Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Series IV Black Forest 10K

6.2 Miles 39:12 6:19 average per mile
5th Overall
10:00 am) 40's - 50's Sunny!
Black Forest 7500' gravel roads, snow covered, icy spots
rolling hills.
Knee was sore but felt okay once I had a mile under my belt.
I fell once in first mile on some ice but was not injured
and bounced up quickly. I was in 10th position after 1 mile.
After a few miles I was able to pass some runners and moved
into 5th position where I ended finishing up at. Knee was
very sore after I finished. I tried to do a cool down
but it was hurting. So decided against that and just walked
around. I now need to focus on Little Rock. Recovery will
be the name of the game this coming week. Hopefully I can
get healthy as possible for the marathon.
So I ended the winter series first in my age group (40-44)
I will get some kind of award for that next week. I have
really enjoyed the winter series. I just wished I was
healthier as all 4 races I had some kind of injury to deal

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HappyTrails said...

Great run Brad! Sorry to hear about the knee giving you static - hope that bounces back quickly for LR. Looks like you had a couple young whipper snappers in front of you at the race ;-)