Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Series I & Long Run

20 miles total on the day
2.57 miles warm up 21:25
3.87 miles 28:04 7:15 average per mile
18th place overall 4th age group.
13.50 miles 1:34:15 6:59 average per mile
11:00 am) sunny 60's - 70's
Ran my first ever fall series race. This was the first one of the
4 race series. This race is different than most races I do.
I had to run 3/4 mile up a creek. The water was past my
knees is some spots. Very hard running for sure. Not
real happy with my race but not really going to worry
about it either. This is not my distance for sure. I basically
ran this for some speed work. Afterwards I ran more
miles so I could get 20 for the day. My friend Alicia from
Wisconsin biked along my side. B was the race director
for the race today so that was pretty cool. This was her
first race as a race director. She did Awesome!


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