Friday, May 20, 2011

Gym Workout

40 minutes elliptical
10 minutes abs & weights
Decided not to run today. My calf is sore still but better than
yesterday. So I decided to do elliptical. I got a great workout
in. I pushed hard and got a great sweat going.
The elliptical is a great tool. You can still get HR up without
the pounding of running. I should use it more. I think I'm going
to incorporate it into my weekly schedule, I'm thinking once a
week for sure. Also I'm going to do strength training 1-2 times
a week and try to do abs as much as possible. I'm not talking
about a lot of time for either but some is better than none.
I'm going to be training for Pikes Peak marathon and I think
the extra strength can only help for a run like that.

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