Wednesday, February 22, 2012


6 Miles 43:23 7:14 average per mile
5% Incline
+10 minutes elliptical
Took past 2 days off completely as to try and get the knee
better. The rest didn't do much for improving the knee.
Still pretty sore but decided to give the treadmill a shot.
First mile it was hurting pretty good and almost stopped.
Decided to wait and see if it got better. It did get a
little less painful so I kept going. By mile 4 it felt
even better so I picked up the pace and finished hard.
I decided to run at 5% incline today for a couple reasons.
1 It would force me not to try to run too fast on it.
2. I would take shorter strides therefore less pounding
on the joints.
Saturday is a local 10k race. Not sure if I will race it
or not. I really want to but will have to wait and see.
It's the 4th and final race of the Winter Series and I
have done the other 3 so would like to finish it off.
Plus I'm in first place in my age group and if I don't
run I'm out of the standings.



Knuckledragger said...

From a cranky knee pain suffering 40+ something who is 6th in the same age group in the Winter Series (I have no chance of getting into the top 3), so no bias here - not sure if you have done the course before - but if not - it starts off for the first mile going mostly downhill - so if your knee is going to act up, then will be the time - it rolls (mostly) up and (some) down the rest of the way. In other words - don't do it if you don't feel right / don't cook the marathon golden goose training you have done.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Craig! I really appreciate your comment. No I have not run the course before so thanks for the info. Will take that into consideration.