Sunday, September 29, 2013

UROC 100k Breckenidge to Vail

66.4 miles according to my Garmin 13:06:15
7:00 am) 20's sunny at start warming to low 50's
22 overall 1st Age group 40-44
200 Registered 143 Starters 78 Finishers 55% Finishers rate
First 100k so a PR for me. Very happy with my race. This was one tough run. From the
start they have you climbing. I was smart all day and hiked anything that was steep.
My hiking was very strong all day with the exception of the 5 mile climb out of Minturn.
By that point I was pretty spent. We had to deal with some deep snow and wind at the
12,000 ft part of the race. It was probably a foot deep in spots with the drifts. I
was happy not to be in the lead pack making the path. I kept the effort consistent
all day as I knew I couldn't blow up or I would not finish. Running through the snow
was hard but I accepted it and dealt with it. I had to be not only physically strong
but mentally tough. I think I did well at both. I can't remember having any negative
thoughts all day. I made sure to drink and eat well. This is so important in the
very long races. I ate better than I have in past ultras. Part of this was due to my
awesome crew they had my bottles and food ready for me at each possible aid station
they could crew at. I had a pacer lined up for me at mile 27. She ran with me briefly
before realizing the sinus infection she got the day before was kicking her in the butt.
I told her sorry but I got to go. She understood and I took off. This was the flat
part of the course on the paved bike trail. I put down some pretty fast miles here
and gained some ground on the field. After the bike path the course went back on
the trails with more up and downs. I felt very good at this time. I think miles
35-40 I felt the best all day. Around mile 50 I felt the fatigue set in. I basically
just kept moving and did the best I could. Last 5 miles I had to run in the dark.
I got slightly off course with a mile to go but found my way and finished.
This was such a great experience and so glad I signed up for this race. I want
to say a special thanks to my coach Paul DeWitt
for preparing me so well for this race. I came into this race fit and healthy thanks
to his plan for me. I also want to thank my girlfriend Bethany she is 100% supportive of
this crazy hobby I have. It means a lot to me to have her support. My friend Alicia
from Wisconsin flew out to help Bethany crew me. She is also a great support system.
Her and Bethany were a awesome team out there. Jill my pacer did her best to try to
help pace me it just wasn't meant to be with her infection. I do appreciate her giving
it a go though.
Plan is to take it easy for a few days. Maybe do some short trail race in the next
few weeks. Basically just having fun and no structure for a bit. Starting Dec. 1
I do plan on starting my marathon cycle for Little Rock Marathon in March.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ute Valley Park

45:00 3.77 miles
Ran with my friend Alicia from Wisconsin. She flew in last night. She will help
Bethany crew me on Saturday. Feeling pretty good. The nerves have definitely
set in last few days. My bib # is 59. I believe you can track me on the UROC
website if you like.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ute Valley Park

3.71 miles 30:00 8:06 average per mile
6:00 pm) 70's sunny

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Santa Fe Trail

6.26 miles 45:00 7:12 average per mile
4:30 pm) 70's sunny
15:00 warm up
15:00 tempo 6:15 pace
15:00 cool down
Last little bit of speed work before Saturday.
Putting together a race plan, pacer and crew plans.
I will have a pacer at mile 27 on maybe to the finish.
I have a 2 member crew: Bethany and Alicia.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garden of the Gods

3.17 miles 40:00
1:00 pm) cloudy 70
Easy recovery run with Bethany.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blodgett Open Space

7.91 miles 1:30
Elevation gain 1932
Pace was pretty slow today due to some hiking and getting off course and lost at
times. Last longish run before next Saturday's run. Feeling pretty healthy at
this point. Hopefully the hay is in the barn. Looks like it will be pretty cold
in the mountains next weekend. I don't mind that just hope the trails are free
of snow. 62 miles is more miles than I have ever run so to say I'm a bit nervous
is an understatement. I look forward to the challenge and can't wait to really
test myself mentally and physically.



Friday 9/20/2013
8.04 miles 1:00
5:30 pm)
10:00 easy
2:00 @ 4% Incline @ 8.2 mph
8:00 @ 8.2 mph
Did the 2 minutes on 8 minutes off at 8.2 mph till I reached 1 hour.


Thursday, September 19, 2013


8.12 miles 57:00
7:30 pm)
7:00 warm up
20:00 tempo pace @ 9.8 mph @ 1% incline
5:00 recovery walking
20:00 tempo pace @ 9.8 mph @ 1 incline
5:00 cool down

Last hard workout before next Saturday's race.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ute Valley Park

45:00 4.81 miles 9:22 average per mile
4:30 pm) Sunny 80 degrees
Finally the sun came out today. Sure felt nice after all the rain we had.
Easy run today and all felt good.
Getting excited for UROC 100k. Starting to think about it a lot more lately.


