Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CC Track mile repeats

5.5 miles
4:45 pm) 60's sunny & breezy
1.25 mile warm up
3 X 1 mile repeats with around 2:00-2:15 rest between.
My goal was to run the first one pretty slow just to warm up
and test out the calf. I got a bit carried away and ran a 5:50.
I was thinking I would run my first one in the 6:10-6:20 range.
The second one was a bit slower 5:52. The third and final one
was about the same effort other than me pushing a little bit
harder on the 4th lap 5:46. Felt pretty spent afterwards.
I only did 3 since Im racing a half marathon Saturday.
1.25 cool down


5.25 miles Ute Valley Park.
Nice easy trail run around 8:00 average


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