Monday, December 17, 2012

Treadmill Mile Repeats

6 miles 42:18 7:03 average per mile
10:00 am)
Did 3 X 1 mile repeats 1% Incline
Mile 1 6:03 average per mile 10.0
Mile 2 6.22 average per mile 9.5
Mile 3 6:14 average per mile 9.7
I would rest between these then do 1/4 mile easy.
1 mile warm up 1.5 mile cool down
Hard workout. Established a baseline today for mile
repeats on the treadmill. Have not done these in ages
so good to see where I'm at. I went too hard on the
first one and had to lower the speed so I could complete
the second one. Felt better on the last one. As time
goes on I will do more of these and hope to do them
faster. I will also do some 400's for faster turnover.



GZ said...

hey Brad ... fwiw ... be a little careful on the mill. I find that I can do stuff on the mill that can exceed what I can do outdoors. While there is benefit to this, there is also certainly some degree of risk. In particular, be careful with that faster stuff (400s). Simply because you only need to keep up with the mill you can suddenly find yourself pushing paces that are not something you can do outdoors. Again, it can be fun and beneficial, but there is a fine line that can easily be crossed and hence cause and injury.

To that end, I am looking to personally avoid the mill this year unless I am doing climbing work. I think it is really good for that (versus flat out speed).

I need you healthy for the marathon next year so we can take down all the east coasters who are coming to our hill.

Brad Poppele said...

Good points GZ.
I will look to be on the cautious side and not go over the line. I believe these will be very beneficial just got to be smart about it. Build gradually.
I'm hoping the turnover will translate to faster pace on the roads. I will still do majority of the work outside. This is just a small part of the plan.
I do look forward to some PPM smack downs on both our parts.