Monday, April 13, 2009


9 Miles 58:53 6:33 average
5:30 pm) low 40's cloudy & windy
Felt pretty good and pushed the pace. I had a great
day today. I can't believe it was a Monday. The best
thing that happened today is that I found out I'm
getting a nice refund this year. I sure can use it.
Also have someone looking at the duplex this week
hope they are interested. If my place sells I will
probably stay in Wisconsin but I will not buy anything.
This way when I'm ready to move out west I will not be
tied down.
I'm getting excited for the half marathon on Saturday.
I think I have a race plan. I'm going to do something
new. I'm going to go out hard and try to hold on for
as long as possible. I'm thinking around 5:55-6:00 pace.
This might be a bad strategy but I'm willing to risk it.
This race is not all that important to me, so I figure
good time to really push my limits. My main focus is the
marathon 3 weeks later. I will try to run a smart race
for that as that is my 'A' race for the year.

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