Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mine to Mine 9k Cripple Creek, Colorado

5.76 miles according to my Garmin 35:34
1.5 mile warmup 7.25 miles total
Mid 30's snow flurries and wind
8th place

Elevation at the start 9991 min. elevation 9421
Race starts out with a fast downhill. Flattens
out around mile 2.5 then gradually climbs again
till mile 5 or so then downhill finish.
My breathing was very labored today. Not used
to racing this high. My race went well happy
with the results. This was a first year event
and was well run. The top 3 finishers won real
gold from the local mines. I didn't receive
an award as age group was only for the winner.
Kind of bummed about that.
61 miles for the week.


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