Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fox River Trail

7 Miles 47:56 6:50 average per mile
5:00 pm) sunny low 60's
Took it easy for the first 4 miles. Legs were feeling yesterdays
track workout. Plus I bumped my leg at work today and bruised it
pretty good. So that was bothering me and made it hard to run my
normal stride. After 4 miles it felt better and ran the last 3
hard 6:42, 6:25 and 6:02.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

West De Pere High School Track

8.7 Miles
5:15 pm) 50's cloudy
Track Workout 10 x 800's
Goal was to run these around 2:40-2:45
I felt good tonight. I took off last night because I just
didn't have any energy to go for a run. I'm glad I listened
to my body. Tonight was a good test to see if I could run
10 800's and be consistent. I think I passed the test. It
was not easy though. I jogged/walked 400 after each 800
for recovery.
Here is the splits:
1/ 2:41:35
2/ 2:39:22
3/ 2:40:03
4/ 2:38:68
5/ 2:39:26
6/ 2:39:84
7/ 2:41:42
8/ 2:41:22
9/ 2:38:36
10/ 2:37:78

Monday, April 27, 2009


10 Miles 1:07:30 6:45 average per mile
5:30 pm) 50's cloudy
Good run. I was a bit sore still from Saturday but not bad.
I ran with Jason tonight. It was his first run with us. He
is a regular at the Saturday runs. He needs a 3:10 for Boston
and hopes to qualify at Cellcom. I'm positive he will. He is
running very strong. I think he might have a shot at sub 3:00.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

West De Pere High School

20.2 Miles 2:25:00 7:11 average
7:00 am) low 50's at the start temps falling to mid 40's
I did not really want to run in the rain today but it was
my last long run before the taper and the forecast was no
better later in the day. I got soaked on this run a couple
of times it just down poured.
The run did not go very good. I did not really have anyone
to run with today, and with the rain I was just off mentally.
I had a plan to run the last 6 miles at marathon pace but
after one mile of trying to pick up the pace I decided it
wasn't going to happen today. I slowed the pace down and
was basically jogging. A group of 3 caught up to me and
I ran the last 3 miles with them. Two of them are running
their first marathon and both said they would shoot for 3:30.
I would say they can do it. We ran those 3 miles in the 7:15
range. Well under what they need for a 3:30 marathon. Today
reminded me of my first marathon with all the rain. It was
2004 Cellcom Green Bay marathon. I struggled big time and
ran 4:09.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

UWGB Trail

10 Miles
5:45 pm) 50's partly sunny
Ran 2 loops. The first one was at a easier pace. I was
feeling a bit tired. Started the second loop feeling
good. So decided to push it and see if I could break
30:00 minutes. My best is 30:31 last August. I ended
up a bit over 30:11. Not bad considering I did a track
workout last night. I will break 30:00 for sure this
year. Tomorrow is a rest day. Saturday 20 miles.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

West De Pere High School Track

8 Miles track workout
5:15 pm) 50's Partly sunny nice! Some wind.
Track workout 8 X 1000's
1000 - 3:32:38
1000 - 3:28:11
1000 - 3:28:81
1000 - 3:28:48
1000 - 3:28:05
1000 - 3:27:99
1000 - 3:30:81
1000 - 3:22:62
Did 400 meter jogs in between the 1000's.
After the 4th set did 600 meter jog.
The goal today was 3:30 or better. I was under on all but 2 of them.
This was harder than last week. My legs were tired from yesterdays
12 mile run. Needed 400 for recovery as my breathing was heavy.
200 just was not enough. Next week I'm thinking about doing 10 800's
to see what I can do on them. I would be happy with 2:40 or so.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Packerland Drive

12 Miles 1:23:10 6:56 average per mile
149 average HR
6:00 pm) 40 degrees. cloudy & windy
I had a hard time getting motivated to go out tonight.
It was raining and windy. Luckily the rain stopped but
the wind didn't. I was going to make this a progression
run but it did not work out very good. The course I ran
had some hills and with the wind I couldn't keep hitting
faster miles.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gold's Gym

