40:00
5 minute warmup
2:00 @ 5% Incline @ 8.0 mph.
2:00 @ 1% Incline @ 8.0 mph.
2:00 @ 1% Incline @ 10.0 mph.
Repeated this until I hit 40 minutes.
This was a good workout I like getting some speed and hill work
in the same workout. This workout was totally winged. I planned
on running outside but decided last minute just to stay inside
and run on the mill.

Bear Creek Park

5.50 miles
Scouted out the course with B for Fall Series II. Will be racing this course
on Sunday. The course will be finalized on Saturday and marked.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

5 miles 35:03 7:00 average per mile
3:45 pm) cool and light drizzle
1 mile warm up
2 mile hard effort 6:07, 6:09
2 mile cool down.
Introduced some speed work back into my training. I don't have great speed as of now.
The 2 miles of it just about killed me. I will need to work on this as I want to get
faster. I'm not training for a ultra any more so I will shift my focus. My next key
race will be March 2014. It's a marathon but I will need speed if I'm finally going
to break 2:40.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ute Valley Park

6.10 miles 8:47 average per mile
Keeping the runs easy this week. Recovering good from the race but legs still
feel heavy. No soreness!
Next week look to get back at it a little bit more. I have fall series II next
Sunday. Hoping my legs will be back by then.


Ute Valley Park

Sunday 12/6/13
3.85 miles 30:00 7:48 average per mile


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ute Valley Park

5.81 miles 55:31 9:33 average per mile
11:30 am) 50 degrees sunny
Only second run since the race 1 week ago. Taking it easy this week and
listening to my body. Will take it easy this next week as well. Hopefully
after that can start doing a bit more.
Went back to work on Thursday. Only missed 2 days of work due to the
shutdown, even though the shutdown is still on going. I work for Goodwill
and we have a government contract that apparently is still funded for now.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Red Mountain

3.57 miles
Red Mountain 9:56
1:30 pm) 70's sunny
First run since the 100k on Saturday. Legs felt pretty good. I pushed
on the up and took the down easy. Could feel the soreness on the down.
Currently not working due to the government shutdown. Guess I have
more time to run. I made use of my free time today and painted the
bathroom. Was the last room to be painted. Have a couple projects
for tomorrow if I'm still not working. Got to make the best of the