Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Numbers

I was going to run tonight but could not get in the fitness
center. I don't have a key card and the staff was gone for
the day. So I'm done for the year.

I ended with 2163 miles my most in a single year. I was kind
of surprised I had more than last year with my injury this
year that set me back 4-5 weeks. Looking for a big year for
2010. I would like to get close to the 3000 range.

Here is my race results from 2009.

Feb 7 15k 56:37 6th overall
March 28 Half Marathon 1:19:22 4th overall
April 18 Half Marathon 1:19:47 11th overall
May 17 Marathon 2:56:49 43rd overall
July 25 Marathon Trail 3:24:21 15th overall
August 8 4 Miler 24:26 9th overall
August 30 10k Trail 37:37 2nd overall (course was short)
October 24 50 Mile Trail 7:08:39 6th overall
November 7 10 Mile Trail 1:08:00 7th overall
November 26 5 Mile 29:33 10th overall
November 29 15k 55:39 6th overall

1 comment:

GZ said...

Race results from 2010, eh? That is some prediction set you have there. ;)

Solid year - lots of big racing, particularly with 2 halves, 2 marathons and a 50. Dang!