Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost Dauphin Rd.

20 Miles 2:18:31 6:55 average per mile
1:00 pm) 30 degrees cloudy

Roads were better today. The temperature warmed up and
melted some of it. Run was going well until mile 12.
My left hamstring started acting up on me. I think
this was the effects of yesterday running on snow
for the first time and doing lots of slipping. I slowed
my pace slightly and tried to keep going. This worked
well until mile 17 when it really started tightening
up on me. I stopped briefly to stretch but did not help
so got back to running. Mile 17 to 18 was slow. Then it
felt better by 19. Last mile was okay with still some
soreness. Glad I made it home okay. I will rest it
tomorrow and hope it will be good to go.

38.5 Miles on the week on only 3 days of running. Okay
week considering. At least I got my long run in.


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