Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moab Trail Marathon

26.2 miles 3:45:55 8:38 average per mile
26th overall 2nd age group 40-49
9:00 am) 40's sunny 60's towards the finish

Much harder marathon than I expected going into this
race. The terrain in Moab is very rocky and sandy.
The trails in spots were much more technical than I'm
used to running. Some of the ledges we ran on were a
bit scary. The course even had ladders to climb in
a couple spots. I climbed one ladder and ended up
bumping my head pretty good on a rock that was
sticking out and I was not looking up at the time.
We also had to climb ropes on a few occasions.
Around mile 22 I thought I was in big trouble when
I went to jump off some rocks and felt my hamstring
spasm. I had to walk for a bit until it settled
down. I took a gel and made sure to drink some
and it went away.
This was the USATF National Championship for the
trail marathon. I finished 3rd in the 40-44 age
group. I got a nice medal for that. I also got
a trophy for finishing 2nd in the overall 40-49
age group. Not sure why I finished 2nd in the one
category and third in the other. Must be how they
pulled runners out from the top 5 that were in my
age group.



HappyTrails said...

That is a great result in a tough race Brad! Moab is a pretty sweet place to play for sure :)

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Steve!
Moab is pretty sweet for sure.