Treadmill 15%

2.57 miles 35:00
15% Incline @ 4.0 - 4.6 mph.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ute Valley Park

3.76 miles
Easy run with Bethany today. Recovery run from yesterday's long run.
I'm officially in taper mode. Less than 2 weeks till race day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ute Pass, Longs Ranch Road, Bob's Road, Barr Trail, Intemann and Red Mountain

Barr Trail

Longs Ranch Road

Ute Pass Trail

17.81 miles 3:00:04 10:07 average per mile
4787 feet elevation gain
Last long run before UROC in 2 weeks. Trails were kind of in rough shape today with all
the rain we have had past few days. On Barr trail a boulder rolled down on the trail
completely blocking it. Many areas washed out making for tough footing.
Hip felt better today.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hill Repeats

6.75 miles 1:05:14
4:45 pm) 60's rain
15:00 warm up
I ran up the hill by Pinon Valley Park for 2:00. Then I rested for :30. Ran back down hill
moderately hard. Rested for 2:00. I did this 8 times. Was supposed to do 10 but after 8
had enough and rain was starting to really come down.
The down I was suppose to run hard. The hip is still not 100% so ran as hard as it would
let me. I ran the ups hard as it didn't really bug the hip. Rest was only 2:00 instead
of the 3:00 due to the weather and me wanting to get this workout in. Last 2 I even
went with less than 2:00 rest as rain picked up.
Very hard workout!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blodgett Trail

3.85 miles 52:30
5:45 pm. mid 60's
Parked at Blodgett Trail & Open Spaces parking lot. First time running from here.
Trail got very steep and hard to follow. Didn't make it to the top. Another time.
Hip still sore.

Ute Valley Park

6 miles 55:25 9:14 average per mile
Fartlek run.
I did 6 or so pickups throughout this run. My hip has been bugging me since Monday.
I fell Saturday and hurt it. Sunday I expected it to hurt bit surprisingly it didn't.
Monday night got on the treadmill and was shocked to fine that I couldn't run
without pain. I only went 15 minutes before stopping. So this run was painful but
tolerable enough to do the workout with a little less speed than normal.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rainbow Lake to Colorado Trail

11:02 miles 2:03:00 11:10 average per mile
min. elevation 9135 max. elevation 11,810
elevation gain 2674
8:00 am) upper 40's sunny
Started at Rainbow Lake trailhead. Hit Miners creek road which eventually
runs into the Colorado Trail. Ran on Colorado Trail for 30 minutes before
heading back. Felt like I was climbing most of the 1:15 minutes I went
before turning around. UROC is going to be a very difficult course from
what I have seen. No clue as to how long it will take me. I'm thinking
12 hours would be a good day for me. I have not run further than 50 miles
so I will be in some new territory. Also the 50 milers I have done have
been at sea level. This race is all at high altitude. Vertical gain is
over 13,000. Time limit is 19 hours 30 minutes so I should finish one
way or another. To get the belt buckle you need to be under 17 hours.
Some have predicted the winning time to be in the 8 hour range. I find
that hard to believe. Kilian Jornet might be able to do it however as
these climbs might not be a big deal to him. We shall see in a few weeks.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado

20.25 miles 3:45 11:07 average per mile
min. elevation 9643 max. elevation 11,246
elevation gain 3750
8:45 am) 60's sunny
Ran some of the UROC course. Got lost almost from the start.
Figured it out and ran the correct course. The initial climb
Was very steep! Once at the Vista Haus I got on Dwight's
Trail. This was a nice single track trail with lots of downhill
running. Then ran Peak's trail. It was mostly flat with lots
Of rocks and tree roots. I caught a tree root on a downhill
section. I took a hard fall but no major damage. Shortly after
this I turned around and went back the same way I came out.
Legs felt pretty exhausted by the time I got back. Glad to
get out and explore some of the trail. The initial climb was
an eye opener.



Thursday 9/5/13
Treadmill Incline @ 15%
30:00 2.17 miles
Walked between 4.0 and 4.7 mph.

Friday 9/6/13
Easy flat run.
31:25 4 miles


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


10.10 miles 1:13:00
5:00 warm up
30:00 8.0 mph @ 4% Incline
3:00 walk
30:00 9.7 mph @ 0% Incline
5:00 cool down

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ute Valley Park

5.22 miles 44:36 8:33 average per mile
Warm and humid!
Legs feeling pretty recovered from Saturday's run.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway

45:00 5.73 miles 7:51 average per mile
Easy flat recovery run. Legs pretty tired from yesterday. Was good to get a shakeout run in.