Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rainbow Lake to Colorado Trail

11:02 miles 2:03:00 11:10 average per mile
min. elevation 9135 max. elevation 11,810
elevation gain 2674
8:00 am) upper 40's sunny
Started at Rainbow Lake trailhead. Hit Miners creek road which eventually
runs into the Colorado Trail. Ran on Colorado Trail for 30 minutes before
heading back. Felt like I was climbing most of the 1:15 minutes I went
before turning around. UROC is going to be a very difficult course from
what I have seen. No clue as to how long it will take me. I'm thinking
12 hours would be a good day for me. I have not run further than 50 miles
so I will be in some new territory. Also the 50 milers I have done have
been at sea level. This race is all at high altitude. Vertical gain is
over 13,000. Time limit is 19 hours 30 minutes so I should finish one
way or another. To get the belt buckle you need to be under 17 hours.
Some have predicted the winning time to be in the 8 hour range. I find
that hard to believe. Kilian Jornet might be able to do it however as
these climbs might not be a big deal to him. We shall see in a few weeks.

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