Saturday, April 25, 2009

West De Pere High School

20.2 Miles 2:25:00 7:11 average
7:00 am) low 50's at the start temps falling to mid 40's
I did not really want to run in the rain today but it was
my last long run before the taper and the forecast was no
better later in the day. I got soaked on this run a couple
of times it just down poured.
The run did not go very good. I did not really have anyone
to run with today, and with the rain I was just off mentally.
I had a plan to run the last 6 miles at marathon pace but
after one mile of trying to pick up the pace I decided it
wasn't going to happen today. I slowed the pace down and
was basically jogging. A group of 3 caught up to me and
I ran the last 3 miles with them. Two of them are running
their first marathon and both said they would shoot for 3:30.
I would say they can do it. We ran those 3 miles in the 7:15
range. Well under what they need for a 3:30 marathon. Today
reminded me of my first marathon with all the rain. It was
2004 Cellcom Green Bay marathon. I struggled big time and
ran 4:09.

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