Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ute Valley Park

5.65 miles
Did a preview of the course for next Sunday's race with Larry and Bethany.
The course is going to be tough! There is a new element added to this year's
race that I can't divulge. I think runners will find it pretty fun and
challenging. But who knows? Larry could change the course before the gun
goes off.
Road my new mountain bike today for the first time. I bought it so I could
start doing some cross training. It's a 29er hard tail Scott. Bought it
used of Craigslist. Rode pretty nice still haven't hit the technical stuff
yet. Need to get used to it a bit better before hitting the trails. For
now I will ride bike paths.


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HappyTrails said...

What - no pictures of the bike? ;-)