Saturday, April 11, 2009

West De Pere Fox River Trail

21 Miles 2:22:36 6:47 average per mile
7:00 am) 30's sunny
Huge turnout today for the training run. I would say around
300 showed up. The weather was very nice. I felt much better
than last weeks 18 mile run. I made sure to eat my pasta last
night and drank my red bull this morning. Plus I did not over
dress like last week. I felt good the whole run even though
the pace was a bit fast. I ran the last mile hard to see if
I could still manage a good pace after 20 miles. I did the
last mile in 6:17.
I ran with Mike and a guy named Kim. Kim is looking to run
around 2:45 at the marathon. So we might be running together
on race day. I don't plan on running with him as I want to run
my own pace. If we end up running together that would be good
though we could motivate each other. I was talking to Kim and
learned he was a competitive college runner. He ran the 10k in
30:00. He then quit running for some years and took it up again
4 years ago.
Next Saturday I am doing the Oshkosh half marathon. So I think
I will run easier except on Wednesday. Wednesday is track work
and I will do 8 X 1000's and shoot for 3:30 or better.

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