Wednesday, April 15, 2009

West De Pere Track

7.2 Miles track workout
5:15 pm) Upper 50's sunny nice! Some wind as usual.
Track workout 8 X 1000's
1000 - 3:31:66
1000 - 3:30:25
1000 - 3:28:08
1000 - 3:24:55
1000 - 3:26:85
1000 - 3:25:38
1000 - 3:25:05
1000 - 3:16:78
Did 200 meter jogs in between the 1000's.
After the 4th set did 600 meter jog.
The goal today was 3:30 or better. Was below the goal
on all the sets but the first. As usual my first set
was the slowest and the last the fastest. I really
pushed hard for the last set. I almost collapsed
after that one. I have done the 1000's for 3 weeks
now and feel they are helping. I think next week I
will keep the goal the same as this week. Then the
following week maybe shoot for sub 3:25. I basically
did that today for the last 5 sets. I was happy with
this workout. I felt good. Easy trail run tomorrow.
Off on Friday and race Saturday. Looks like rain
Saturday. Hope it's dry for the race.

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