Saturday, April 4, 2009

West De Pere High School

18.35 Miles 2:09:25 7:03 average per mile
7:00 am)
upper 30's sunny nice
I was not feeling it today. I felt off. Of course Mike
was feeling good and he was pushing the pace. I would
have run slower if by myself. Glad this run is done.
I should have had pasta last night like I usually do
before my long run. Plus I didn't have my Red Bull this
morning. Maybe that's part of it. Also I'm only a week
out from racing a half marathon. So those are probably
all factors. Next Saturday is 20 I will make sure to at
least have pasta and a Red Bull. That should help.
So after the run I was chilled a little bit and said
to a friend of mine I think I will have my first cup of
coffee ever! He said he's never drank coffee either so
he said I will drink a cup if you do so we both had our
first coffee's. It wasn't bad and it warmed me up. Not
sure if I'm hooked on it but maybe I will drink it from
time to time and not every 38 years.

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