Saturday, September 7, 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado

20.25 miles 3:45 11:07 average per mile
min. elevation 9643 max. elevation 11,246
elevation gain 3750
8:45 am) 60's sunny
Ran some of the UROC course. Got lost almost from the start.
Figured it out and ran the correct course. The initial climb
Was very steep! Once at the Vista Haus I got on Dwight's
Trail. This was a nice single track trail with lots of downhill
running. Then ran Peak's trail. It was mostly flat with lots
Of rocks and tree roots. I caught a tree root on a downhill
section. I took a hard fall but no major damage. Shortly after
this I turned around and went back the same way I came out.
Legs felt pretty exhausted by the time I got back. Glad to
get out and explore some of the trail. The initial climb was
an eye opener.


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