8 Miles? 1:00
6:00 pm)
Was planning on running outside but the weather is cold and
it's raining. So hit the mill instead. Run was okay not great.
I was about to quit after 4 miles. Felt tired and no energy.
After about half an hour the treadmill just turned off. This
is the second time I have had this happen to me. I hoped on
another one and ended up doing an hour. I have to guess at
my distance. I'm sure I did at least 8 miles. Not sure why the
treadmill just shut off. I asked the girl at the front desk but
she didn't know. She said she would tell the maintenance man.
Overall I feel good. This week is my last week before I taper.
I will go long on Saturday then the taper begins. I can't wait
till race day!
Today was the Boston Marathon. I was kind of wishing I was there.
My brother ran it this year for the first time he is now a Boston
Marathon Finisher. Congratulations!!! I look forward to hearing
all about his experience. I had a blast going the past 2 years.
I'm sure he did as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oshkosh Half Marathon

13.1 Miles 1:19:47 6:05 average
8:00 am) Sunny 50's Perfect!
Not the time I was hoping for but still a new PR. So that's
a positive. I was shooting to hit 5:55 - 6:00 miles. I was
a bit over that. I was not feeling fresh going into this race.
I ran 21 the Saturday before hard and ran hard on Wednesday.
Thursday was supposed to be real easy and was also too hard.
It's okay though as this was not the big race for me. That's May 16.
Here is the splits:
13.13/6:16 (:50)
I was 11th overall and 3rd in my age division. They had 1129
participants in the half marathon and 800 in the 5k. This was
a lot more than they had the previous year The perfect weather
was the main reason for the large turnout.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

UWGB Trail

7.8 Miles 55:38 7:08 per mile average
5:30 pm) 60's Sunny NICE!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

West De Pere Track

7.2 Miles track workout
5:15 pm) Upper 50's sunny nice! Some wind as usual.
Track workout 8 X 1000's
1000 - 3:31:66
1000 - 3:30:25
1000 - 3:28:08
1000 - 3:24:55
1000 - 3:26:85
1000 - 3:25:38
1000 - 3:25:05
1000 - 3:16:78
Did 200 meter jogs in between the 1000's.
After the 4th set did 600 meter jog.
The goal today was 3:30 or better. Was below the goal
on all the sets but the first. As usual my first set
was the slowest and the last the fastest. I really
pushed hard for the last set. I almost collapsed
after that one. I have done the 1000's for 3 weeks
now and feel they are helping. I think next week I
will keep the goal the same as this week. Then the
following week maybe shoot for sub 3:25. I basically
did that today for the last 5 sets. I was happy with
this workout. I felt good. Easy trail run tomorrow.
Off on Friday and race Saturday. Looks like rain
Saturday. Hope it's dry for the race.

Monday, April 13, 2009


9 Miles 58:53 6:33 average
5:30 pm) low 40's cloudy & windy
Felt pretty good and pushed the pace. I had a great
day today. I can't believe it was a Monday. The best
thing that happened today is that I found out I'm
getting a nice refund this year. I sure can use it.
Also have someone looking at the duplex this week
hope they are interested. If my place sells I will
probably stay in Wisconsin but I will not buy anything.
This way when I'm ready to move out west I will not be
tied down.
I'm getting excited for the half marathon on Saturday.
I think I have a race plan. I'm going to do something
new. I'm going to go out hard and try to hold on for
as long as possible. I'm thinking around 5:55-6:00 pace.
This might be a bad strategy but I'm willing to risk it.
This race is not all that important to me, so I figure
good time to really push my limits. My main focus is the
marathon 3 weeks later. I will try to run a smart race
for that as that is my 'A' race for the year.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

West De Pere Fox River Trail

21 Miles 2:22:36 6:47 average per mile
7:00 am) 30's sunny
Huge turnout today for the training run. I would say around
300 showed up. The weather was very nice. I felt much better
than last weeks 18 mile run. I made sure to eat my pasta last
night and drank my red bull this morning. Plus I did not over
dress like last week. I felt good the whole run even though
the pace was a bit fast. I ran the last mile hard to see if
I could still manage a good pace after 20 miles. I did the
last mile in 6:17.
I ran with Mike and a guy named Kim. Kim is looking to run
around 2:45 at the marathon. So we might be running together
on race day. I don't plan on running with him as I want to run
my own pace. If we end up running together that would be good
though we could motivate each other. I was talking to Kim and
learned he was a competitive college runner. He ran the 10k in
30:00. He then quit running for some years and took it up again
4 years ago.
Next Saturday I am doing the Oshkosh half marathon. So I think
I will run easier except on Wednesday. Wednesday is track work
and I will do 8 X 1000's and shoot for 3:30 or better.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

