Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Roundup 12k Trail Run

50:47 7.5 miles
13th Overall 2nd Master
Great day for a race cooler temps and overcast. Only negative
was it was humid. I had never done this race before so didn't
really know what kind of time I could run. I did a few training
runs on this course so I had a feel for it. It's a challenging course
for sure. It's a out and back course with the out being hilly and
the back screaming fast. The course record was smashed today.
Actually the top 4 runners all beat the course record from just
last year. Ryan Hafer ran an amazing time of 41:46 beating course
record by 3 minutes!!!  I'm very happy with my race. First time
in a few months I feel I ran well.



HappyTrails said...

Great time Brad - that is a tough run!

Knuckledragger said...

Well done Brad, congrats