Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 Miles 1:07:33 6:45 average per mile
2:15 pm) mid 60's Sunny! Windy!

Went North on the trail to fight the head wind so I would
have a tail wind on the way back. My goal was 10 miles no
plan on what pace I would run. I noticed my pace was getting
faster every mile so that became the goal to keep running
faster each mile. First 5 had a pretty good head wind.
I still managed to keep each mile faster. Mile 5 was 6:52.
When I turned around it felt easier mile 6-6:26 mile-7 6:23
mile-8 6:18 mile 9-6:34 hill mile 10-6:19.

I'm happy with this run it's probably the fastest 10 miler
I have done since moving here. Plus I ran pretty hard last
night so probably could have done better if fresh.

I think I need to do more longer runs and more runs that
are basically flat like this one. This is how I will get
in marathon shape for flat courses at or near sea level.


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