Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd. & Broadway

20 Miles 2:17:45 6:53 average per mile
10:00 am) 20's light snow
Well I got my long run in. It wasn't easy though. I felt
flat today. I'm sure eating lots yesterday didn't help any.
It took most of the run to start to feel descent. I was able
to pick up the pace miles 15-19 like I hoped. I ran these in
the 6:30's range. I would have run the last mile the same but
my body gave in. My right hammy started to bother me and I
was out of gas. I only drank 15 oz. of Gatorade and had a few
sport beans that's all. So no surprise that I hit the wall. I
finished the last mile with what I had left it was still 7:00
mile but felt very hard.
So I basically am done with my long runs now it's time to try
and heal up some. I feel like I'm falling apart somewhat.
Training for a January marathon is much more difficult than
training for a fall marathon. Next year no January marathon!
The last few weeks I have not been getting in the miles like
I had planned. It's either been the weather or my aches and
pains. Not sure how much if any this will affect my marathon.
All I can do is just go out and give it 100%. If it's a PR
that would be awesome if not it is what it is.


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MrB said...

I wish I could feel flat with a 6:53 pace. It's all relative, eh? Nice work.