Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Montello Wisconsin

3.5 Miles 22:35 6:26 average per mile
3:00 pm) warm 80 degrees & humid
Made it to Wisconsin with no problems at all. I had to switch
planes at Chicago and got lucky and my gate was very close
to where I go off at.
Really happy to be back home and visiting with my parents.
I went for a short run already. I was hoping it would feel
easier being at sea level (800 ft) but was not. It's a warm day
here and the humidity is much higher than back in Colorado.
I did push the pace some though to get a feel for the conditions.
Looks like rain the next several days here including Sunday.
Hopefully they will take the rain out of the forecast by the
time Sunday gets here.



Alicia said...

Glad you made it there okay. Enjoy your visit. Hi to mom and dad for me. :)

Jeff said...

I wouldn't be concerned with the forecast. The rain we have gotten hasn't been much except for one big storm. You'll do well regardless.