Friday, December 7, 2012


3 miles 21:27 7:09 average per mile
1% Incline
11:30 am

First time running on the new treadmill. Bethany and I
bought it for each other for our Christmas present.
We got the Nordic Track 1750. It's commercial
grade and goes to 12 mph and 15% incline. It even has
a tv screen and Wi-Fi.
I have never owned a treadmill so pretty excited to
finally own one. I plan on using this for speed work
and shorter runs. I still like to get outside for the
longer runs as I get bored on the mill on the longer
runs. I have used treadmills in the past and have
to say they make me a better runner for sure.
They keep you honest when doing intervals or tempos.
Today I found it hard to run at a constant speed.
I'm used to trail running where my pace is always
fluctuating. I will be training for a road marathon
in March (Little Rock). So I need to get used again to
the fast pace and keeping it at constant speed.
I'm 12 weeks out from this marathon so I need to
start the training soon. I have a great base at this
point so I'm not starting from scratch. I will just need
to work on the turnover.

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