Friday, July 27, 2012

Humboldt Peak

13.3 miles
5:30 am) sunny cool
Drove down Wednesday night and set up camp. We slept in a tent
this time instead of the car. Tent was hard to set up as we had
problems with the poles and the excess string from the poles that
we had to stuff back down the poles. It was also getting dark and
started to rain. As we finished setting it up it poured. When we
 got up at 4:30 am the stars were out. Started our hike at 5:30 am.
I didn't feel great on this hike. I actually bonked a couple time on
the way to the summit. I felt fine on the descent. Time on feet was
probably close to 7 hours. Long day but awesome.


HappyTrails said...

You two are getting some awesome trails in this summer!!

Brad Poppele said...

We sure are Steve. Has been a fun summer for sure. Still plan on getting a few more 14ers in this summer.