Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Barr Trail Top of the W's

6.1 miles 52:43
top of the w's 31:43
Last hard workout before Saturdays race. I tried to push as hard
as I could. Still had to walk the steep hill just past Hydro St.
I went out pretty hard and was too winded to run it.
Last run tomorrow then taking Thursday and Friday off.
At this point I need rest more than anything. I'm pretty tired not
really from training just my crazy work schedule and getting
little sleep most days.

 Monday August 13, 2012
5.25 miles
20 minutes of intervals on Barr trail.
1 minute on then stop for 1 minute. 

Sunday- off

Saturday August 11, 2012
2 miles
Summit of Pikes Peak.
1 mile down 1 mile up. 15:08 mile up. Bascially just up there
for some time at altitude.

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