Monday, July 30, 2012

Pikes Peak Greenway & Rock Island Trail

15 miles 1:47:58 7:12 average per mile
9:45 pm) mid to upper 80's
Very tired after working all night but wanted to get 15 miles in.
Run was not going well early on should have turned around
sooner. I did an out and back so once I hit 7.5 miles I was
committed to doing 15. I got to 7.5 miles and realized I was
pretty much spent. Not a good feeling to have at the half way
point. Also at this point the heat was becoming a major factor
and I didn't have enough fluids. I pushed on cause I had to get
back somehow. With 3 miles to go I could feel my body shutting
down. It was a battle to finish this run. Sometimes I think I'm
mentally too tough and don't listen to my body. Today will be a
rest day!


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