UWGB Trail

9.63 Miles 1:05:20 6:47 average
5:30 pm) 50's sunny
Ran 2 loops. I ran the first loop with Mike. Second one I
ran solo. My time for the second loop was 31:34. This is
very good for my first week on this trail since Nov. 1.
Last year the best time I had was 30:31. So only about a
minute off my best time. I think this year I should break
30:00 minutes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

West De Pere Track

7 Miles track workout
5:15 pm) 50's sunny nice!
Track workout 7 X 1000's
1000 - 3:38
1000 - 3:39
1000 - 3:36
1000 - 3:35
1000 - 3:35
1000 - 3:28
1000 - 3:20
Did 200 meter jogs in between the 1000's.
After the 4th set did 600 meter jog.
The goal today was 3:40 or better. Was below the goal
time on all the sets. I think I need to push a little
harder next week. I'm thinking 3:30 or better.
Tomorrow I'm going to finally do some trail running.
I have not run trails since October. I can't wait.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gold's Gym

5 Miles 39:13
6:15 pm)
Had stomach problems so called it day after 5 miles.
I shouldn't have had jelly beans and chocolate before
the run I guess. I did 2 miles at 5% incline to change
it up a bit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 52:50 6:36 average per mile
5:00 pm) 39 degrees sunny & windy
Very windy tonight. I ran into the wind to start.
It was nice when I got to run with the tailwind.
Pushed hard last few miles. My last mile was 6:06
with some crosswind and headwind. I was exhausted
when finished.
Had a nice mexican dinner tonight with my parents
and brother. Then we watched 24. Good times.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

West De Pere High School

18.35 Miles 2:09:25 7:03 average per mile
7:00 am)
upper 30's sunny nice
I was not feeling it today. I felt off. Of course Mike
was feeling good and he was pushing the pace. I would
have run slower if by myself. Glad this run is done.
I should have had pasta last night like I usually do
before my long run. Plus I didn't have my Red Bull this
morning. Maybe that's part of it. Also I'm only a week
out from racing a half marathon. So those are probably
all factors. Next Saturday is 20 I will make sure to at
least have pasta and a Red Bull. That should help.
So after the run I was chilled a little bit and said
to a friend of mine I think I will have my first cup of
coffee ever! He said he's never drank coffee either so
he said I will drink a cup if you do so we both had our
first coffee's. It wasn't bad and it warmed me up. Not
sure if I'm hooked on it but maybe I will drink it from
time to time and not every 38 years.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gold's Gym

8 Miles 54:30 6:49 average per mile
7:00 pm)
I was running at 8.5 - 9.0 for the first half hour
then I decided I was bored and needed to change up
the workout so I would go 2:30 at 8.5 then 2:30 at
9.2. This was a nice change. It gave me something
to be thinking about. I would recover for 2 1/2
minutes then push it some for 2 1/2 minutes. At mile
7 I decided to do something else I upped the speed to
10.2 I held this till 7.5 miles and still felt good.
So I upped it to 10.5 the last half mile. This was
getting a lot harder, but not that bad. I was tempted
to go a little faster but decided that was fast enough.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

West De Pere High School Track

7 Miles total
5:15 pm) 40's windy
Track workout 6 X 1000's
1000 - 3:50
1000 - 3:45
1000 - 3:42
1000 - 3:43
1000 - 3:43
1000 - 3:27
Did 200 meter jogs in between the 1000's.
After the 3rd set did 600 meter jog.
I ran these with a friend of mine. We decided before we
started we would shoot for 3:45 per 1000. Did not want to
go too hard on our first week. Next week we will shoot for
3:40 or better and probably do around 8 repeats. This was
a fun workout. It's always more fun when you have someone
to do it with.